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But something unusual happens with hypnosis. Your focus grows stronger and stronger. You lose more and more awareness of everything else as all of your mind tunes into just one thing. In this case, right now, that one thing will be my words. So let's tune things out even more.

You are getting very, very sleepy. Your body is already so very relaxed, but now you can let it relax even more. Start with your feet. Just make yourself aware of them. Make sure they are comfortable and relaxed. When you are sure that they are very relaxed, take a deep breath, and move up your body, repeating the process over and over, as you make sure your body is relaxed and comfortable, pleasant feeling, and you can let your awareness of each part fade into that gentle warm hum in the back of your mind.

Imagine yourself standing in a stream. You stand on flat, smooth stones that feel nice and cool against the soles of your feet, while the water--which is as warm as your covers of your bed in the morning--is still only knee deep. The water is not still though. It flows steadily downstream. And though the stream is shallow, it is wide, an unusual combination unlike what you normally see. Very wide, so that even though you can feel the water pushing in one direction, you can't see the shore, which is hidden by a light fog that grows more and more dense the further out you peer.

The stream is a symbol for your consciousness, your awareness. On a normal day, the water would be barely at your ankle, as you need to divide your attention on so many things. But now, as you relax and let go of everything but my words and the images I put into your mind, the stream is starting to narrow, your focus slowly building. The more you focus on my words, the more the stream will narrow, the higher the water will rise, and the stronger the current pushing at you will be.

The push of the current is a symbol for the influence I have, the level of suggestibility you have. The water feels warm and soft against your skin, and you can feel the way it saps the energy from your body, slowly making you melt as though you were settling into a hot bath. You might find yourself wanting to bend down, run your fingers through the water. Or maybe let yourself sit in the stream with your knees up, back to the current, letting the water flow around you. You might even be thinking of laying down, just wanting to let the water carry you gently along, just let my words carry you gently along into a gentle sleep.

And as you think of what you want to do, as you imagine it, you relax. As you relax, your awareness of everything else but this image and my words begins to fade, the more you focus on my words, and the more narrow the stream becomes. As the stream will narrow, the warm water will slowly rise.

That's okay. It feels good. The water flowing against your skin seems to draw everything away from your body. Weariness, anxiety, nervousness...everything is slowly pulled away as you relax into the water.

Soon, as the water continues to rise, you will find yourself begin to float along it rather than stand, being pulled along by the current. And even though now you might be able to slowly walk up stream or towards the shore, very soon you will simply be carried along by the current, by my words.

You will imagine what I tell you to imagine. You will think what I tell you to think. You will do what I tell you to do. And whatever I tell you, will be true. Not because I am honest, but because the power of this current lets me make it true for you.

So feel how relaxed your body is, how relaxed you feel, body and mind, and how easy it is to just imagine that warm water carrying you on, letting it guide you to your destination, just drifting along the stream.

And we will do something interesting.

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