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He hated kissing after oral, till she taught him.

The sensation hardened my nipples, while at the same time my body weight made these now rock hard pebbles shove up into my breast tissue!

I looked at the clock. OMG! I was running out of time! I needed to do something drastic. I swallowed hard as I realized the warmest place that remained on my body. But I was laying on my belly with my hands cuffed at the small of my back. I had to get upright again - and fast!

Abandoning the ice for the moment, I wriggled over to the low coffee table. I managed to brace myself on it with my forehead, and then managed to work a shoulder onto it, then levered myself upright. Racing against the clock, I scooted back over to the ice. Gathering all my courage, I spread my thighs apart, positioned my cunt directly over the ice, and lowered myself.

I managed not to scream. But a loud gasp escaped my lips as the remaining melting block of ice slipped up between my labia! I was not certain how long I could stand this, but looking at the clock, this seemed to be my last hope. Ice cold water was now flowing from my cunt, but my inner folds were chilling fast. Whenever I heard a car slow down outside, my heart almost stopped. I feared that the two men were arriving!

I looked over at Barbara, my Mistress. I blush now to admit this, but I was desperate! I let my gaze wander over her, looking at her short, blond, shining hair, her blue eyes framed with those beautiful eyelashes, and those red, very desirable lips. The pain from the chill inside my cunt eased as I looked at her slim, petite form, covered in a lovely, but thin dress. It was thin enough to show her gorgeous B cup breasts with their perky nipples. A dress short enough to display her exciting thighs and calves, with her dainty feet encased in her elegant stilettos. Her smile, as she watched me struggle, encouraged me to mentally undress her, and quickly. In my mind's eye, she sat there, nude and available. I felt a sexual flush start at my neck and travel downward. My growing excitement heated my cunt again. The ice melted even faster!

Finally, something felt different inside my cunt. I rose up, and shook my hips, and heard a tiny tinkling sound on the floor. Blindly, my hands scrambled around behind me, searching. To my relief, there was the key.

My relief was short-lived, however, because at that moment I heard car doors slam outside! I looked at the clock; the hour was up. Two loud male voices could easily be heard laughing in our driveway, coming towards the house. From the sound of it, they were in high spirits. I briefly panicked. Then I remembered exactly what my Mistress had said. Holding the key, I awkwardly scrambled to my feet, and raced up the stairs. Picking a room at random, I hid inside and fumbled with the key, trying to get it into the handcuff lock.

Downstairs, I heard my Mistress call out a greeting as she opened the front door, "Hello Rick. Hi Marty. You boys are right on time. I admire punctuality. My girl is upstairs, someplace."

I had just managed to get the key into one of the locks, when I heard their footsteps pounding on the stairs! But I had to be careful. The key has to be turned in one direction if the cuffs are single locked, and the other direction if they are double locked. If you try to force them, there's even a chance that the key may break off.

With my hands behind me, my heart thumping madly, barely daring to breathe, I closed my eyes and tried to picture the proper direction. I heard the men opening the doors to various rooms, searching for me, stating in graphic details some of the things that they planned to do to me. Suddenly, with a snicking sound, the cuff opened. Quickly I remove the other cuff, threw down the handcuffs, and dashed into the hallway, trying to reach my Mistress.

I was not fast enough!

One of the men threw his arm around my waist, saying, "Where do you think you're going, girlie?"

"Mistress!" I cried out. "I freed myself before they caught me!"

"Bring her down here," Barbara cal

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