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Ken collects more of Karen's debt.

Stephanie saw Sebastian almost every day, it wasn't as though he was returning from a far away land. He was a trainer at the local mixed martial arts academy. He was also next in line to fight for the belt in the local circuit. She was his biggest fan. But more than that, for reasons that she had thus far refused to explore, and frankly didn't quite understand, his presence gave her the butterflies every time, and she hated herself for it.

"Not her again," he said taking a step closer and putting his hands in the pockets of his slacks.

Stephanie's heart was in her throat as he drew nearer to her, and there was no small amount of satisfaction for her in his response to Kelly's interest.

He smiled at her, his intense green eyes sparkling. "Let's just go get this over with," he said running a hand through his short blonde hair and gesturing toward the front door.


Stephanie sat on the couch by herself, watching the sad scene play out before her. As soon as her brother had walked in the door Kelly had begun her assault. It was disgusting to watch her cousin relinquish every last shred of self respect at her brother's feet. Stephanie did take a measure of satisfaction in watching the disinterested expression on Sebastian's face, but the fact of the matter still remained that she was commanding all of his attention. At one point he looked at her, shaking his head, and she smiled. Stephanie fought furiously with herself about how Sebastian made her feel and wondered what was wrong with her.

"Not him again," a familiar voice said.

Damien sat down beside her and she was thankful that he had saved her from her continued self-loathing. Stephanie noticed the irritation in his voice as he made that comment about Sebastian, and it confused her because she knew that the two got along well.

"Well, he sure brings out the best in her, I'll give him him that," he continued. He waved his hands dramatically and nearly spilled his drink. "Mister bad ass MMA guy, whoo hoo."

Stephanie could tell that he had enjoyed more than his fair share of the alcohol already, and she was willing to let that be his excuse for mocking her brother. But she knew that arguing with him would only make it worse, so she relied on a different method of distraction.

"Sometimes, that's what people do," she said gazing at him. "They bring out the best in you." Stephanie let that statement remain as ambiguous as Damien was willing to take it, although she could tell right away by the way he was matching her gaze that she had intrigued him.

After several moments of staring into her eyes, thoughts smoldering about her that he could never share with anyone, Damien looked away and laughed. "Well, Stephanie, you sure are something else. I really missed you," he said fighting to stay focused in his inebriated state. He took another long pull on his drink.

"Are you going to be okay?" Stephanie asked giggling. She was happy that the dark mood he was in a few minutes ago had changed to one that seemed more content to drink and be merry, and less resolved to taking stabs at Sebastian.

"Oh, yeah," he said blowing sharply through his lips. "You know me, doll. I'm a champ in my own right."

He winked at her again, but she caught him glancing at Sebastian directly after. He seemed more curious than resentful this time, so Stephanie merely smiled and touched his forearm as Damien stood up and wandered off.

Sebastian had gone into the kitchen.

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