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Susan Meets Tommy at a Fraternity Gangbang.

I spoke with him earlier. He was livid and very unflattering about your group, Mr. Casey. Watch him closely."

Emerson returned to his room after taking care of the financial part of the successful drive. Billy soon appeared in the doorway. "You had better start getting ready. We don't want to be late, and in your shape, it may take awhile."

Emerson wasn't in much of a mood to go to the ball. His shoulder was very stiff and his heart was heavy. He believed Maria's anger that morning indicated she really cared for Estrada. That would make the evening difficult to endure.

Billy would not hear of Emerson not attending the festivities. "It would be an insult to all your family and friends. If you aren't enjoying yourself, you can flinch a few times and excuse yourself. That wound can be a benefit."

"I think you may have the solution, Billy. I can't get over how excited you are about this whole affair. I never thought of you as much of a dancer and I don't think I ever saw you duded up like this. I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings, but you're still about the sorriest thing I've encountered in all my considerable travels."

"You aren't my type, anyway," Billy laughed. "With all those pretty girls around, I wouldn't want to be less than my best."

Emerson laughed with his friend. "That's what I'm trying to tell you! Your best could stop a clock. It would be better if it were a masquerade party. You could go as a cannon ball!"

Billy was nonplused. "I'm not going to let your jealousy put a damper on my evening. We'll let the ladies judge for themselves."

In a more serious tone Billy asked Emerson, "Have you considered going back to sea, since things aren't working out that well with Maria?"

"Why would you ask that? I still have my family and I like ranching. Maria has a lot of reasons for not liking me. I saw to that. I can still help her out now and then. That will have to be enough. We don't always get everything we want. It isn't a fairy tale, Billy," Emerson sighed as he finished. "Sometimes, I wish it were."

Tom and Bob walked into the room. Both were dressed to the hilt. The dark suits they wore were freshly pressed and their shirts had frills in front.

"Hurry up, Emerson," coaxed Tom. "We want to be there before the fun starts. How do we look?"

"You two look so good Billy will be asking you for a dance. Where did you get those shirts?" Emerson asked his friends.

"Maria's cousins helped us find them. They sure are good looking girls, and I think they like me," Bob answered. "They are going to be there tonight."

"That could be it!" exclaimed Emerson. "They want you for themselves so they had you two wear those shirts, knowing no other women will come near you."

They all laughed. The banter continued as Emerson dressed for the ball. He felt himself enjoying his friends and looking forward to the evening. Bob mentioned several times he was promised the first dance from Maria and he wasn't going to be late.

The four made their way to the Governor's mansion well before the music was to begin. People were streaming in from all directions. Emerson realized that some must have traveled long distances to attend. Lieutenant Andrews and several other officers were already there, along with Major Reynolds.

Bob stood with the others, awed by what he saw. "Have you ever seen so many pretty girls?" he asked. "This is going to be great!"

Then Emerson heard a murmur go through the crowd and he turned to the door. Maria and Cathy were coming in. They had caused the excitement in the crowd.

Cathy had her hair done up on her head. She wore a dark low-cut gown, Spanish in style. Emerson was struck by her beauty and her lovely figure. It was impossible not to stare.

Maria's dark hair was combed away from her face and down her back. Her gown was Spanish as well, bare at the shoulders, and cut as low as Cathy's. It was light, almost white, and contrasted with her hair perfectly. It was, Emerson thought, the only reason any man would ever take his eyes off Cathy.

The two girls came across the room to stand with To

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