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Angry wife is fed up with husband's neglect.

Dirty lesbian fucking slut!" Bree's eyes were locked on Paige's undulating ass as she spoke. She moved her fingers from her sister's clit and plunged them into her pussy, fucking her energetically.

Paige dropped her head down as she started to gyrate more frantically. Her body was beginning the shine with sweat from the exertion.

Bree could see the younger girl's puckered asshole stretching open with every thrust of her hips. She bit her lip. "You really are a dirty whore, eh Sis?"

Paige whimpered unintelligibly as a reply.

"Say it! Say you're a dirty lesbian whore!"

"I'm a... a dirty... lesbian... whore!!" she panted.



Bree dove forward, plunging her tongue in the younger girl's tight anal cavity. She wormed it inside as deep as she could and wiggled it back and forth.

Paige's head shot up when she felt Bree penetrate her asshole. She squealed in surprise and started thrusting her hips even harder.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Bree!" she wailed. "Your... your eating my fucking ass!"

As a response, her sister started to pump her tongue in and out of the tight opening. Saliva dripped from her mouth and spread across the younger girl's rippling ass. She continued her fingering assault on Paige's tired pussy, fucking the girl tirelessly in both holes simultaneously.

The combined sensation had Paige trembling automatically. She lowered her upper body to the bed, her ass still jutting up in her sister's face. Her breath was coming out in one steady groan. She dug her fingers into the pillow, and buried her face in it to muffle her desperate howls.

Bree grunted as she slurped her tongue in her sister's rectum. The strong scent and flavour of Paige's anus had her own pussy seeping. She finally had to pull back to catch her breath, and decided to pull her fingers from Paige's cunt in the same motion, plunging them up her asshole instead.

Paige's eyes bulged as she felt Bree's fingers stretch her ass open, pistoning inside her with violent force. Her pussy dribbled juices as it hung open between her glistening thighs.

"You really are a dirty whore, aren't you?" Bree asked. Her chin was coated in globs of her own saliva. "Tell me some of the dirty things you want to do. You're already getting ass fucked by your flesh and blood sister... Can your sick fantasies top something like that?"

Paige groaned throatily. Tears began to well in her eyes. Her mind raced as she tried to call up the kinkiest fantasy she could think of. "I want to be in a big, naked pile of women, all f-fucking at the same t-tiiiiiiime." she stammered.

"Dirtier, Sis. Think dirtier!"

"I... I want you to get another Melvin! And... and fuck my ass with him, instead of your fingers!"

"Yeah! Keep going! Be a dirty fucking bitch!" Bree shouted, her fingers sawing in and out of her sister.

"I want to fuuuuuuuuck. I want to fuck Miss Anderson in the middle of class, with everyone watching! I want to fuck you in front of the whole school!! I want to fuck you in front of our parents... in front of... in front of our Mom!"

Bree's pussy throbbed at that final confession. She didn't say anything, but plunged her free hand between her legs, fingering herself frantically.

"Fuck, yeah!" Paige continued. "I want to fuck Mom! I mean, you in front of Mom! Wait, I DO want to fuck Mom! I want to lick her dirty pussy while you grind yours on her whorish fucking face! Yes yes yes fuck fuck FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!"

Paige came hard, her pussy gushing all over her thighs and the sheets below. Her ass gripped Bree's fingers and throbbed around them as she spasmed in ecstasy.

Bree whined desperately as she rubbed herself to a powerful orgasm of her own, overwhelmed by Paige's dirty talk. She had been hit with visions of her and her sister fucking their mother, and the image had her creaming all over her frantic hand.

She leaned forward against her sister as she convulsed powerfully. The extra weight pushed Paige's legs out from under her, and the two girls fell to the mattress, writhing together uncontrollably.

"Holy fuck! Holy

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