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Jeremy recalls how he met his wife in 2010.

" I raise my eyes and a moan escapes me as I see his cock for the first time. Veins are throbbing all along its length, and I close my eyes to imagine how it will feel in my pussy.

I'm brought back to reality by the sharp slap of his cock across my cheek. "Did I give you permission to close your eyes? Were you supposed to be daydreaming, girl?"

"I'm sorry, Master," I reply. "Please forgive my moment of weakness." In reply, you draw my head to you. I open my mouth and before I have a chance to react, your cock is buried deep in my mouth, and I can feel my throat opening to make room. You wrap your fingers in my hair and begin a slow, leisurely thrusting. All I can think of is how good you taste, and how right this feels.

You begin pumping harder and faster, telling me what a good girl I am to swallow you so well. Harder and faster, deeper and deeper, until I feel a heat pussy is drenched, and my legs begin to shake. You notice too, and suddenly you stop. "Did I give you permission to cum, girl?" I slowly shake my head with tears streaming from my eyes, both from the enormous cock in my throat and the need to cum.

You pull out of my mouth, and keeping your hands wrapped in my hair, pull me to my feet and to the bed. I find myself thrown on the bed on my hands and knees, and quickly drop to my elbows, head between them, in the submissive pose I know you like so much. You grab my hips and pull me back to the edge of the bed. I stifle a scream as you run your fingers down my freshly shaved pussy, feeling how wet I am.

As you stroke my pussy, you warn me. "No noises, little one, or I will stop. If you cum before I allow you to, your fun is over. I will take my things and leave, and you will never hear from me again." I quietly answer, "Yes, Master, this girl will do her best, Sir."

Without warning, you plunge two fingers into my pussy. The shock of it almost makes me cry out, but I bite my lip so hard it bleeds. Working your fingers in and out of me, you sigh with pleasure that I am as tight as you hoped. You slowly withdraw your soaked fingers and tell me that you'd like to see how well my virgin ass can take them. I'm petrified, yet I nod, being careful to not make a sound.

The pleasure is almost more than I can bear when you slowly rim my ass with your fingers. The pleasure turns to pain as you insert both fingers at once into my tight ass. With the fingers of your other hand, you stroke my clit until I relax, and I begin to forget everything except the amazing sensation of your hands on my body. With two fingers of each hand, you fuck my ass and my pussy. I can almost feel your fingers touching as you ream me harder and is so hard to keep quiet!

Finally, just as I think I can't take it anymore, you stop. I think I'm getting a break, but I couldn't be more wrong. You step closer to me and say, "I can't decide...will I fuck your pussy or your ass?" You rub your cock along the slit of my pussy, and I can't help but lean back to try and take you inside of me.

SLAP! Tears spring to my eyes as I feel the heat of your palm coming down on my ass. "girl, you do not get to choose. you are not to move unless I say, understood?" I nod yes, tears again streaming from my eyes. This may be more than I can handle...I have never given up control like this before. More decidedly now, you move the head of your cock to my ass, and push ever so slightly against the tight hole. Just as I think you've made your decision, you slide back to my pussy. Back and forth you continue, making me insane with desire, but knowing I am helpless to make any movement or noise.

At last, you bring your well lubed cock back to my ass.

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