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Sarah takes her first ride on The Carousel.

I soon find that the rules and style are different in here, and Melody is very good at working them. She makes lots of contact, rubbing her legs against my bare thighs, her bottom against my upper arm. Jesus, I was horny when I came in, and I'm going nuts. Her thong comes off and her bare bottom is right in my face. She spreads herself, showing me the pinkish tan circle of the anus, and I groan with frustration. Then she lowers herself, rubbing her bare ass on my upper thighs until my resistance breaks and I run my hands up her sides. She slaps them away, but turns to smile, showing me she really did like it. She pushes her breasts in my face, coming closer and closer, until finally, briefly, her nipples brush against my open mouth. I give a little cry as they slip away, and she turns again to show me her ass. I reach out to caress it, and she lets my hand linger oh so briefly, then drops down again, this time catching my hand between my leg and her crotch. I get a quick feel of her fleshy lips on my fingers and then she rises again, turning to open her legs and show me her pussy.

Her cunt looks delicious, and my excitement is becoming more intense each second I stare into it. My god, I want to eat her, but I know it's not possible, not allowed. She's teasing me unmercifully. That's what these places are about, what she's about, and she's damned good at it.

I close my eyes for a second, trying to ward off the arousal and frustration. Suddenly I feel a hand on the back of my head. My eyes open and I look up at her, confused. She looks around quickly to make sure no one is looking, then gently draws me forward. "Go ahead, sweetie. I can tell you want it bad."

It's crazy, stupid, but by now she's pushed me over the edge, beyond control. I utter a low moan and mash my mouth into her. She's dripping wet, creamy-delicious. I take one luxurious lick and then jam my tongue all the way inside her. I hear her gasp, and just like that, she pulls me away, leaving me to lunge forward like some street urchin begging for food.

"Sorry, honey, but I'm afraid someone will see."

I'm dying now. I've tasted her, gotten what she offered, but so little, so short! Jesus, she's cruel. She goes back to her previous routine, grinding just out of reach, then turning around to spread herself and give me another glimpse of her asshole. My hands reach down between my legs and rub, beyond shame now, just seeking satisfaction.

The second song ends and I sit there, dazed. Melody stoops down so we are eye to eye. "Sorry about that, hon. I wanted it, too, but we just can't here". Her eyes dart from side to side, as if she's trying to solve a problem in her head. She leans forward and I feel her warm breath in my ear as she whispers, "Meet me in the restroom after I change - over there". Still dazed with lust, I can only nod my head. Melody smiles and runs her finger suggestively around my lips, then turns toward the dressing room.

I wander back to the table where Jenna is waiting to see my reaction. "How was it?" she asks, a lecherous grin aglow on her face.

That seems a silly question. I know my breathing is abnormal and the heat in my face tells me I'm flushed with passion. "Good," I say succinctly, "Really, really good."

That gets a big smile from Jenna - obviously what she was hoping for. The smile turns to amused shock when I tell her about the bathroom invitation. "You're kidding! Realllllly???" I assure her the invitation was real, though I'm embarrassed to tell her how much I want to accept it. Silly me - she's way ahead of me. "You are going in there, aren't you? That girl is hot!" Jenna has always been the adventurous one.

Egged on by her approval, I smile sheepishly and admit that I want to.

"Well go, birthday-girl", she laughs, "and I want a full report later - details, details!!!"

I get up and slowly walk to the "Ladies" door, feeling not at all lady-like.

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