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A stranger's car.

I vote we give her a call tonight. What do you say?" I ask.

"I fully agree with you. I think we meet and see how everything works out. I've a feeling she's the one we want. Do you think we should do anything about the other four?"

"Let's leave them be until we've met Lisa.. Like you, I have a feeling she's the one."

We leave the restaurant and return home. We are thinking of inviting her for drinks and possibly dinner the following night. We keep busy anxiously waiting for 7 p.m. to come round. We embrace a lot, kissing and caressing. We are both extremely excited at the prospect of living two weeks with Lisa in a m__nage __ trois arrangement. We talk of nothing else until it's time to phone her.

"Hello Lisa. This is Alex and my husband Will is on the other line. We're the couple who placed the ad. We are very impressed by your letter and your appearance and would like to meet you."

"Hello, Alex and Will. I'm so glad you called. I've been wondering if you would. I'd be glad to meet you whenever it's convenient."

"Hello Lisa. I feel I know you already. We want to invite you to dine with us tomorrow evening. We have a favorite restaurant we go to. How about we pick you up around six?"

"I'll be delighted to come, Will. I'll be in the lobby of my building by six."

She gives us her address and she and Alex chat for a while longer before hanging up.

We prepare a sea-food salad and eat comfortably by candlelight while downing a full bottle of white wine. We are in a celebrating mood. So I open a second bottle of our delicious wine while Alex chooses a CD with dancing music. We come together and dance very closely. After a while, I start unbuttoning her blouse. She does the same to my shirt. Soon, shirt, blouse and bra are on the floor as we dance bare skin on bare skin.

"Will you dance with Lisa this way, lover?" my wife asks sexily all the while pressing her beautifully full breasts against my naked chest.

"I'd love to dance with both of you this way." I answer diplomatically.

"From her photo, she seems to have nice tits" she continues.

"She'd have to go a long way to beat yours, my love."

We continue our sensuous dance while examining our feelings regarding our having a third person in our bed for a two-week period. We are both extremely energized at the outlook and agree to explore our sexuality to the fullest during that time.

"I want us to enjoy that woman to our heart's desire, my lover, no holds barred," says Alex. "I know it will stimulate you no end to watch or to participate."

"I can see us on a sexual high, you know, I've got a perpetual hard-on and you're going around with a wet pussy and hard nipples...a sort of on-going orgy!"

We stop mid-dance and kiss deeply and passionately. We have finished a second bottle of wine and are both feeling somewhat tipsy. By common accord, we head for the bedroom, skirt and panties, trousers and shorts strewn on the floor along the way.

My gorgeously naked wife pulls me to the bed where she climbs on and coos "I'm Lisa and I want it from behind." I position myself behind her and caress her wet pussy with my rigid cock. "Alex is watching and she is masturbating," she continues with the fantasy. With my cock, I can feel her feverishly fingering her clitoris. She's got me wound-up to fever pitch. I fuck her with total abandon and she responds in kind. I shoot spurt after spurt into her enflamed pussy as I feel her vaginal muscles contract in orgasm. We collapse on the bed and hug each other amorously. We feel so relaxed by the combination of wine and love-making that we fall asleep within a few minutes.

It was a little after six when the taxi driver stops in front of Lisa's condo building.

"I'll be back in a moment," I tell my wife Alex and the driver. As I go to ring, the door is pushed open by an attractive woman in a light fall coat draped over her shoulders. The coat is open showing a lovely ankle-length red dress with a plunging neckline. Lisa has that impish smile on her face, "You're Will, I presume," "And you're Lisa," I counter.

She co

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