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Our first time at The Club and my trip to The Dungeon.

The next day I came home from work to find Julie secretly took the day off and she had everything ready. I walked into the door to her sitting there in a new sexy nighty and she silently grabbed my hand and guided me to the bedroom. The bed was all set up. There were four pink leather straps tied to the head and foot boards. She helped me strip my clothes off and guided me on the bed. She requested that I lay with me head toward the bottom of the bed so we would have more room. I complied with her wishes and let her securely tie me to the bed.

Julie straddled my face and I started to eat her out. Being tied up made it even hotter. I could tell she was turned on because her pussy was wetter than it has ever been. She started to gyrate so I knew she was ready to cum so I licked faster and she exploded in an orgasm. She squirted her sweet cum on my face and in my mouth which I eagerly swallowed. She stood up and said "honey I have a confession to make" and paused speaking. I was a mix of terrified and excited thinking about what she would say next. She continued "I have been watching some other porn lately and I think it would be so hot for you to watch me fuck another guy." I was shocked and the first thing I said was "no, I don't think I would enjoy that." Julie then got this wickedly evil smile that I have never seen before and said "let's find out."

I quickly realized that I was strapped to this bed and going nowhere. I could hear footsteps coming up and a guy walked into the room. He was at least 6 foot tall and was well built. He was standing naked with a wicked smile on his face. Julie then said "This is Mark; I've been fucking him all morning and not using a condom. When you ate my pussy you were licking up all his cum" and she started to laugh. She then said "I want you to get a good look at this" and climbed on the bed and straddled my face with her pussy in the air. Her lover then straddled my body and he slides his cock in her pussy. It was all happening so fast. He was fucking my wife a few inches from my face. I could smell his cock and her pussy juices. I was angry and shocked at once. I tried to protest but each time I started to say something Mark would pull out and slap his cock against my face. It became clear that they were obviously in charge.

It seemed like they fucked for an hour but I finally head Julie getting close to cuming and I was excited that it was almost over. Mark started to clench and he exploded in an orgasm and filled Julie's pussy full. He pulled out wiping his cock on my cheek and then Julie lowered her pussy and grabbed a large chunk of my hair and said "eat it Bitch." I swallowed every last drop of Mark's cum. Mark said "I'm exhausted. Let's go get something to eat." Julie nodded but said "hold on I want to do something first. She pulled out a chastity device that had a urethral insert and put it on my cock. As they were walking out of the room she moved the TV so I could see it and played a porno and they both walked away chuckling.

When Julie returned about an hour later she was alone. She walked to the bed and said "I hope you enjoy that as much as I did and I have another surprise for you." She pulled out this strap and wrapped it around my cock and balls. "This is an electric dog collar. Do what you're told and you will be fine. Disobey and you will get a shock. It has a remote so I can shock you from anywhere in the house. Oh and I surrounded the house with a invisible fence so if you try to leave you will be shocked." I was dumbfounded. My plan was to run away as soon as she let me go but now I didn't know what to think. She untied my hands and feet and told me to kneel on ground before her.

As I knelt down I knew that I was under her total control.

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