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John wants to make a deal...

What with the credit crisis, the manic trading and the total lack of any knowledge about what was happening by anyone, least of all Gareth, who ran a ten man desk, he'd had a tough week and could well have done without this party. Hence, his careful preparation; you didn't earn a mil a year without being able to plan, he always told his team. So, just after arriving he had taken a couple of qualludes and during the evening he had a few lines. But then, everyone one was, weren't they, well at least the twenty or so city boys at the party were.

He was quite proud of himself, therefore, after Marcia had locked the door behind them, to feel his cock growing as if to order. True, he was laying on a small bed; true, she had taken her shirt off and let him suck her fucking amazing nipples; true she had stood before him in the tight, shiny, black trousers and gradually eased them off revealing her nakedness under them; true she had flashed her totally bald cunt at him and true she had them completely undressed him.

'Ok' he had to admit 'it was taking longer than normal.' 'Ok' he acknowledged, 'Marcia was working harder than normal, and 'for sure' he muttered, when with her mouth stuffed full of his cock, she'd asked, "Any good babe?"

"Come on stud," Marcia whispered her tongue licking the length of his semi-hard dick as her finger found his anal hole. "You want that Gal?"


"Will it help?"


"What are you thinking? She asked, sliding her finger up to the first knuckle into him.

"How I want to fuck you?" He replied diplomatically, scared to say that he was really thinking' I hope the fuck that I get hard soon."

"I hope you aren't thinking of Sandra Dee are you?"

"No, of course not, not with you here."

"Yeah, right bollocks," Marcia said pushing hard with her finger so it slid well into Gareth's arse, hurting a bit, as it was intended."

"Come on Em, you know me."

"Yes I fucking well do know you and know well that you're thinking of our little virginal nun in her sexy hold up stockings aren't you?"

This was a tactic Marcia had worked with several men including her husband Stephen; find their real turn on and talk to them about that.

"No, honest I was thinking of your arse in those trousers."

"In them? What's wrong with it out of them?" Marcia asked wiggling round so her bum was closer to him. Her finger still up his arse.

Gareth laughed, stroking her beautifully rounded bum that showed not the slightest hint of sagging or, worse, cellulite. She really did have a great arse, he thought slipping his finger into the crease between the perfectly symmetrical cheeks.

Still not fully hardening, he was getting worried. He knew from previous times with hookers that he was in that viscious circle; it doesn't get hard, you think too much, thern worry and that stops you getting hard. Twice he'd done that with thousand a night hookers, the bitches.

"And what, may I ask is Ms Goody Two Shoes arse like, or were you too busy with her lovely little tits?"

"Both are great," he replied.

"So you are thinking of her?"

"No, I'm not."

"I bet you would like to be here right now wouldn't you? Like when we had that hooker, her and me fucking you?"

"Sounds divine," Gareth grunted his fingers finding the wet warmness of Marcia's pussy. 'Fuck she really does have hot juices,' he thought wondering if the temperature of women's secretions varies very much. He made a mental note to give the new trainee that as a project to research, but was brought back to the wonderful reality of Marcia burying his cock deep in her mouth and sucking him long and hard. He still wasn't hard though, he guiltily realised.

"I know you would like darling Sammi sitting right across your face right now, her young sweet cunt dropping its juices right into your mouth as I suck your cock and you suck her fucking nylons wouldn't you?"

"Oh God," he grunted.

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