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Shock reverberated through her body like a bolt of lightning. She twisted around her mouth agape. She was very pious, her husband had been the only one she had been with. No college romance, no high school sweethearts. But, she did always think of such things happening. Deep down she wanted to be used brutally.

There is a huge difference between thinking of something and it occurring in real life. When the reality hits your deepest darkest fantasies, you are not ready for it, it is a shock, but there is a small quarter of mind that is now lit up with the possibilities, a very small quarter. Geeta tried to wriggle free and push Vinay away, this was when Vinay's resolution became firm. He had gone too far to turn back now. Vinay held her in a vice like grip and dragged her from the kitchen. She was screaming and kicking, but the din outside made sure no one hear her.

Vinay tugged her hair to arch her neck upwards, while he held her waist in a vice like grip with his other hand. She had closed her eyes, but she tried to turn her face away from, to avoid his lips touching hers. His first kiss was planted on her cheek, his body was now on fire. He yanked her hair harder, causing her to cry in pain. Once her lips parted, he kissed her with all his passion, his tongue exploring the coolness of her mouth. This lasted for a while, somehow Geeta's struggle seemed to reduce in intensity. His grip eased, and she pushed him away with all her might.

This made him more determined to have her. He approached her again, this time she slapped him. He slapped her back, but with restraint, he wanted her to give up her resistance not hate him. She started to move away towards the door. This time Vinay grabbed her by her arm, pushed her on to the couch and got over her. He reached out to her waist and yanked her kameez upwards. She glued her arms to her sides, the kameez did not go up all the way but just enough to reveal her near flat abdomen. He kissed it and licked her belly button, a small moan escaped her lips. Vinay quickly seized this opportunity and kissed the sides of her neck, Geeta shut her eyes, it was all very good, and very wrong.

She again experienced a pang of guilt, she pushed Vinay away, he gave her a couple of slaps, and tears began to well in her eyes, clouding her vision. Vinay used this opportunity to quickly pull up her kameez, her arms did offer only a little resistance, her face turned to a side, and the kameez came of quickly. Geeta felt both shame and excitement at the same time, it was a feeling she had in her childhood when she stole small change from her father. It was wrong, but no one would get hurt and it felt good.

Her beautiful 32 D breasts were held up by a white bra with lace edges. Vinay wondered why she wore such good lingerie in the house, he did not care about it, he grabbed her by the shoulders turned her around and unclasped the bra. She was crying. Her bare back exposed, Vinay started kissing her from the nape of the neck, over her shoulders and down her spine. Through her tears, Geeta felt uncontrolled arousal, her body was responding to Vinay, even though her mind told not to.

Vinay turned her over, pulled the strings of her salwar and pulled it down in a swift stroke. Geeta did not have time to react, but she moved her arms over her thighs to cover her womanhood. Vinay seized this opportunity to grab her breasts, he kneaded them roughly, and his fingers left some marks. Geeta was pained by this she begged him to stop. Vinay responded by sucking her nipples and rolling his tongue expertly over her areolas. Geeta's tears stopped, a jolt of immense and intense pleasure flowed over her body. Her hands lifted from her thighs and moved to the back of her head.

Vinay observed this and moved down on her.

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