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Ruthie shows her toys.

Jimmy and Tommy twirled her eraser hard nipples in between their fingers driving Abigail wild as she orgasmed. Abigail thought that she might faint from the intensity of her crescendo but she recovered quickly and stood on her own. The three boys still had their hands all over her body as it seemed they could not get enough of her shapely form.

"That was very good boys. Now it's time for you to take off your clothes but I want you to leave your undershorts on," Abigail said in a calm voice now that she was composed again.

The three boys had their clothes off in record time and they stood in their underwear awaiting Abigail's next command. She looked at the three well endowed teenagers and smiled at the swelling in their undershorts. She called Jimmy over and then she knelt down in front of him. Abigail slowly pulled Jimmy's underwear down his legs making sure that the waistband caught on his stiff cock. Abigail loved to see the youthful erect cock spring forward as she pulled the underwear down. Jimmy's cock leaped out as his undershorts passed over it and it bobbed in front of Abigail's face. Jimmy closed his eyes and looked to the heavens as if he was praying. Abigail lifted one foot at a time as she removed the undershorts from Jimmy's body.

Abigail then lightly ran her hand over Jimmy's lower abdomen just above his stiff cock. Jimmy's cock twitched and pulsed as tingling sensations ran through his body. Abigail knew exactly what she was doing as she teased the teenager. Then she ran her fingertips along the length of the rock hard shaft and tickled the sensitive soft mushroom head of Jimmy's cock. Jimmy groaned as his teacher toyed with him and he felt like he would cum just from her touches. Then Abigail lowered her face toward the youthful cock and ran up tongue up and down the shaft and around the overly sensitive cock head.

"I'm going to bust a nut," Jimmy cried out.

That was Abigail's cue and she covered Jimmy's cock with her mouth. Abigail was an excellent cock sucker but it didn't take much to set Jimmy off at that point. He grunted and groaned as his seed spewed into his teacher's mouth. Abigail didn't let a drop of his youthful cum escape her mouth as she swallowed every drop. None of the girls Jimmy had sex with had ever swallowed his load. Abigail milked Jimmy's cock dry as she stroked his perineum and fondled his taut ball sac. When she began to nibble on his cock head again, Jimmy couldn't take the sensations that ran through his body and he backed away from Abigail. Jimmy's cock was still hard and stiff even though he had just cum but Abigail now turned her attention to Tommy purposely leaving Richie until last.

Abigail duplicated her routine with Tommy but he was so excited that he came in her mouth as soon as she had placed it on her cock. Both Jimmy and Tommy had cum in buckets and Abigail was pleased the volume of their youthful discharges. Now she turned her attention to Richie and she was anxious to see his big cock. Richie already had a raging hard-on when Abigail grasped the waistband of his boxer shorts and began to pull them down his legs. Just as she planned, his cock got caught in the waistband of his boxers and sprang free as the elastic passed over it. His cock dangled in front of Abigail's face and she thought again about how much she loved to watch a cock spring free as she pulled a boy's shorts down.

Richey stood by the Abigail with his erect cock standing straight out from his body. Richey was proud of his body and he stood still letting Abigail admire his cock before she made his next move. Abigail stared hungrily at his huge cock and then reached out with her hand to stroke it. She marveled at its size and compared it to the other boy's dicks. Richey sighed as she slowly masturbated him and toyed with him.

Abigail leaned forward and her tongue snaked out and lapped at Richey's ball sac lightly, then she gently licked up and down his shaft.

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