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" She paused to allow for the microphone to pick up the very audible sound of her skirt being unzipped before she dipped down out of sight. She reappeared and continued with her narration, "So, she'll remove her street clothing in here, with the dressing screen preserving her modesty," then slowly hanging her skirt next to her top added, "at least for the time being."

The camera crew continued their filming while Lisa completed her disrobing, gently pushing her bra straps off her shoulders and then reaching behind her back to unhook it. With the screen still providing protection for her, she once again ducked down out of site. A few more seconds passed before her smiling face peeked out over the top of the screen. Making sure that her bare shoulders could be clearly seen, Lisa held her panties aloft in one hand, then let them drop. "Once she's undressed," Lisa continued, "the model will then put on her robe and wait for session to begin." With that, Lisa put on her dressing gown and stepped out from behind the screen, revealing a thigh high terrycloth robe tied in the front but opened just far enough to give a glimpse of her generous cleavage. "Now, let's get to class."

In a few minutes, Michael started things off by explaining that today they were going to be working in charcoal, which should allow them to focus on light and shadow as well as the musculature of the human body. He then casually announced that Beth would be their model, at which point, Beth (who had been sitting to the side of the room) nonchalantly dropped her robe and strode fully naked to an elevated platform and the front of the room. The instructor gave her a few directions regarding the pose, and sketching began.

Meanwhile, Lisa moved around the sides of the room trailed by her lead cameraman. In part, Clayton was capturing the students' work, but just as often he had his lens trained on Lisa. Sensing the camera's presence, she would occasionally bend over to get a better view of a sketch while making sure that her movement allowed the bottom of the robe to creep up, almost revealing the bottom of her butt.

Lisa added little bits of commentary during the first half hour, remarking how Beth had to maintain a pose but was allowed to take a break every ten minutes to stretch. Working a second camera, George took some shots from behind Beth, showing her from the waist up and catching just the hint of the curve of her breasts. That footage could be used without editing and would actually make a perfect visual for some of Lisa's remarks.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. Lisa could sense the excitement building inside of her, a feeling of warmth spreading across her body. The instructor approached her and, with the camera rolling, asked if she wanted to pose for the class. She took a deep breath and with a shrug of the shoulders answered, "Well, why not?" With that, she turned to Clayton and George and nervously whispered, "Okay, gang, here goes. And watch where you point that camera." Slowly she unfastened the robe and let it slip to the floor. Several students literally gasped, having recognized her from the evening news but never thinking that the beautiful TV reporter would actually go through with the challenge to pose for them. But there she was, moving to the platform as Beth stepped down.

Lisa automatically assumed the pose she used for beginning the evening broadcast. -- facing forward with her body turned slightly to the right, her left shoulder and foot forward. This had the effect of presenting a glorious view of her breasts to the class, with her hardened nipples clearly responding to the cool air in the studio. It also allowed her to cross one leg over slightly in front of the other, revealing the top of the neatly trimmed landing strip she had groomed the night before but obscuring a direct view of her slit. Sensing her increasing excitement, Lisa deliberately held this position. If there was any evidence of her growing state of arousal, she really didn't want the class to be aware of that.

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