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Sexy daughter becomes his best girl.

He pulled her, this time strongly, sinking fingers into her side and wrapping a thick arm around her neck, choking out a scream. "Don't lie to me", he whispered, "and don't be loud. They will hear you." Instinctively, Lizzie's hands went out grasping at the man's grab; he expected nothing less, and took advantage by pushing her into the wall.

With a slap, her breasts flattened against the marble; pink, hardy nipples tried hard to stand but couldn't. The wind blown out of her, she let out a scared moan. He kept her quiet, wrapping a hand around her mouth as the other slid between her legs.

Overpowered and helpless, stuck to the wall by a man twice her size, Lizzie actually found his hand on her most private of places quite comforting: it reminded her that he was just yet another client, anxious to rush through her services. She'd had rough clients before and knew how to deal with them, so she slid back into her character and let him keep the lead.

The room got even darker and the audience went entirely silent just as the man's fingers found her clitoris. He was actually quite good, but she wasn't going to let this get personal, so she pushed back into his hard rod, with the quietest moan she could muster, to shift positions and disrupt the rubbing.

That got him mad.

He tightened his grip on her mouth, rammed her against the wall and pinched her clitoris at the same time, hard enough to make her whimper through serrated lips; Lizzie heard a woman in the adjacent loge asking "what was that?", and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

The man whispered, again, "don't lie to me".

Lizzie was mad, more than scared: if he wanted rough sex, he just had to ask. She resolved to let him do as he pleased, grab the money, and just chalk it up to yet another shitty client.

The man freed her mouth, resting the hand on her chin and neck, as the other hand started rubbing the clitoris yet again.

Damn, was he good.

His fingers went in little circles, rubbing her just the right way. The warmth she already felt grew into a tingling sensation and her hands instinctively reached behind to feel the man's strong body.

They freed his member, big and hard as a rock.

The violin started playing on the stage, sweet and delicate and not entirely loud enough to cover the screams that were begging to get out of Lizzie.

Building up his rhythm on her pleasure button, as her breath grew more and more like a pant, he asked her, "you like anal?"

"N-no..." she stuttered.

During the quietest moment in the music, Lizzie felt two fingers finding their way inside her; she moaned, surprised, not realizing how wet she already was.

The same woman from before asked, "did you hear that?"

The man's fingers, rough and big, twisted around inside her, then came to a stop, pushing hard against her g-spot.

"I am going to repeat my question. If you lie again, I am going to hurt you for real this time. Do you like anal?"

With those fingers pushing into her most sensitive spot, a barreled chest flattening her breasts and nipples against the cold stone wall, her voice trembled, her pitch out of control: "I... I didn't lie... I don't do anal on the job... That's for my boyfriend only..."

She realized her bare feet were resting on the man's shoes. When did that come to happen?

The rock hard penis pushed against her butt cheeks. She clenched and gritted her teeth, determined not to let him in.

He grabbed her choker, pulling her back off the wall and into his embrace. He wrapped his arm around her breasts; she relished the warmth after all that cold.

The fingers inside her resumed their dance and she could only breathe in sync with it.

"I think you could make an exception for me." She shook her head, as any talking would have let out far too much noise.

"Don't I pay you enough?"

"It's not about th-" He closed her mouth as she was mere instants into the scream; nonetheless, the annoying nearby woman reprimanded: "would you please be quiet?!"

Lizzie flushed over with embarrassment as she realized the people in adjacent loges just

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