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Farrah gets a pleasant surprise.

"Yes, sir. I will do anything you want. I refuse to fail." Those eyes are determined, sincere. And then she's getting down on her knees, and I imagine her hands trailing along my chest, moving to the button on my jeans, then the zipper...and then I snap out of it. She's on her knees before me, a look of pleading on her face. She's in tears, begging me to give her some leniency, but her grades are the last thing on my mind.

"You'll do anything, you little slut?" I snarl, "Then suck my cock."

Her eyes go wide, and it's as if she suddenly becomes aware of her kneeling position, and the now obvious bulge in my jeans.

"What?" she stammers, as if the little whore is not familiar with the act I've mentioned.

"You heard me. Do it."

There is a single moment of hesitation, and then she closes her eyes, and keeps them closed, as she indeed reaches for my fly, and suddenly she's reaching in, and those hands, just as soft as I imagined, are around my stiff cock.

She looks up at me and says, defeated, "Yes, sir." Then her perfect, pink lips part, and I'm inside her hot mouth. At this point, I'm ready to go off like a rocket, but the three years of training myself not to show my desires have really paid off. But, God, she is good. Her eyes never leave my face as she drives me into her mouth, swirling her tongue around my shaft, going as far down as she can, then drawing up to the tip in one, long stroke. She places little kisses all around the head while using one hand to jerk me off, and the other to cling to me for balance. Despite my best efforts, I am close, so I reach down and run my fingers through her hair, letting my fingers get ensnarled in the silken strands. Then I grab the back of her head, snatching her off my member.

"You little slut!" I am really yelling now, and she looks terrified. "Look what you've done!" Her eyes dart, frightened and confused, to the swollen head of my cock, which is right in front of her face. "I bet you liked it, too, didn't you? Well, let's just see, shall we?" I lift her up by her hair, ignoring her scrumptious little whimpers.

I drag her into my bedroom, and toss her onto the bed. I lean over her, ignoring the fact that my dick is still out of my pants, and protesting in the air, suddenly frigid after the sweet warmth of her mouth. Her shirt is the standard issue white, button-down type. I rip it open, scattering buttons to every corner of my room, exposing her bra, which is made of nearly see-through lace. Beneath the material, I see that her tiny, pink nipples are fully erect. Unable to help myself, I lean down and suck on those little nubs right through her bra. Above me, I hear her moan. I lean up and whisper into her ear.

"Yes...I believe you did enjoy sucking my cock. Listen to yourself! You're making so much noise, and just because I sucked your tits! I wonder what you'd sound like if I sucked your clit?" Her eyes fly open, and she tries to back away from me, but I grab her by the hair again and drove my mouth into hers. She resists me for a few moments, but eventually those lips part, and she wraps her arms around me. I can taste the slight salinity of my precum in her mouth.

I work her shirt down her arms, and toss it behind me, onto the floor. It is shortly followed by her bra. Then I pull my shirt up over my head, and push my jeans all the way down, so that I am completely naked on top of her. I begin to fumble with the buttons on her skirt, but I stop myself. "I think I'll leave this on," I say, half-aloud, and slip my hand beneath the rough, plaid wool. Not surprisingly, she isn't wearing panties. I trace a finger along her velvety slit, teasing her gently, and then push it between the hot folds. She gasps, and I lean into her ear again.

"Jesus, you're wet! I'd say you've been thinking about me as much as I've been thinking of you," I whispered, achingly.

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