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Old habits, a new life and some very inconvenient truths.

"Oh Pip." Pam said. "Your vibrating egg thing, it's making the strap-on vibrate too."

Pip grunted in acknowledgement, concentrating on thrusting her hips back and forth. I couldn't feel any vibration, but I could feel the fake cock occasionally rubbing against mine through Pam's inner walls as my and Pips strokes coincided.

"Oh god! This feels incredible." Pammy cried out. "I'm gonna cum so quickly." Her body clenched and spasmed as her orgasm took her. Pip and I slowed our thrusts and then stopped. "NO! Keep. Going." Pam managed to pant. "I want. You two. To cum. As well." It was all the encouragement I needed and I began to pump her beautiful ass once more. Pip managed to find a slow rhythm fucking the dildo into Pam's pussy. I realised it was odd for her to actually find a rhythm rather than respond to one but being Pip she found a way.

"Pam, Pammy, I'm not gonna last long." I panted out.

"Just. A. Bit. More." She gasped out.

Pip was strangely quiet. I could see the determination in her eyes; she wanted to do this for our sister, but wasn't getting much out of it. Pam saw it too and began to suckle on Pip's left tit. I leant forward a little more and managed to lick at her right tit. A light came on in her eyes and within moments our attention had increased her pleasure.

"Pam, here it comes." I wheezed, feeling my nuts tighten.

"Me too." She said, her ass gripping my dick as she orgasmed. That set me off completely, my spunk invading her butt-hole. I stopped my thrusting and let Pam get her breath back, lowering my head once more to Pip's nipple. She too had stopped moving, but I could tell she wasn't going to cum.

"Pammy, we need to get Pip off too." I whispered in her ear.

I slipped out of her ass and she moved aside. Pip lay back looking at us, disappointment written over her face.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"Why?" I said, kissing away the tear that was forming in her eye.

"I couldn't get off with the two of you."

"We'll finish you off sis." Pam said, undoing the strap-on and pulling it away from Pip. She lowered her face between Pip's legs and plunged her tongue into the wet slit. I stayed with her tits, playing with her nipples with my tongue, my teeth, and my fingers. Pam pulled the vibrating egg out of Pip's cunt and thrust her tongue in instead.

"Maybe I should have turned it fully up?" Pip said as the egg came out still buzzing.

I kissed her.

"Shut up Pip. Let us do this for you. I think you just need to get used to it." I paused. "That's if you want to try again." She suddenly stiffened as our joint ministrations took her over the edge.

Pip looked at us lovingly as she got her breath back.

"I think I do. I don't like being beaten by you two." She grinned.

"I know I want to try again." Pam said from between Pip's legs. "We can do it the other way round if you like. I'll wear the harness and you can feel two dicks in you."

With only three or so weeks left of our summer idyll I suddenly realised that some of the jobs that I had promised Mom and Dad that I'd do were still not done so I set a few mornings aside to work through the short list. Soon I was down to the last item; repainting the back door. It was a bright morning when I started, gradually getting warmer until I was sweating in my overall. By midday I had almost finished.

And then the girls, my sweet sisters who had been out all morning thus far, decided they were going to sunbathe in the rear garden.

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