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Mariah has met her duplicate, now she has to rescue her

Tammy would take her to the bank tomorrow and would keep tabs on her. They would get a new wardrobe for Karen at Cindy's boutique and her current outfit would fit her but the old Karen Miller was gone and the new one would vacate her current address and move in with Tammy. On the coffee table were two Apple iPhone 5 programmed with John's number and a few apps he thought would come in handy and a thousand dollars in cash.


There was a knock at the door, Mary closed her laptop computer and slid out from behind her desk. She wasn't really expecting anyone, but had hopes. She peaked through the curtain and a smile appeared across her face and she quickly opened the door.

"I was hoping it was you," she said and gestured for the woman to enter.

"You don't look to bad considering what you've just been though," Elizabeth said as she entered the foyer. "Nice house."

"Thank you," Mary said and then told her how bad she looked and felt until John came by and fixed her up. "Where are my manors," She said. "Come on into the kitchen, I am hungry and I am sure that you'd at least like something to drink." Mary took Elizabeth by the hand and pulled her into the kitchen, when they arrived she turn and expressed her gratitude for her saving her from the orgy with a deep and passionate kiss. Elizabeth returned the fervor by pulling Mary closer, their tongues exploring each other's mouths until breathlessly they separated. Both were eager to continue but knew there was no hurry, Mary suggested that they have a little nourishment first. Elizabeth agreed and asked if she could help. Mary pointed her to her Keurig Brewer and told her to pick her poison from the large assortment of coffees and teas. Mary began pulling eggs, meat and vegetables from the refrigerator, in preparation of making her famous omelets. Popping a green tea cup into the brewer, Elizabeth agreed that an omelet would be perfect. As Mary prepared their food, Elizabeth answered Mary's inquires and the two women got to know each other better. A muffled tone from Elizabeth's cell phone told her that John had sent her another text message. Pulling it from the pocket of her slacks, she smiled to learn that John had scheduled another training session for her that evening. Reading her face, Mary worried that they may not have time to become more intimate. But, Elizabeth assured her that they had plenty of time. The omelet smelled delicious and the two set down to eat while they continued to talk.


John met Candace at Rachel's home; Candace answered the door greeting John with a ardent kiss as he squeezed her ass as they embraced. Candace felt so good to hold, but John let her go reluctantly and told her that he didn't have a lot of time and they should proceed. Looking around the house he cringed at the eclectic collection of possessions, but he didn't see Rachel until Candace called her to come out. Wearing only a silk robe, Rachel stepped sheepishly into her living room, eyes casted downward looking at the carpet and wondering what possessed her to pick that shade of green.

"John I'd like you to meet my newest BFF, Rachel Woods. Rachel this is the person I had been telling you about," Candace said.

Rachel slowly raised her eyes and shrugged her robe off her shoulders while loosening the ties allowing it to fall behind her to her heels. She stepped forward and said. "I am your humble servant, do with me what you will," bending at the waist in a curtsy fashion.

John became very uncomfortable with this and looked at Candace who had a big smile across her face, and then she burst forward with a laugh, "Just kidding." She turned to Rachel again and appeared to have released her hold on the short fat woman.

Rachel's first reaction was to scream in embarrassment standing naked in from of this stranger.

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