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Thea's first time is with Honey and Zane.

The Nice Guy flips the light switch on and closes the door behind them. He opens the stool and puts the bag on top of it. Pauline steps back as he steps forward.

"You are going to measure in here?" For some reason she her body begins to tremble.

The Nice Guy grins. As the survival alarms go off in Pauline's head, he slides a switch blade knife from his pocket, pops it open, and puts a hand over Pauline's mouth and the knife to her throat.

"Be good and I will not hurt. Give me any crap, and I will be leaving you bleeding on the floor. UNDERSTAND?"

A trembling Pauline nods, aware of the sharp blade on her exposed flesh.

"Good Girl. Kick off your heels. MOVE."

Pauline obeys; her eyes on the knife.

"Now I am going to take my hand off your mouth, make any loud sounds, and I cut you. Got it?"

Pauline nods again and the Nice Guy lets his hand slide from her mouth to grab a handful of her hair.

"OWWW...Please don't hurt me."

"That is up to you Pauline. You do EXACTLY as I say and you will earn your commission. Take off your dress."

Pauline's eyes go wide with fright. "No...Please don't..."

The Nice Guy grabs Pauline's throat and squeezes. "You are pissing me off."

"Please...stop...," Pauline feels the air leaving her body.

The Nice Guy squeezes a little harder, then lets go; hand returning to grip Pauline's hair.

"Now, be good and take off your dress."

Tears flowing down her face, Pauline unzips her dress and wiggles out of it. She is trembling with fear.

The Nice Guy runs the blade over Pauline's chest. He resists the urge to slice off her bra and removes it himself. Pauline's full breasts fall into view.

The Nice Guy runs his blade over her breasts. "You know what I am going to do to you?"

Pauline nods. The Nice Guy pinches her right nipple. She yelps in pain.

"Answer me, Pauline."

"You're going to..." Fresh tears run down her face as she struggles to answer.


"You're going to rape me..." Her tears are now sobs as the Nice Guy leans down and sucks and bites her nipples. Pauline cries out in pain.

The Nice Guy pulls Pauline to the middle of the closet.

"Put your arms out and grab the closet rods."

"Please don't do this..."

"MOVE or I will choke you again."

Pauline obeys. She cries out as the Nice Guy reaches into his gear bag, pulls out three red scarves and uses two to bind Pauline's wrists to the closet rods so her arms are spread apart.

"Oh God... Please let me go...Please...."

The Nice Guy uses the third scarf to cleave gag Pauline. She moans in fear.

The Nice Guy takes out the two long pieces of rope and ties each to one of her ankles. He loops them both over the closet rods, lifting Pauline off the ground. She is suspended, legs and arms spread screaming into her gag.

The pain in her arms and legs is incredible as all of her 147 pounds is pulled down by gravity. The Nice Guy slides the stool under her ass to relieve the pressure.

He grins at Pauline. "I am being a nice guy and taking away the pressure. If you are good, I will leave the stool. Upset me, and I will pull it out. Okay?"

Pauline nods, throbbing pain beginning to build in her arms.

The Nice Guy rips open the crotch of Pauline's pantyhose, kneels in front of her, and begins to lick her clit.

Pauline moans into her gag as he begins his violation of her. But she feels warmth begin to build. God, no...is she getting excited?

The Nice Guy could taste her wetness and presses his advantage by sliding his finger into her wet pussy. He pushes in deep, continuing to lick her clit as he does so. He finds her cervix and uses his fingers to manipulate it.

Pauline closes her eyes. Her rapist has her totally on the brink of climax. Tears of shame run down her face as she feels her orgasm wash over her, her pussy closing on the finger of her rapist, accepting his abuse as her pleasure.

The Nice Guy grins, stands, pulls down his pants and slides a condom over his stiff cock.

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