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The rental across the way has a sexy couple.

Dare that we meet, your one to our two. Gwen noticed the code number associated with the add, folded the Advisor so that the personals page was in front, and then set it aside.

"I know I should have told you this sooner," Domenique said as she brushed excess hair from Gwen's pussy to the sheet beneath her, "But you remember that night we met Tina at the Polo Club?"

Gwen nodded, immediately recalling the red head she'd seen chatting with Domenique as she danced with Tina.

"Well I was scoped out by none other than the nurse from the clinic."

"The one behind the desk?"

"Right. Anyway, after our mutual surprise to find each other there, she asked how things were going, and I informed her that they were going rather well."


Domenique dabbed a damp cloth around her work, and then blew against Gwen's poking clit.

"And she lingered a little bit, saw you with Tina, raised an eye brow I seem to recall, and smiled. Then, she scanned the bar, said it was nice to see me and waved good bye as she headed to the bar."

"And you didn't bring this up sooner because?"

"Because I thought we'd found our third rose, silly."


Finished with her work, Domenique sat up, set her tools aside, retrieved an oval mirror from the pile, and then set it up so that Gwen could assess her pussy's new hair do. Reflected in the glass was Gwen's pubic mound; trimmed into a single ornate black rose, with modeled flourishes, petals and leaves, its short thorny stem rising from the peak of her pussy's clef.

"What do you think?" asked Domenique.

Amazed at the detail, Gwen remained speechless for a time, and simply stared as her clit gradually came to throb awake.

By that evening, they'd called the Advisor's Personals response number, put it on speaker, typed in the add's code and got the following message from a sweet voice that Domenique couldn't attest was in deed that of the nurse. "Hello ladies. I think you and what you seem to have is totally amazing. I'm jealous, but not crazy jealous. I just want to fit myself between you, maybe just once, maybe twice or maybe even three times, who knows. Fate is funny, isn't it ladies? Like the stars in Orion's belt; the sisters three, at least I think that's who they represent, let slack, apportion and cut. God, it makes me nervous just to think about, well, you know. Anyway, leave a message. Maybe I'll have the nerve to go over my portion. Thanks."

"It's slow tonight," said the nurse, holding a clipboard and pen in one hand as she closed the examination room's door with the other, "And we're trying out new staff at the front desk, so I thought you wouldn't mind me checking you out first before you met the Doc."

She was still very attractive, even in her blue scrubs; tired blue eyes, her red hair in a long braid down her back, her skin looking healthy and her tits and ass smoothing the scrubs material in just the right spots.

"Perfect." Said Domenique as she laid back onto the paper coated exam table.

"Uh, what seems to be the trouble?" asked the nurse as she approached Domenique's side.

Domenique immediately went about undoing the fly of her jeans. Seconds later, her shoes slipped off, ass raised, hands tugging jeans and panties to her ankles, the pile of clothing lay beside her pink crew socked feet. The nurse looked on, abashed and perplexed.

"Well," said Domenique, her eyes doleful as she met the nurse's gaze, "I seemed to have gotten something lodged in my introitus."

The nurse remained still for a moment. Then, mesmerized by Domenique's raising and parting her legs, she stepped backwards until arriving at the door and locking it. As Gwen and Domenique waited around for the phone to ring, they decided that it wouldn't hurt to pay the nurse a visit. Maybe she was their admirer, maybe she wasn't. Either way, Domenique had developed a plan and they'd agreed to put it into action.

"Introitus," the nurse repeated, her expression a cross between concern and amusement as she set her clipboard and pen aside a

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