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She heard Charlie whisper in her ear, "Oh, Pam. It's been so long. This is the first time I've touched a woman sexually since I lost my wife." He then opened her top freeing her tits and completely exposing them. She could feel him pressing his now completely rigid cock deeper into the crevice of her ass. She loved how it felt, but slowly turned to face him. She then felt his cock against her stomach while he stared hungrily at her reddened tits and swollen nipples. He began sliding down towards them by just slightly bending his knees. His thick hard cock slid down her stomach and rested against her hungry, wet pussy. Charlie began small slow gyrations with his hips causing his cock to stimulate Pam's clitoris. His tongue began licking one nipple before moving to the other. Pam once again closed her eyes. Her breathing was rapid and heavy now. When she felt Charlie's lips encompass one of her nipples and he began to nibble and suck it, she loudly and excitedly said, "Ohhh, Yeeesss."

She felt, what she thought was the beginning an orgasm rapidly approaching and before it took total control of her, she stopped. She looked at Charlie and said, "This isn't right. We need to stop." Charlie looked at her with a reddened face and disappointed look, but understood and said, "You're right Pam. I'm so sorry." Pam countered, "This was all my fault. I'm the one who should be apologizing."

Pam knew, down deep inside that this was just the beginning and not the end. She wasn't sure she wanted it to end. She then gathered her composure, zipped up her top, looked at Charlie and said, "Bob mustn't know this happened." Charlie somberly looked at Pam, nodded his head in the affirmative and said nothing.

Pam left the boat and entered her yard feeling guilty and ashamed with feelings of exhilaration and excitement battling within her. She was totally confused, unable to understand what had just taken place and why it did. She was apprehensive about this new dynamic and the euphoric feeling she just experienced. She wondered if she would want more, subconsciously knowing the answer.

Pam needed time to digest all that had happened. Time to think about things and consider the speed in which things had progressed. She had not anticipated it going this far, this soon or even at all. She was prepared to show Charlie her naked boobs and even possibly allow him to touch them. To nearly have intercourse with him was not something she had planned on happening and had not prepared herself to deal with. After a torturous week of turmoil she decided to avoid Charlie as much as possible for a while. She did, after all, tell Charlie that they must stop this and that it wasn't right, and he agreed. She thought there should be no problem, Charlie understood.

A few weeks had gone by without any direct, alone contact with Charlie, he had continued working on his boat diligently. Pam still worked out in the yard, but dressed in her old normal yard attire, and only with Bob out there with her. They remained cordial and spoke often amongst the three of them, as neighbors do. It was very different for her and Charlie, though. Charlie tried to act as though everything was normal, as best he could, but when Pam and Charlie's eyes met, there was electricity. The looks would appear benign to anyone else, but there was always something there. It was a look that two best friends share when they know what each other is thinking or when they think they've gotten away with something without being discovered. Pam enjoyed titillating Charlie and the feelings it produced in her own body. Bob wanted this, Charlie wanted this, and she realized that she did too, now. What could possibly go wrong? Her sex with Bob had never been more intense or frequent. She did not want any of this to stop. She just needed to slow the pace down a little bit and remain in better control, she thought.
"I've noticed you've been going without a bra quite a bit lately," Bob said to Pam.

"Just around the house. I kind of like the feeling of freedom."

"That's pro

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