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Stockings and strap-ons.

Kissing her neck I gently squeezed her breasts and then slid one hand down her stomach. Easing my fingers under the elastic waistband I slipped them through the soft, curly hair downward. Searching for her clit my fingers found a slight hollow and then, instead of the tiny nub I felt an all too familiar firmness.

"What the..." I said, stepping back.

"I, I can..."

"You're a man,"

"No, no you felt my breasts. I'm..."

"Show me. Take off your panties," I moaned, falling back onto the bed.

She eased her panties out over her erection and let them drop to the floor. Stepping forward I stared at her softening cock.

"You lied."

"No, I am a virgin. No man... no one has touched me."

"But the ad..."

"Read it, I never said I was... that I was pre-op."

"But you're not a woman."

"Not yet. And in the ad I only said I was a virgin, I didn't say..."

"The pictures."

"You recognized me, even called me beautiful."

Pulling my eyes away from her cock and looking up at her face and then her breasts I had to agree, man or woman, she was beautiful, a bit thin but beautiful.

"No one has touched you?"


"But what do I do?"

"Whatever you want," she replied.

"From behind?"

"I brought lubricant, it's in my purse."

"I've never..."

"Neither have I. My friends have told me a few things."

"Get the lube," I said, wondering if I had gone completely crazy. Standing up I dropped the robe and walked over to her. Reaching out I moved on arm around her and then held her breast with my other hand. Squeezing I said, "Okay, put the lube on."

Jumping slightly at the cold sensation of the lube I guided her hand over me, working it over the length of me. Feeling her trembling slightly I whispered, "Yes, that is good, now lick and suck on my nipples."

Still working her hand up and down my cock she stood up and moved her mouth to my chest. Her soft lips then closed over a nipple and she sucked. I could feel the tingling down to my cock. Losing myself to the sensation, I lowered my hand from her breast down her stomach, over the soft hair onto her cock.

It had already hardened some but as my fingers wrapped around it I could feel it firm up more. I had a sudden urge and stepped back a bit and then knelt down. Without thinking any more I slipped my mouth over her cock and began sucking. From the tip I tasted a sharp, bitter flavor that quickly subsided as I continued. Grasping her ass with both hands I tried to take as much of her into my mouth as I could. Even though her cock was rather small, I gagged on it as the head reached the back of my throat.

Backing away, I let her cock slip out of my mouth as I stood up. Pulling her toward me I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the lips, my tongue sliding into her mouth. It felt odd feeling our cocks pressing against each other. As we finished the kiss I moved her back onto the bed and whispered, "Hand me the lube."

She handed me the lube and sat on the bed. I squeezed out more lube onto my cock and guided her hand to me, letting her spread the lube. Then I squeezed some onto my hand and worked it over her erection, sliding up and down. After I was sure we both were well lubricated I squeezed some more onto my finger and worked it over and then into her ass, working my finger into her.

"Do you want me to turn over?"

"No, I want to watch you, see your face... your cock as we do this."

Gently pushing her back onto the bed, I grabbed her legs and slid her a bit closer and then moved my cock down under hers. Holding it with one hand I guided the head against her asshole and leaned onto her but couldn't work it in.

"I'm sorry, but..."

"Shh, it's okay. Just relax," I said, moving one hand to her cock and stroking it slowly. Noticing her sliding her palms over her nipples I tried again, leaning against her. Slowly she opened to me and I eased into her.

The sensation was intense, so tight that I could feel every movement her body made, every breath she made as her tight opening gripped me.

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