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A guy who likes women but hasn't been in love.

I did as Master Chris commanded. While laying on my back anxiously waiting to see what was next, I heard him open our dresser drawer and felt him put something over my eyes. He then told me to raise my hands and again I did as I was told. I felt him handcuff, first my right and then my left hand to the posts. Being bolder than I should have, I asked how could I serve my Master. Master Chris covered my mouth and said "I advise you to shut your mouth or you will not like the consequences for speaking." As he finished with the cuffs, he checked the blindfold, and began his torture.

First came the cold droplets of water to my breasts, my mind was reeling and wondering what he was going to do with water. Next came the cold trail starting at the outside of my right breast and circling its way inward. If anyone knows anything about me, they know that I hate the cold and anything associated with it. This was going to be pain and pleasure. As he slowly approached my nipples he alternated between the cube and his mouth. The sensation of his tongue and the cube tracing the outside of my breasts working their way to my nipples brought forth a moan from my lips and this encouraged Master even more. He slowly nipped at my nipples and followed with the ice. My breathing was slow and deep now and I was relishing all the sensations that were being given to me. This continued on to me, for what seemed like an eternity, as he moved to the other breast and started all over again.

The only sounds throughout the house were my moaning and the whispers of Master telling me that I was his good little whore and Master was pleased with my reactions but lets see if he could make his whore moan a little louder.

He moved his way downward leaving little kisses and small bites in his wake. I moaned as he approached my belly button (one of the sensitive parts of my body), placed a cube there and left it. I was shivering uncontrollably, feeling the cube that was in constant contact with my body. As that cube melted Master kissed my stomach, my thighs(the MOST sensitive part) and ran his tongue along the backs of my knees. My moaning has stopped and I am begging for release.

All of a sudden I feel nothing and I hear Masters voice from across the room. If you cum before I say, you will be taking cold showers for a week and if you have more than one I will add an additional week for each orgasm. Oh shit!! That is just great! Now I have to concentrate and I do not want to disappoint Master. No matter how good it feels Master will have no reason to punish me.

I felt him approach the bed, I was wondering what was next and it wasn't long before I found out. Another ice cube was rubbed on my pussy lips, he started at the bottom worked his way slowly up and I was giving into frozen pleasure. Instead of teasing my clit like I thought he would, he placed the cube in my ass. After he placed the ass cube in he sticks his dick into my mouth and told me to get him ready. I hear his low moans as I licked his head and ran my tongue along his shaft. He shoved himself to the back of my throat and as I tried to take him all the way in, he added more cubes to my ass and pussy. As he became hard I was thinking ok now a slow torturous fuck. Boy, was I dead wrong. He slammed into me and reminded me of my punishment if I came without permission. As he pounded and I heated up he helped me to cool off by adding another cube to my pussy. Going from hot to cold and back to hot was driving me crazy.

With all the sensations that I was feeling and the need to concentrate my moaning was uncontrolled. Oh Master and Yes Master was being repeated over and over again. As he pushed as deep as he could into me, my pussy was throbbing and I was on the verge of cumming when he slowed down. From break-neck speed to slow and steady was more nerve-racking than the build up.

Master slow stroked me and I felt him pull all the way out and plunge back in as he asked if his little slut was ready to cum for him yet.

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