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Sexy couple understands each other better.

"You don't just want me to rub this oil on your back woman. You want me to fuck you with my big black cock, don't you?"

"Yes, yes James. That's what I want baby." God, what am I saying?

"You little white married slut, take off that bikini and get into that pool."

"No baby, I can't, the neighbors will see."

"Do I look like I give a shit about what your neighbors think? Get into the pool." And as you say the last sentence you are rubbing your big hand over my soaking wet bikini bottom. "Now."

I go into the pool clothed, you might not care what the neighbors think but I do. However, I take off the bikini in the pool and there I am totally naked for you. So wet and ready that I slip my fingers down to my pussy. "Don't you touch that pussy yet." I hear you say. "I'll be right there."

You jump into the pool and once in it, you also take your shorts off. You slowly walk towards me and then, there you are. So gorgeous, your skin shining in the morning sun.

You push me against the wall of the pool, your hands on my big gorgeous breasts. I moan softly. It just feels so good to be in your arms. I can feel your cock, weightless in the water, against my eager cunt. You push me towards the steps, your mouth now covering mine. Your breath hot against my face and mouth. Your lips covering mine so completely. God, I love kissing you, it's just like I imagined it would be. You sit in the top stair, your skin glistening with water beads.

"Suck my cock Marlena. Put it in your mouth baby and show me how much you want it."

I get on my knees on the third step; my mouth is parallel with that gorgeous black cock that I've craved so badly. I bend down and put the big mushroom head in my mouth, moving back the fore skin and licking all around the shaft. I love the way you smell. Sweaty and manly and delicious. I lick your balls and then down to your asshole, but that part of your body is under the shallow water and I can't get to it easily. You lean back on the top step, your arms on the edge of the pool as you watch me intently. I take your cock into my mouth and start to stroke it, while my hands are at the base of your shaft, working with my mouth. I take you deeper into my mouth. God, you're so big, I don't know if I can take all of you.

"Come on now my pretty slut, deep throat that cock. All the way down, that's it." You take my head in your hands now and start moving your hips up to meet my hot, sweet mouth. I start to moan. It feels so good to have you fuck my pretty mouth.

"I'm going to nutt now baby and you're going to swallow ever drop, here it cums baby....oh shit, here it cums."

I swallow up every bit of the cum that you pump into my mouth; I just can't seem to get enough of you. You pull your cock out of my mouth and I feel sorry about that. Wanting to have that cock anywhere inside me.

"Come here girl, now you sit up on this step." I obey and sit on the top step of my pool. Knowing that my neighbors may very well see me with you, and not really caring at this particular moment.

"Open your legs wide girl. I'm going to give you a real pussy licking. When was the last your pussy was licked right?" Before I can answer your dark head is between my creamy thighs. My head is thrown back against the side of the pool, my hands are on your head lightly, and my legs are wide open as you start to lap me up with an open tongue. So gentle, exploring me, tasting me.

"Damn baby, you taste sweet." Your tongue now all over my outer lips and then up and around.

Not touching my clit, you're making me whimper, "Please, please, please."

"All in good time slut," I hear you mutter and knowing that you are going to torture me with that tongue makes me even crazier.

Your tongue is now around the opening to my hot hungry cunt. "Yes, baby, please, please, fuck me your hot long tongue, oh god...yessssss"

Your tongue goes deep inside me and licks all around my dripping pussy, then you pull it out and grab my hips and bring me up higher.

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