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I was not drunk, but my legs were unsure of themselves and I clung to Ben. Once in his truck, he reached over, put his hand under my coat and kissed me as he rubbed my pussy again. Then he quickly removed his hand, started his truck and we lumbered away.

Time dragged as we drove to his house. As we pulled up to the amber glow of the lights through the windows, I did my best to control myself as he opened my door and we headed inside. I sat on a couch facing the fireplace and watched Ben start the fire. He turned off all the lights and we were left only with the waving glow and sound of the fire.

He took my coat, pulled off my boots and left me with nothing. Without a word, I sat there and watched him calmly undress. I could see that he was breathing hard and when he stood before me his erect cock gave away his desire. He pulled me down onto a soft fur rug nearer the fire.

Ben's hands were rough, but gentle. He caressed my face and then he lightly ran his fingers down my chest and belly toward my pussy. I was arching my back waiting for him to touch my most private places. I was lost in the flickering light, his touch and the quiet. I reached for his erection and tried to massage it, but my attention was focused on what he was doing to me. I came quickly.

When my strength returned, I rolled him onto his back and began to kiss his lips. My hands rubbed his chest and I could feel his breathing. I abandoned his lips and slid down and took his cock into my mouth. It was warm and I could feel his pulse in my mouth. My hands found his balls and I messaged them in rhythm with my sucking. His legs began to tense and I knew he was approaching his moment.

Not wanting the passion to end, I slid back up to his lips. We kissed until I sat up to straddle his waist so I could put his cock into my streaming pussy. With that, our calm experience erupted into very physical fucking. I pounded down on him, in sync with his rising hips. It did not take long before my orgasm erupted, which caused Ben to explode inside of me. It was a few minutes of pure physical satisfaction.

We embraced in the quiet firelight until Ben got up and helped me to my feet. Outside it was snowing. I then saw the steaming hot tub just a few very cold steps away. We sat in the bubbling warmth, with snowflakes surrounding us. Ben casually asked, "so, what do you think of Sun Valley so far"? We both laughed so hard we could hear the sound bounce off the canyon wall across the stream.

For the first time in months, I slept without the interruption of an alarm telling me to start my day. As I slowly awakened, the smell of coffee and breakfast welcomed me. Ben was waiting for me in the kitchen with breakfast. He said we needed to eat well in order to stay warm while we were skiing.

After fueling up, I showered and put on the ski clothes that Ben had set out for me. He was already dressed for the day and I could hear a car running outside the front door. It was perfectly clear outside and very cold. In place of his big truck, a beautiful white Range Rover was idling outside. Our skis, boots and related gear were already loaded.

Rather than driving towards Baldy, Ben drove towards the Sun Valley Lodge. It was then I noticed another, smaller, ski hill called Dollar Mountain. Quite frankly, I was relieved. Baldy was pretty intimidating.

Ben explained that Dollar was a great place for people to learn how to ski. He had taught both his daughters to ski there. He also said that while he occasionally instructs on Baldy, he prefers Dollar when working with kids and adults who have never been on skis.

It seemed that everybody on Dollar knew him.

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