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Sex, drugs & rock & roll with 3 babes in dorm at Mardi Gras.

But he had learned to accept her deep penetrations of his gullet long since, and he just kept swallowing her back down to contain her from accidentally escaping him.

She had been holding his erection only just briefly in her hands, but it had taken him no time at all before he began responding to her. She clasped the base in a fist and the tip between thumb and forefinger his freshly leaked seminal fluid made him slippery in her grasping fingers. Some times in the past she had used a mineral extracts to make him slippery for this kind of play, but now he always provided so much himself she never needed any. And she had learned from his flavors exactly how little of this play he needed to be turned to seasons end.

"Do you like my hands here, my pet male?" He didn't reply he just listened and watched her hands as she manipulated him. "Mistress Foxy can taste that you do. Your mistress can taste you want her to take you this way too! And she doesn't want to waste any more time here with you then she has too either. You have been such a bad pet male making his mistress spend all her time alone!" She scolded him.

"So your mistress wants you to show her proper devotion, perhaps in that way you may have her forgiveness! Show your mistress you are completely devoted to her now and empty your season sack for her, this very moment!" she was rubbing him very swiftly all along the length of his shaft, firmly clasped in her hands, her bright red finger nails gliding along the top in full view, she had his head tipped down so he could see them and take in the feminine display stimuli. Her hands slid easily along him from the slippery goo he had released into her rubbing fingers and he responded all so lustily to the friction she produced on his erection.

His own hips he thrust forward in response to her hands and commands driving her heels even more tightly against his lower crotch lightly crushing his season makers, she could taste his need to climax grow all the more keen from this added displeasure.

She took her hands away from him all at once and she tasted of his heated hatred at that betrayal. "No pet male, I have wasted too much time and you have again refused your mistress her due tribute in seed. So instead of treating you like a man pet, your mistress will punish your failure to ejaculate for her by making you her animal pet again." With that she made him face her again, his inducer sagging from such sudden aloneness Foxy saw this and made to remedy it.

She unhitched the upper portions of her shiny PVC suit that concealed her Saurian appearing anatomy from him while revealing only those portions of her that were in appearance womanly. One of her very ample faux bosoms fell out from the suit with its attached nipple that would no longer easily come off. William's eyes were drawn instantly on to it. She drew her tightly suited buttocks forward to the lounge's edge and set her feet down on the floor and arched her back away from him. "Your mistress knows animals will want to maw me here." she said, the tip of one red finger nail dragging across her extended nipple, causing it to bend and spring up. "So do as your animal instinct commands you and give it your mouth."

As he tried to lean over her with his mouth she shifted so she could push her thigh between his legs, she lifted her leg up slightly to trap his inducer between her thigh and his abdomen, he gratefully pressed against her soft thigh as he put his lips to her long firm brown nipple and cupped the breast in his hands.

She could and did blow air in and out of her swim bladder the harness she wore confined it in such a way so that only a portion that was shaped like a mammary gland's frontal display inflated outwardly.

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