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Unexpected sexual gifts for a husband's birthday.

She lay there, trying to reclaim pieces of the dream, unable to hang onto it for long. Reaching her hand down as she had for so many recent nights, she found that she was not only wet, she was a little bit sore, as if she had been having a lot of sex recently. "Fuck this!" she said to herself. "I am NOT going to wait for him any more!"

She got out of her tent, then crawled over into Randy's. She slowly and quietly pulled the zipper to his sleeping bag down, then gently crawled into it head first, her hands feeling around and ready to pull down his pants. Except that Randy apparently didn't wear anything to bed, because what she found wasn't pants or even shorts. Her hands surrounded a very nice cock. Soon enough, her mouth replaced them.

Randy too had been having sex dreams that night, so it took a few moments of groggy wakefulness before he realized that the lips surrounding his stiff cock were real. When he did, his eyes shot open, greeted by a close-up view of a girl's very thin panties. They were so thin that he could see whisps of dark hair behind the fabric.

He lay in his bed, luxuriating in the silky feeling of lips surrounding his cock when it occurred to him. Unless there really had been a boat and some sex-starved woman had wandered around the shore looking for random guys to give blow jobs to, the lips around his shaft had to be Ashley's. And if those were her lips, then the barely covered crotch only an inch from his face had to be hers as well.

Randy may have been slow at times, but he was not stupid. While Ashley continued sucking on his cock, he began working his hands out of the sleeping bag. As he drew them up, they brushed along her upper body. When he felt her small breasts, he stopped their movement, finally able to touch the globes that he had been admiring inside all of the thin white shirts that Ashley had mistakenly brought along on the trip. She seemed to have forgotten to wear a bra more days than he could remember too, Randy had repeatedly been given glimpses of dark, puffy nipples beneath the fabric. Those very short, very tight shorts that she always wore in camp just did not seem all that practical to him either.

Since his hands were now to busy to pull aside the fabric before him, he decided to try using the part of his body that could still reach it. Craning his neck so that he could reach the panties, he first missed, hitting them with his nose. A strong, musky odor filled his nostrils when he did this, and the panties seemed to be very wet to his touch.

Randy tried again, thinking that perhaps he could bring one hand up and leave the other to continue working Ashley's soft breast, when she moved her body down the final inch, the fabric covering her wet slit now touching his lips. Immediately he extended his tongue to meet the offering, sliding under the edge, tasting her juices for the first time.

Just that one taste had been enough, and Randy dove with a brand new fervor into his new-found prize. He slid his tongue around until he found first her lips, then her wet slit. The crotch of her panties pushed to the side as he began to run his probing tongue first along, then into Ashley's delicious pussy.

Once he began to address her wet hole in earnest, Ashley's mouth doubled its efforts on his stiff member. He realized that he needed to take his mind off of the wonderful feelings he was experiencing, so he concentrated all of his energies on pleasing Ashley. His tongue found her clit, which he thought had been hiding. In fact he had forgotten that she was on top of his face, not underneath it, and the little nub was at the bottom of her slit this way.

He worked his hands up and out of the sleeping bag until both of them were free, then he used them to spread her thighs farther apart, allowing him to push his entire face closer into her sensitive pussy.

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