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'Sexy.' I thought.

We went our own ways but I thought about Pat's body for the whole day at work. I'd start to get hard and need to concentrate on stacking tins of tuna or a hundred other products.

I got home that evening and heard the shower running. Pat's bikini was on the floor outside of the bathroom and I picked it up, looking at the inside of the crotch. She had had a long hot day on the beach and I smelled the distinct odor of pussy. Unable to help myself I held the garment to my nose and inhaled my daughter's sweet scent. I heard the shower go off and waited for the curtain to swish open. I barged in and there was my sweet Patty, naked and wet. She hadn't yet picked up the towel and she just stood there and let me look at her cute little body.

"Oh, sorry Pat. I was just. Um."

"Trying to see me naked as far as I can tell." Pat didn't seem mad. She slowly turned and picked up the towel, showing me her ass and her pussy peeked between her legs.

"Sorry." I turned and went to my room with my dick hard in my pants.

Once in my room with the door closed, I pulled my cock until I came into my hand. I could still smell the scent of my daughter's pussy in my nose.

After that day it seemed like Pat was making some effort to get seen by me in various stages of undress. Roaming around the house in her bikini or removing her bra while still wearing her shirt. I caught little flashes of side boob or sometimes a nipple would slip out for a peek.

The evening I came home to find her in my room naked, examining herself in the full length mirror, I said, "Pat what the hell are you doing?"

She turned around and unabashedly stood, giving me the full view of all of her treasures. "Daddy, its July 14th."

That explained nothing to me and I looked a question at her.

"July 14th is national nude day Daddy. You shouldn't be wearing clothes either."

"I don't know how that's going to work out honey." I said eyeing her treasures and licking my lips. I could barely keep from drooling, she looked so hot.

"C'mon Daddy. Take your clothes off." She walked over to me and reached for my belt. That was it. I took hold of her and lifted her onto my bed, laying her on her back, I pulled off my shirt and placed myself between her legs. I draped her knees over my shoulders and snuggled my face into her beautiful pussy. I sniffed her sweet smell and she rocked her hips at me.

"You're a virgin aren't you Patty?" I asked looking up her body, seeing her boobies heaving as she panted.

"Yes Daddy but it's OK. I want to lose it to you."

"Not today honey, I'm just going to eat you until you cum. Tomorrow I'll take your cherry."

"Oh. You want to lick my cunny? Do you like to do that?"

"Baby, you have no idea. I love licking a girl's cunny. Love it."

I placed my face against my little girl's sex and started exploring her with my tongue.

"Oh. Daddy. Amazing. Ah. Fuck. Fuck. Ooooohaaaaahmmmmmm."

She came. While my tongue was inside her tunnel my daughter came. I tasted her juice. So fresh. As her snatch spasmed around my oral digit.

"Oh Daddy that was so good. Do I taste good?"

"Better than anything I've ever had. Baby, Daddy needs something," I said as I took my pants and boxers off.

"I knew you'd help me celebrate nude day." Pat clapped and jumped up from the bed with her titties bouncing. "What do you need?"

"Sit right there on the bed. I need you to do for me what I just did for you. See Daddy's cock? I need you to suck on it and make me cum like I made you cum OK?"

"Yes Daddy of course. That only seems fair."

"I cum differently than you do. When I cum a lot of white sticky stuff comes out of the end of my prick. Will you swallow it for me? That's what makes me happy honey. Tomorrow you'll cum with my cock inside of your pussy OK?"

"Yes Daddy." She said and took my dick into her hand and kissed it. The girl was a natural.

I couldn't help but put my hands on the back of her head.

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