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An erotic reunion surpassing their imaginations.


Victoria just looked on with an air of excitement as she picked up the bulging plastic bag.

"Victoria here has been like a bitch on heat ever since and has badgered me to allow her to be had by you." Vanessa said almost giggling like a young girl.

"If this gets out all the single girls in the parish will be lined up at your door." Victoria added excitedly.

"What's in the bag?" Vanessa said as she leant forward in anticipation.

"Props!" Victoria said excitedly delving inside. One by one she pulled out a selection of articles.

First out was a home made DVD with black felt tip writing across it.

"Something to get us in the mood."

Then out came a white and smooth plastic vibrator.

"Something to keep us going."

She pulled out a tube of lube.

"Something for you." She said looking coyly at Vanessa.

She then pulled out a stubby object.

"What is that?" Vanessa asked in amazement.

"Don't you know?" Victoria retorted. "You should have gone to the Ann Summers party."

The object in question was a long and tapered plastic object, rather like an elongated brandy glass - a butt plug and quite a big one. I wasn't sure if Vanessa wasn't just playing dumb.

"What on earth do you do with it?" Vanessa asked.

"I'll show you." Victoria said as she stood and dumped her skirt to the floor again revealing her bare and ample buttocks. She swung around to face Vanessa and squirted a large blob of lube on to the end of the rounded knob. Her fingers deftly and meticulously massaged the slippery gel over and across the bulbous plastic end. Victoria made no attempt to hide her naked pussy, gloriously puffed up and on full display to my gazing eyes.

She turned and bent over clutching one globe of her butt cheek. Skilfully she offered the tapered and slippery object up to her brown bud. She gasped, as with a shove, the plastic flange forced its way into her back passage. Vanessa gasped as the full length of the butt plug disappeared into Victoria's backside. All that remained in view was the flat base protruding from her cleft.

Victoria lent further forward and inserted the DVD into the machine. She swung about and grabbed the remote from the coffee table before sitting down on its edge. She released a gasp of delight as her position drove the full length of the butt plug home and deep into her rear end.

I glanced across at Vanessa. She looked back at me and arched an eyebrow.

Victoria was a forceful lady, a great organiser and motivator. If she got an idea into her head she just carried people along with it. Vanessa and I were clearly in her spell.
Victoria fumbled with the remote and turned the television on.

The DVD had already started. It looked like some badly shot amateur porn flick. The camera was shaking and it looked like some older guy was getting a blow job from an equally old and fat woman.

I cocked my head as the shapes came into sharper focus and I noticed the pattern on the bed spread. My God, I thought as I realised, that's Caroline and me!

I slumped back in disbelief as Victoria looked at me over her shoulder.

"I have done some editing. I hope you don't mind."

I dared not engage Vanessa in a look but was fairly proud that my manhood looked acceptably large on screen. I remembered the sensations as Caroline re-enacted her oral show for the camera.

I noticed Victoria's hand grab the vibrator from the coffee table. She started to massage herself with long and deliberate strokes as the toy hummed into life.

At this point I glanced across at Vanessa, she too was staring at the screen, her hand had also wandered between her legs. She sat with her legs splayed apart, her dress had hitched up, she was clearly wearing no knickers and was stroking her open pussy lazily up and down its full length, with her eyes fixed, trance like on the re-enactment of Caroline and my sex scene on the television.

My eyes darted from the screen to Victoria and back.

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