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A hot summer in Detroit versus a warm summer in the Hamptons.

It had been almost two years after all. But no, this smell was subtly different, but definitely Jubilee.

Logan increased his pace and headed for the front of the mansion. He smiled a little at the thought of having his little shadow back. Jubie could be a pest, but she was a pest he had missed.


Jubilee climbed the steps to the mansion with a smile on her face. She had left on her 18th birthday, but she had still been a child. This was going to be her first time in the mansion as a woman. Even her body agreed with her.

Sometime over the past 21 months her body had finally finished forming. Her hips had rounded, her breast swelled, and even her face and sharpened in all the right places. She couldn't wait to see the surprised look on the faces of her friends. The 'kid' had become a woman and not one of them had ever
really excepted that it would happen. She especially wanted to see that look on one face. A face that had stayed with her no matter how hard she tried not to think of him...

She hovered on the porch enjoying this moment. She had found her birth family, the grandparents and older sister she had never met while her parents were alive, and realized what she should have known all along. This was were she belonged. She just hoped the others were as glad to have her back as she was to be home.


Logan slowed as he walked up to the porch where she was standing. All he could see was that damn yellow trench coat. He shook his head in amusement. Some things never change.

"Welcome back short-stuff."


Jubilee jumped and spun around. There he was, looking just the same as she remembered him. He had been away the day she left. The day after her 18th birthday.

She had arranged it that way, packing the moment she knew he was gone. He would have offered to come with her if she had told him. She had known she wouldn't have been able to say no, so she had snuck off living a good-bye letter in his room.

Only Xavier had known why she was leaving, and he had understood why she didn't want to say good-bye. This was something she had to do on her own. Find her past, her heritage, and herself.

"Well if it isn't the ol' Canuckle-head himself!" She dropped her duffel bag on the porch and hopped to the ground. "Glad to see me Wolvie?"


Logan could barely believe his eyes. This was not the Jubilee that had tweaked his nose and annoyed him daily. This was a grown woman! What was even worse was that she was beautiful.

He couldn't believe he had thought such a thing about the girl that he had always thought of as a little sister. He quickly put it down to a sort of 'brotherly pride'. The kid had always been cute, he should have expected her took look at least as good when she was full grown.

"Yeah, kid. Took ya long enough."


Jubilee thought she had caught his eyes lingering on her, but she realized it could have been her imagination. She stuck her tongue out at him. Long enough indeed! Then she was annoyed that he had gotten her to act like a kid. This was not going how she had planned at all!

She decided that if her 'adult' manner had already been broken she might as well give in to temptation once more. A huge grin spread across her face as she ran the short distance that was left between her and the approaching Logan. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him fiercely.

"Well I'm glad to see you," she said with a little more ferocity than she had wanted.


Logan chuckled and wrapped his arms around the thin woman. Now this was the Jubes he remembered! He couldn't believe how good she felt in his arms.

That thought led to another and soon he was noticing things he never had before. He could feel every soft curve of her against him. Her scent filled his senses and his heart began to pound faster. The silkiness of her hair against his skin made him shiver. Almost without realizing it, his hands started to drift from her upper back, slowing sliding downward.

His voice was gruff and lac

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