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She rubbed her hand over it, very lightly at first, then with more pressure, enjoying the friction her lacy panties created against her. Soon, however, she found this minimal contact insufficient and brought her hand back up to her waistband, slipping it inside in search of her precious opening. She thrilled at the feel of her bare skin and this feeling only increased when her finger grazed her clit. Easy, she thought to herself. She was pretty sure this had already been her most intense solo experience (on those rare occasions when she'd masturbated, the goal was normally a quick get off, so she would start right in on her clit and keep her attentions focused there until she climaxed) and she wasn't ready for it to end anytime soon.

Deciding her panties were a hindrance, she slid them off and cast them to the floor. While her legs were up in the air, she decided to admire them a bit. Long, lean, and sporting the slightest bronze of early summer tan, there wasn't a guy she'd been with that hadn't loved having them wrapped around him and, with a sly smile, she admitted to herself that she could see why. They weren't her focus, though, so she didn't waste much time running her hands back down them before seeking out her primary target.

Returning her left hand to her pussy, she cupped the smooth mound and applied medium pressure above her clit with her palm, while strumming her fingers across her lips. She could feel how wet she was already and decided to investigate further. Spreading her index and middle fingers apart, she rubbed the outer lips on either side. Enjoying the feel of that, she went further, putting her fingers back together and rubbing the lips. Going further still, she began to pull at her pussy lips. This drove her nearly as wild as pulling her nipples had and she suddenly became very anxious to work her clit. Switching to her right hand, she used her index and middle fingers to begin rubbing her hood. She again moaned out loud, scolding herself again to be careful, although she was sure it couldn't have been heard over the music. Her clit emerged from the hood, seeking direct attention, and Jill's fingers eagerly gave it, sending her to even greater heights. She was torn on what to do next. She was eager for a powerful orgasm to put her horniness to rest and the fire in her belly told her she was on the verge of just that. Still, she wanted, no, needed, fucked. Craving to be filled, she plunged two fingers of her left hand inside her cleft and began fucking them in and out of herself in time with the rubbing of her clit by her right hand. That was better, but still no comparison to the pounding of Trevor's fat dick. Hoping to bridge the gap, she added a third finger to the mix, eliciting another lusty moan, this one a bit louder than either of the first two. Again, however, the relief provided was only temporary, and Jill found herself hungry for more. She was beginning to be out of her element though. She didn't normally finger herself, and no guy had ever put more than three fingers in her. Heck, with his large hands, Trevor had never been able to get more than two in. Figuring hers were pretty thin, though, she decided to try to squeeze in one more. The addition of the fourth finger induced another loud groan. Rather than being mad at herself for that one, however, she smiled wickedly at the lewd realization that she was practically fisting herself.

Eager to finally experience her long overdue climax, she began rubbing her clit again in steady circles with her right hand. There was just one issue, however. While stuffing the better part of her left hand inside her pussy sated its desire to be filled, movement was awkward, so she was having a difficult time fucking herself the way she had been when she'd only had two fingers penetrating her.

Still wild with lust, but acknowledging that the earth-shattering orgasm she'd envisioned perhaps wasn't in the cards, Jill somewhat reluctantly withdrew her hand from her sopping pussy and

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