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Lesbian boss takes advantage of employee's naughty secret

Exploring every inch of lour bodies. She was gasping heavily and when I slipped my finger into her bum, she yelled out, flipped and thrashed about with another orgasm which seemed to last for ever. I was so thrilled at her reaction that I had another big one myself. We flopped exhausted just where we were.'

'And did she say she'd fancied you for quite a long time, but was too nervous to approach you?'

'Yes, she did. How did you know? As we lay side by side, recovering, I told her I'd been wanting to have sex with her for ages. We both laughed and she told me she'd been the same. "What were you waiting for?" she asked. "I was too scared,' I admitted. "Same here," Pat said. Then we fell into a passionate embrace. She said later that she'd masturbated yesterday, thinking of me and you having sex on line. I said you were the most amazing lover. And then we started fucking each other again. I studied her vulva and realised that it was the first pussy I'd seen at close quarters. I was fascinated. All that pink wet flesh! And the little petals surrounding the opening of her throbbing dilating vagina! I started to kiss and lick it. Pat was doing the same to mine.'

'After all that worrying about making a move!'

'I know. After the next climax, as we got out breath back, I went for a carrot!'


'YES! We had a great time with it. Until we both couldn't prevent another huge orgasm. By this time we were both rather exhausted. Reluctant to stop, but all good things, as they say. I'd lost count of my orgasms. But you made it happen Sarah. You're amazing.'

'I'm absolutely delighted. I still can't believe it!! Marvellous! '

'It was. But ... I want YOU Sarah - NOW! Oh, you've no idea how much!'

'So after your long chat I expect she'll be coming more often - as opposed to cumming - or maybe both, lol.'

'I hope so. We chatted yesterday on the phone. We both masturbated as we chatted, gasping and sighing as we brought ourselves to a crashing orgasm.'

'Just masturbating with memories, describing to each other.'

'Yes, have you done that?'

'Once or twice with Sue, when she was so desperate and horny, telling me what to do to her in a husky voice.'

'Lucky you. I'm desperate and horny right now. Mmmmmm.'

'Cum on then, feel my fingers in your panties. Gosh Dee, you are soaking!!'

'Tell me now. I certainly am. It's your fault. I'm glad to say!'

'Your squashy soft labia all hot and wet.'

'Omg your fingers are ... Yes baby.'

'Kissing you. Feeling your nipples. Mmmm ... your thighs are trembling. Muscles shaking.'

'I can hear you panting and gasping, Sarah.'

'Very noisy orgasms.'

'I'm nibbling your nipples Dee - they're good and hard - and your belly is shaking.'

'They are, really, Sarah. Hard as nuts.'

'I'm playing with your labia, fingering your clit. Mm you're wet. Slipping two fingers deep into the warm wetness.'

'Use the f word. Pleaseeeeee..'

'Fucking you hard. Fucking fucking. So wet. Other hand now rimming your bum.'

'Omg Sarah you're so amazing. Eat me.'

'Slipping a finger into your bum - warm and musky. Fingering your bum hole. Fucking both holes. Fucking. Fucking! Touching it as I lick you. Ohhhh yessss. Now getting my head between your thighs.'

'I'm cummmmiiIINNNNG Sarahhhhh ...'

'Tongue penetrating your vagina as my chin rubs the clit.'


'Oh yes Dee. Oooooooooooo ....'

'Oh baby, I did that to Pat.'


'Rubbing your clit.'

(Another pause to recover.)

'Why not ask Pat to send me a feedback!! Then I can chat with her as well. We could all three chat on line together!'

'Hey, you're mine here!'

'Mmmmm and you're special darling.'

'Just want you.'

'Mmm - that was a nice cum though.'

'Not as special as you, Sarah. Did you? Did you manage an orgasm with me?'

'Just a little tremble. It sort of came up on me suddenly. Whoooosh!'

'Like Pat on my tits.'

'I was thinking of your pussy - though I'd love to see it! Did she cum on your tits?'

'When I sat opposite

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