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Stockings and strap-ons.

The bidding will start soon."

Quietly stepping to Arin's other side, she reached out and squeezed one of her tits, to act the part of someone testing its firmness. While doing this, she used her other hand, turned at a strange angle, to bring it toward Arin from a completely different direction. This hand plucked at Arin's inner thigh, and continued upward to brush across her now pulsating pussy lips. Molly was pleased to see this 'inspection by a total stranger' caused the following reaction: Arin actually pressed her hips as far forward as the bindings would allow. The slut was offering herself for an even closer, more intimate probing.

That did not suit Molly's plans at the moment. Carefully withdrawing the hand at Arin's crotch, she let her other hand move across Arin's chest to test the plumpness of her other breast, even giving it's nipple a gentle squeeze. Arin was taking rasping breaths now as Molly withdrew her hand completely.

Silently stepping back to the original place where she had spoken aloud, she stated, "I think you've all had a good look, and some have even felt her up. Now its time for the bidding. I have decided that we will do it silently. Each of you quietly write your bid for using my slut for one hour on the paper slips I just passed out. I will walk around and collect them. Make certain your name is on the slip. The highest bidder wins."

Molly walked around back in forth in front of Arin, not troubling to be quiet in her movements now, as if walking through a crowd, gathering bids. After several passes back and forth, she paused as if reading them. She murmured, "Very nice, Sir." Making a 'tsk tsk' sort of sound while shaking her head, she sadly whispered, "This is yours Sir, and that first bid already outbid you. Yes, I know its disappointing."

She managed to make a gasp of surprise, followed by, "Well, Madam, I can see you really want to use my slut. Most generous of you - most generous indeed. I doubt anyone will top this." She followed this by a few quiet sounds of 'no', 'no', and 'afraid not' before summarizing. "Madam has the highest bid, but please remember, I plan to do this on a weekly basis, so the rest of you may have better luck next time. Now I think my girl should meet the woman who gets to use her for the next hour."

Standing directly in front of Arin, she removed her blindfold. Blinking in the bright light, Arin darted her glance left, right, and strained to look past Molly's head, looking for the crowd of viewers. Then the penny dropped. "Oh you!" she cried. "There's no one here!"

"On the contrary, girl. There certainly is: me. I intend to get my full hour's usage out of you." Molly wanted to kiss Arin's ear, and nibble on her neck to start, but could not because her arms being tied upward blocked that possibility. She settled on stepping to Arin's side, and kneading her tits and ass while licking her unprotected armpit.

Arin screamed with a mixture of delight and dismay. Extremely ticklish in her armpits, she was soon begging for mercy as her body shook and tugged at the restraints. Molly paused long enough for Arin to catch her breath, and began licking that armpit anew, but gradually transformed that into kissing/sucking and nibbling erotically. Molly sure loved having such control over her friend, and being able to play with her sexually.

The hand she had on Arin's ass slipped between the girl's legs to dampen its fingertips in her dripping cunt juices. She returned it to the crack between Arin's ass cheeks and explored blindly for her sensitive ass hole. At the same time, she brought her front hand down to insert two of its fingers into Arin's squirming cunt. She pressed the thumb of that hand firmly enough onto Arin's clit to trap it and feel it throb with her heartbeat.

Still nibbling Arin's armpit, she began rocking the hand inserted in the girl's cunt to make her fingers drag in and out along the front wall of her vagina.

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