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The elevator dinged and doors opened up. She fell to the floor and crawled out into her penthouse apartment. She stood up and looked around at her trashed place. She held her head and pulled out her pistol as she staggered room to room. She got to her bedroom and found all of her drawers open and her underwear and bras thrown about. She popped a pain pill and sat on her bed to gather her senses.

She finally felt the head ache go away. She used a rag to wipe her nose and walked out to her kitchen. Her high heeled boot clacked on the floor as she walked. She heard a noise and spun around as she looked and saw nothing. She listened and decided it was nothing. She was at her kitchen sink when her fridge made a noise and she slowly turned towards it looking at its stainless silver exterior.

She gripped the handle and swung the door open. She held her pistol out and her eyes widened as it reached out and enwrapped her arm. Cassie fought as the tentacle pulled her closer. She fired the gun a few times and hit it. She was released and fell back to the counter. She looked as a tentacle came at her and wrapped around her little waist and tightened.

She went to aim as several smaller tentacles shot out of the large one and grabbed her gun and her wrist. She struggled as it forced the gun away and it fell to the floor. Her tight leather pants were no match for the strength of the tentacle as it went down the waistline and rubbed her crotch.

Her eyes widened as the smaller tendrils shot up and hook her shirt all around her body. With a single pull, her shirt became shreds of cloth. Her pink bra was revealed along with her nice cleavage. They reattached to the bra then shredded it to pieces. Her firm C cups were released and then the small tendrils enwrapped around both tits. They tightened around her hard nipples and they squeezed and pulled the nipples and tits. This was turning the sexy blonde agent on real fast as the rubbing got harder on her now wet pussy.

"This can't happen to me! I am an Agent!" Cassie screamed as the thin thong ripped and the tentacle shot into her tight pussy and began to fuck her. "NO!!!" She cried as she was pulled to the fridge and another tentacle forced its way into her mouth and forced her to suck it.

The tentacles enjoyed her sexy body and were doing it for hours. They tore her leather pants off and yet a third tentacle anal fucked her as the other two kept going. Cassie had never encountered such a horny alien life form. The agents body was betraying her as her cum dripped to her floor. Her eyes rolled back as the orgasm hit and they all exploded inside her at once.

Cassie was filled in and covered in the alien cum. She fainted as they kept fucking her limp body. The elevator dinged and they went faster and harder keeping her body flowing. The elevator doors opened up and her partner stepped out in her tight black body suit. She heard the noise and pulled out her gun. Geanie was in the house and looking for her blonde partner. She crept around the hallway and searched each room as she went.

She turned to the kitchen and saw Cassie fall to the floor nude and covered in cum. The tentacle shot a wad of it's cum and hit Geanie in the face. She staggered backwards as they shot more at her skinny body. She wiped it out of her eyes and looked as her suit was melting off showing her tits and shaved bush. She looked as they flew at her. She opened fire as they began to drop.

One aimed at her crotch and was almost there when she shot it. It fell between her legs. All tentacles lay on the floor oozing green and black blood. Geanie let her suit fall as she stood completely nude, except for her knee high boots. She went to Cassie and checked her vitals. She was still alive but out cold from the fucking she endured.

Geanie stood up and walked away as one tentacle moved and waited for her to stop. Then Geanie stopped and it looked at her nice ass cheeks. It got the energy up and flew at her.

"We need a cleanup crew.

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