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Judy could not believe how her husband was capable of simply perching casually against a table swilling his whisky around his glass - watching. Seeing his staring unconcerned face made her feelings of being a worthless slut and whore ever more intense.

The eyes of the men flickered between watching the guy who licked her crotch to studying her face for signs of her reaction. With her hands tethered it seemed that any attempt to wriggle her torso out of the way looked like she was gyrating her hips or pushing out her pelvis to enhance her pleasure. Another man joined in and tugged her bodice right down making her tits spill out of her bra. Now the men who had hung back began to undress, sporting rampant and ready cocks. In spite of her fear and predicament Judy found herself unable to subdue the arousal that was building up from the licking tongue on her clit, and the erotic sight of naked men with stiff dicks who paraded before her.

Now taking a longer leisurely look toward her husband seemed easier to do; she bit her bottom lip when the tongue hit just the right place in that little fold of skin surrounding her clit. A head was bent against her chest nibbling and sucking on a nipple. Judy risked the tiniest of half smiles when her husband looked at her with his usual cold calculating stare - I'm not scared now, she wanted him to know. A movement of the hip betrayed the fact she was responding favourably and told the men she was aroused and ready for more. A sigh escaped through her lips that almost made a word that said, yeah! Her pelvis moved rhythmically against the tongue; now she glanced down and watched the man who was licking her cunt - a cunt that now needed cock and was dripping wet.

'Are you ready for more Judy?' asked the Boss Man with a dirty grin.

Judy knew she didn't permission from her husband, nor did she care if her answer displeased him.

'Please!' she purred, looking around at every man in a way she hoped will tell them she wanted more from each and very one of them.

When she allowed her eyelids to momentarily close the tongue stopped it's delightful tickle - the mouth released her nipple. A split second later her clit stung making her jump and her lungs exhaled. Another swish made Judy open her eyes wide in time to see a riding crop on its rapid journey toward her midriff. Her open cunt took the full force of the stinging leather; her panties had been slit and torn at the gusset.

'No! Not that,' she sniffled desperately, 'I want you to give me sex - we can have pleasure, not pain!'

'We can have both!' a voice replied. 'You suffer the pain, and we enjoy the pleasure of watching you suffer.'

Her pelvis involuntarily continued jerking forward slowly even though the crop snapped into the tender red flesh of her inner pussy lips, like she was trying to persuade the men that a hard cock fucking her hole would be much more enjoyable to both them and her. A very thin cane teased her nipples before well-aimed flicks made stripes across her breasts. She cried out and moaned and groaned, her body gyrating back and forth, side to side. A familiar burning sensation began to take over from the searing aggravating pain, altering the tone of her moaning; the timbre of her pleading sounds now filled the room with an erotic resonance.

The large dildo that now replaced the tormenting implement slid easily into her soaking throbbing sex hole; even the long raised-up welts that lined her white soft breasts delivered a sensation of decadent delight exciting her nipples. Tightening her muscles around the rubber dick Judy imagined it to be a real cock and began to work her cunt up and down, fucking it; her eyes suddenly opened wide and she stared at the men - and began to giggle. The men saw that Judy, through her salty tears, focused more on their stiff dangling cocks than their faces.

'Turn her around,' insisted one man, overcome with lust, 'Let's whip her arse!'

Leaving the dildo in place she was released from her shackles and spun around, while three of the men fiddled clu

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