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By her senior year in high school, Jessica got over her deadbeat father and was prepared to study in college. After her graduation and her move in to her college dorm, she got a terrible call. Her mother had just been killed in a car accident. She was devastated. Her only true life line was now gone.

The next day, my aunt called Jessica and told her that if she ever needed anything that she could call her. It turned out that she was in need of somewhere to stay that very night. Jessica began drinking heavily after the call about her mother and was still drunk so she couldn't go back to her dorm. My aunt understood and drove out to pick her up so she could spend the night.

The next morning Jessica got up and took a long shower to try and wash away the hangover but most importantly the pain of her dead mother. My aunt stayed home from work to make sure Jessica was going to be okay. She saw Jessica enter the living room after she showered and dressed and told her to sit down next to her. Once she sat down she told Jessica that she wanted her to meet someone that could help her through this. That person was me.

Jessica agreed since we went to the same college anyways. I got a call from my aunt and she said she wanted to take me to dinner to meet someone. I gladly agreed because I never turn down free food.

I arrived at the restaurant just in time as my aunt and her acquaintance were being seated so I just followed them to the table. Once we were settled my aunt introduced me to Jessica. I had already noticed her fine ass walking to the table but her face and especially her eyes were incredibly sexy.

I asked her what her major was and then I told her my major and it turned out we were both in the business college. Our drinks arrived and my aunt proposed a toast and we laughed and took a drink. She then told us why she wanted us to meet. Apparently she thought I was an excellent young man and just good enough for this struggling Jessica.

Now, before I go any further let me explain the relationship I have with my aunt. I had always been attracted to my aunt and could tell that she knew. When I graduated high school she gave me the typical graduate present but she also let me watch her masturbate, which only made my lust for her stronger. Throughout the summer before college I would go over to her house and watch her masturbate and eventually I started to masturbate with her.

We loved getting off by watching each other masturbate. I always wanted to take it further but it never happened even though I'm pretty sure she wanted to take it further too. She would always say how much she loved watching me pump my hands over my thick cock. At every family gathering she would bump into me by "accident" or bend down in front of me because she "accidently" dropped something. Every time she did that I would have to run to the bathroom to relieve myself.

I found it hard to date girls when I was so caught up with my aunt. That may be why she wanted me to meet Jessica. She told me Jessica's sad story and how she was the only one to care for her lately. I expressed my sympathies towards Jessica and my aunt suggested that we should date. I looked at Jess and she looked at me and we both had the same look on our face. It was kind of a "ah, what the hell" look like we had nothing better to do, no pun intended.

We got our meals and talked while we ate.

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