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Two larger ladies catch the eye of a married man on holiday.

"My arse is still burning!"

Helen leant down and kissed her cheek. ""I've not cum so far in ages! I'm sorry if i got carried away - your father's used to it - will you go to see him - with me." She panted, wriggling harder to bring her orgasm closer, 'just a little further,' she thought, 'and i'm there - oh yes! - I'm there,' rocking back and forth on her daughters cunt to rub her clit.

"Okay mum I'll come with you." Elaine said.

If actions spoke louder than words she'd find out the truth of the matter - one way or another.

"Promise you'll cum with me." Helen sighed.

"Yes, i'll come. I promise."

"Oh Eli'! Cum with me now!"


"Yes baby - Now!"

Helen breathed a little sigh of relief as the orgasm rushed through her, sending a flood of warm juice flowing over them.

"Oh mum!"

Elaine felt the heat of her mother's body surge through her and realised the truth in a blinding flash - she did love her - in more ways than one!

Their lips slipped into a passionate embrace as the love was accepted, tongues swapping secrets that had long been withheld behind a wall of antipathy which crumbled when they came together. Their hands explored the hidden folds of each others body, stroking, caressing, feeling the swell of emotion cleanse the darkness from within themselves.

In the afterglow they chortled happily and hugged each other tight, sharing a moment of peace after months of turmoil, content to rest in each others arms.

"You see how much more I can love you?" Helen murmured, nibbling her daughters earlobe.

"We really shouldn't..." Elaine replied, stroking her mothers buttocks anyway.

"I think we just did." Helen reminded her, licking her neck.

"Now go take a shower and then i'll take you to get all the proof you need."

"It's a little late isn't it?"

"No darling." Helen said, leaning up to look her daughter in the eye. "we're just in time."

Elaine nodded to show she understood her mother's meaning. They had discovered the truth in time to save their relationship. She swung her legs off the bed and stood up gingerly, wincing at the sudden pain from her sore body, before making her way into the bathroom to enjoy a hot shower.

Helen watched her go with a predatory smile of satisfaction and went into her own room to slip into something more --- suitable. She deliberated between two outfits before choosing one that would enhance this special occasion, liberally powdering her legs before stretching it on. She heard her daughter coming out of the bathroom and called out, "Darling! Can you come and help me?"

"Oh my god, mum! What are you wearing?" Elaine gasped from the doorway.

Helen turned, smiled at her and tartly replied. "Come now. I'm sure you've seen a woman wearing rubber before!"

As a matter of fact she had. The catalogue's were sprinkled with such items - but she never imagined her own mother wearing one! The bra strained to cover her huge tits, two holes allowing her erect nipples to breathe. Her thighs bulged within the thin rubber stockings and a rubber suspender belt hung limply down, unable to reach the tops without an extra pair of hands to pull them tight. She knelt at her feet and looked up.

"Is this what you want me to do?" She asked, pulling the left one up to snap it onto the suspender.

"Yes. Thank you dear." Helen curtly replied, indicating she should do all four by turning slowly around.

Elaine couldn't help but notice the outline of her cunt, clearly visible through the rubber panties stretched so tightly around her waist that she could almost hear them groaning under the strain. The sight would've been absurd at any other time, but the sexual tension wove a spell around them, pulling them closer together at this revelation. She watched her mother stride to the cupboard, rummage briefly and reappear with a long rubber cape, flinging it around her shoulders with a flourish before clasping it to her neck.

"What do you think of your old mum now?" She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Elaine chuckled.

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