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They pose as friends. They forget that they are siblings.

I didn't mean to hurt you the way I did, cheating so much."

"I know, Ma--I mean, Camilla," Eros said, wincing slightly at his perfect imitation of the sound of this hated stepfather's voice. "You couldn't help yourself."

"You're just so sensitive," she said, choking back sobs at the contemplation of her guilt. "Your self-esteem was so low, and I just made it lower." She began to cry.

Pained at the sight of his beautiful mother's sobbing, Eros said, "Oh, please don't cry. I forgive you, completely. Let's make love, like old times."

"Yes," she said, wiping away her tears, pulling away the blankets and revealing her lovely nakedness to him. "Let me make it up to you." He closed the door, got on the bed and between her legs. "How's life in, you know, the other world?" She then looked around and was surprised to see no burning walls, like in her old dreams or in the afterlife, but merely her bedroom.

Before she could really take her unexpected surroundings all in, he drew near and kissed her hard on the lips. They opened their mouths and their tongues were entwined, sliding along each other's lengths. He put his arms around her, and she lay back down on the bed.

She raised her spread legs up to receive his hard cock, which he poked inside her already wet pussy. She squealed as it quickly went all the way in. He pulled his hands up from behind her, cupped her tits in his hands, and pinched her nipples as he began thrusting away inside her cunt. He used Nigrovum to adjust the length and thickness of his cock to make it exactly the size that pleased his mother the most. He pulled his head up and groaned as his cock continued sliding in and out, then she screamed and came within a mere thirty seconds of screwing.

She looked up in 'Cameron's' eyes and moaned with her mouth agape, her eyes expressing the pain she felt over her guilt. Having slept with so many men while married to the man whose ghost she now seemed to be fucking, she wanted her eyes to tell him that, in spite of the affairs she'd compulsively indulged in, she had always loved him.

Eros felt her love for Cameron, and his jealousy reawakened in an irritating jolt, making him regret having chosen his stepfather's form to fuck Camilla in. She was in pain over having made Cameron jealous, but she felt no remorse over making her own son jealous.

"Cameron, you. Oh!" she screamed, coming again and soaking Eros' cock and balls.

Angry, he pulled his cock out. She felt hands grabbing her, turning her over so she was on all fours, and pulling her ass back to display her pretty asshole. She could then feel the smearing of her come on her anal orifice, the thorough lubing of her rectum with it, then the ramming of cock inside. But was this Eros?

"Ah!" she screamed as she felt the cock fill up her rectum and stretch out her anal lips. "Since anal now, all of...a sudden, honey? Oh!" She turned her head to look back at 'Cameron'. "You never...fucked my...ass before. What?" She didn't see 'Cameron' fucking her, though. Instead, a mysterious, large man, whose face was obscured in the dark, was behind her. She had only enough light to see that his larger body was definitely not Cameron's.

She looked to her right, and saw 'Cameron' sitting in a chair by her bedside table, watching her. "Here I am," said a psychically projected image of Cameron there. The psychic presence of several men was now suddenly apparent to Camilla.

"But, who is...?" she asked in squeals. "It isn't..."

"It's just another incubus," Eros said, using Nigrovum to throw his voice's imitation of Cameron over to the projected image of him. Eros' location in the room wasn't clear, but his thrown voice definitely no longer grunted or panted, thanks to Nigrovum.


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