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Sherrie, Don & Robbie enjoy their "wedding" night

The cock in her mouth pulled out and Sydney was left panting as she was reamed from behind. Then she could feel him shooting his load into her as well.

Sydney was grabbed and lifted off the floor by several of the men. And laid on her back on the coffee table. Her head hung over one end and her ass hung off the other. Someone grabbed her legs and raised them while getting on their knees and shoving their cock into her pussy. Her head was forced back down and another man got over her face. He forced Sydney to lick his balls, then shoved his cock into her mouth. While she was once again being fucked from both ends she felt lips surround her hardened nipples and begin licking and sucking them. Someone's finger was also playing with her hardened clit. Much to her surprise and horror, Sydney could feel her body starting to respond to all the stimulation. It had been a couple months since her last sexual encounter, and she had been growing pretty horny with every passing day. Now her body was aching for release but she did not want to allow herself to climax with his twisted bunch of animals that were ravaging her. As she tried resisting she felt the man in her mouth begin to spew his cum into her. She tried to hold it without swallowing but he pinched her nose, blocking her breathing until she reluctantly swallowed. Only then did he allow her to breathe again.

As he pulled out another man took his place in her mouth. As she began sucking him the cock in her pussy unloaded its contents and was quickly replaced by another. Sydney gasped as this one entered her. She guessed that he was at least ten inches by the way he filled her. He began ramming her insides, striking hard against her cervix with every stroke. In all the madness Sydney began to lose it. She could feel her climax coming on. She tried to resist, but all of this stimulation was just too much for her. She fought back with all her effort, but then the cock in her mouth erupted in a gooey mess, coating her throat once more. As she focused on swallowing she mentally dropped her guard and her pussy exploded with rapture. "Yes!" She cried out as the cock in her mouth withdrew. She immediately wished she could have the word back as she saw the camera capturing her shouts of pleasure. But she could not hold back now. Sydney's cunt was spamsing with delight as the massive cock inside her brought her to orgasm. She was shocked to see that the lips and tongues working her tits were those of the two young ladies in the room. Despite the forced pleasure she was feeling she was disgusted by the thought of another woman touching her.

The man in her cunt brought her back to reality as he slammed harder and deeper than before. With a shout he blasted her insides with his seed. Sydney feared that he would permanently damage her pussy with his violent thrusts.

He pulled out of her and both holes were filled again by two more men. Sydney could not fight the urge to climax again as these two men invaded her. She orgasmed once more before they both spilled their semen into her. Then two more men took her. Her mind was racing with mixed emotions. She wanted to escape her attack. But her body was now in the throws of a third orgasm. She swallowed the cum of one man but the other continued fucking her. She caught herself shouting out her forced pleasure again as his cock brought her to a fourth climax before finally spilling into her.

Sydney lay atop the table fully humiliated. A dozen men had just taken her. Men whom she would never have allowed the chance to come close to her anywhere else. But now she had been taken violently. Forced to swallow the cum of five of them while taking another seven loads into her pussy. Something which she had never allowed even her closest boyfriends to do. And worst of all. She had climaxed four times for them. And all on tape.

"Please, leave me alone." She whispered.

But Eddie was standing over her.

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