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Continuation of discovering my college crush's secret.

"Grab the pillows so you can watch."

I giggled and turned to grab the pillows to prop myself up. I parted my legs again, and pushed my cunt upward towards his mouth. He noticed my inner lips were beginning to swell and protruded further beyond my bushy cunt. He then gave my pussy a kiss while looking up through my curly hairs. He was met with my own eyes intent on watching what he was doing between my spread thighs.

Pressing his mouth onto my open cunt, he began sucking and licking its entirety. While doing so, he slid his hands to my tits and began softly kneading them. He grabbed me by my wrists and pressed my own hands into my tits. With his hands atop my own, he massaged my tits, squeezing them with each nuzzle or lick of my cunt, while I moaned quietly in cadence with his squeezing.

I was watching intently as he ate my cunt, and responded with a half-crying moan. I was now rubbing my tits on my own as he licked and nibbled my pussy while he slid his hands down to my ass.

He licked and sucked my cunt until his entire face was wet from my juices, then slid upward, wetly kissing my belly, and then slid back down onto my wet cunt to the sound of my moaning.

"Mona, you taste delicious! Ya wanna see?" He, of course, did not want an answer, but he did want me to taste my own pussy.

He slid upward between my spread thighs, pausing only to lick my navel, and briefly once again to kiss my breasts. Then he pressed his lips upon mine. He grabbed my face, holding it gently in both hands, and kissed me deeply making certain to get as much of my cunt juice as possible onto my lips. My tongue danced from my lips to his own and back again.

I moaned again, while he went down again between my legs to begin sucking more juice from my wet cunt. The juices from my cunt were flowing down towards my ass now, and had begun to form a wet spot on the bed. He buried two fingers inside of my cunt, and stirred gently. He then removed his wet fingers from my cunt, lightly moistened his lips with my juices and returned to kissing me.

For what seemed like a very long while he alternated between eating my cunt and then moving up to tongue my lips. I was as certain of my taste now, as was he.

Once more he rose again to spread my cunt juices on my lips and, as he did so, this time his cock pressed into the crevice of my ass. It felt hard, and much bigger than the boys I had been with before.

"Your cunt is as beautiful as your lips. I'll never be able to look at your lips now without wanting to eat you. Every time I kiss you, I will remember eating your cunt."

"I will remember! Gawd how could I forget what you are doing to me."

And it was true. Whenever I saw him, after that day, my mind immediately painted a vision of his lips on my pussy.

He slid one hand beneath my ass, and with his thumb he pressed repeatedly on the space between my cunt and my asshole, my perineum, while gently stretching and pulling my inner cunt lips out as far as he could with his other hand. Fully stretched, they lay limp against my hairy cunt mounds.

My cunt looked even larger and more swollen. My gawd! He could bury his entire face in my bushy hair. I was now lifting my hips up towards his face, breathing heavily, "Don't stop! Please, don't stop!"

"Slowly" he said as he returned to my cunt. He was speaking directly onto my cunt, his lips brushing my cunt hair as he spoke. "We have all day. Slowly. I am going to eat you so fucking slowly. You're gonna want to come 20 times, but I'm not going to let you just yet."

Each time he would take me to near orgasm, I became more vocal. I was now bucking my hips against his face, fucking his face. Seeing I was close to loosing control, he would direct my attention elsewhere until my eagerness subsided a bit. It was torturous for both of us, but well worth the wait when I am finally allowed to explode and go crazy for real.

He continued to stretch my cunt lips with one hand, while holding my ass in his other hand.

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