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Careful what you wish for, you might get it.


Natalie rang off and peered out into the gloom. The snow was falling heavily, whirling madly in the wind that had sprung up and covering the windscreen before the wipers could clear it. She put the car into gear and eased gently on the accelerator but the wheels spun with an alarming scream. Trying not to panic, she tried again but the same thing happened. Shaking with fear she sat back in her seat and looked out of the window again. It was a whiteout now and she couldn't see a thing through the whirling blizzard. Don't panic, she told herself, it'll stop soon and then I can try again.

She kept the engine running to keep warm and reached over to the back seat to get her drink. Within minutes the windscreen was covered in thick snow and she fought down the rising fear as she realised that her little silver sports car would soon be invisible...


Mike ran down the stairs of the small hotel and into Reception. Bill, the man who ran the hotel, had seemed friendly enough when he'd checked in and he'd noticed an ancient Land Rover parked outside when he'd arrived.

Outside he could see just how bad it was, the snow blotting out the surrounding hills and lakes. The hotel was so cosy, a log fire burning in the Reception hall and comfortable sofas just crying out for an afternoon of lounging about and reading the newspapers. Mike felt like kicking himself when he thought of the danger Natalie could be in. His idea, something he'd been planning ever since he knew about the training, was turning out to be a bad decision.

"Can I help?" Bill asked. "Your wife arrived yet?"

Mike blushed at the mention of Natalie being his wife. "Er, no. That's the problem." He glanced outside at the weather again. "She's about five miles away. I said I'd meet her."

He paused. He hated asking for help, but the hire car he'd chosen just wasn't equipped to deal with the snow. But Bill seemed to sense what he wanted. "Take the Land Rover," he insisted. "I'd come with you but I'm expecting some more guests and my wife is busy sorting out the rooms."

Within minutes he'd sorted Mike out with blankets, a shovel and a flask of hot soup. "Keep to the main road, OK? She said she was five miles away? She'll be around here." He pointed to a village on the map and Mike took it gratefully. "Thanks so much..."

Bill waved him away. "Just be careful. I'll get you a wee dram when you get back!"

Mike tentatively moved away down the drive in the Land Rover. It was freezing cold as the heater didn't work and it banged and rattled, but he felt far more confident on the snowy road and that was all that mattered.


Natalie had tried several times more to get the car going, but each time she felt herself sinking deeper into the snow and, possibly, the mud underneath. She was well and truly stuck.

She called Mike again and when he answered she could hear a noisy rattling and banging in the background. "Where are you? What's going on?"

"I'm on my way, Nat," he yelled. "Where are you?"

"I'm stuck," she wailed. "The car won't move and I'm scared." She started to cry, terrified that he would miss her and she'd have to spend the night in the frozen car. She'd tried to get out and clear the snow from the windscreen and roof, but the cold and wind had beaten her back.

"Look, stay where you are, OK? Are you in the village?"

She tried to calm down. "Just outside it, I think. I'm in an entrance to a field but it's snowing so badly, I'm scared you won't find me."

"I'll find you," he promised. "Just hang on."

Natalie threw the phone back onto the seat and tried once more to get out of the car. She could see nothing but the whirling snow and the road was completely smooth. Not a car had passed her way since she'd pulled in. She used her scraper to clear the snow off the windscreen and sides of the car, but found herself covered within seconds. Back inside the car, she turned on the radio and waited.


Despite the difficulty, Mike was enjoying himself.

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