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Again the vixen thrusts hard at the chubby bunny's hot sex again but this time she found her mark. With a wet squishing sound the swollen head of Terrie's cock forced Sarah's sweet wet petals open wide as it slipped in. The bunny cried out loudly into the pillows and sheets as she took a cock two sizes to big for her deeply into her tender and virginal tunnel.

Terrie leaned forward and bit Sarah on the shoulder and held her tightly as she drive her cock fully in to the bunny without mercy. Sarah whimpered and gripped the sheets harder as she felt her Mistress' teeth grip her tender flesh of her naked shoulder. The sharp teeth sliced in barely an inch or so drawing forth the hot metallic taste of fresh blood to Terrie's lips this was the signal to take Sarah cherry. The vixen heard her lover cry out from the bite and direct her attention to her shoulder. Once Sarah was concentrating on the bite Terrie thrust forward with all of her might. Again the lust stricken rabbit let out a roaring cry in the pillows and sheets as the huge cock tore thru her hymen violently. The screaming bunny felt the tip of her Mistress' cock slip deeply in to her tight tunnel moving closer and closer to her bunny womb.

Tears spilled from Sarah's eyes as the pain in her lower half was so intense but she didn't want Terrie to stop even thought it hurt so much. The instinctive drive to have the vixen on top of her fill her womb with is thick seed was greater the any discomfort the bunny was feeling or would feel during her first time mating. In the course of few moments that were the lovers coupling Sarah now unable to speak or think as the sensations of pain, pleasure, hate, love, sexual joy, shame, and lust flooded her mind. The feeling of the gigantic fox organ dribbling its hot pre-cum as it rubbing the rabbit's sugary inner walls rhythmically as it plunged deeply into her tight inner passage was making Sarah even hotter and slicker then before. The pulse from Terrie's body made Sarah's pussy quiver and throb in time with the vixen's hot thrusts causing the lustful rabbit to moan and pant more. The vixen changed her grip from the rabbit's soft waist to her wrists. Strong paws grabbed the rabbit's wrists tightly pinning them to the bed. She held her squirming prey in place as she thrusted with a moderate pace in and out of the moaning and grunting rabbit under her. After the initial pain was over Terrie released Sarah's shoulder and licked the area of the bite mark softly cleaning it of the little bit of blood that was left. After the wound was cleaned Terrie kissed her way to Sarah's lowered ears.

"Are you alright my little pet?" The cooing but very dominant voice from Terrie filled Sarah's ears along with ringing from several near orgasms.

"Ahhhhaaa... it hurt so much when you thrusts in... and it still stings but I want it. I really want it all inside of me!" Sarah panted with a slight squeak as tear rolled down her cheeks. "Please Mistress, use me for your pleasure, I want to give you so much pleasure."

"I told you the first time was going to hurt but don't worry sweetie I going to make you feel real good. Then I going to make you scream and cum until you pass out." Terrie told her bunny pet as her gentle in and out pace began to pick up speed. Soon the vixen was riding her rabbit slave a hard and fast pace. This had the bunny a quiver with moans and grunts of pleasure.

"No slutty bunny can resist my Cock! You love it all, don't my little bunny slut?" Terrie panted heavily in Sarah's ear as she rode the whimpering bunny harder and harder.

Sarah squealed even louder as her Mistress thrusts deep within her quivering sex.

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