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A tale of three roommates and their bizarre adventures.

She reacted to being stabbed by my clothed manhood with a giggle. Breaking our kiss, she looked down at my tent. I didn't care, I wanted her so bad right now, she could have all she wanted.

"Well look HERE!" she grinned, wrapping her hand around it. We continued our lip battle fondling each other for a few minutes. The sexual tension was reaching a boiling point. Without breaking our lip-lock, I sat us both up. My hands instinctively went under her shirt. They were soft, big and soft. Her breasts held their shape well, no sagging, but soft and saucy like putty in my hands.

She pushed me back down to the floor, keeping herself sitting. Her hair was frazzled and spread from our wrestling as she lifted her shirt up and off. Her arms came to rest slightly behind her, propping herself as she leaned back. The view she gave me was magnificent! She knew exactly how to look sexy as hell. With her shoulders perched back, her breasts were large, perfectly round orbs of flesh...complimented by small oval shaped areola.

She swung her hair around behind leaning her head back, begging me to worship her like a sexual goddess. I didn't disappoint her. I leaned up and again buried my face. My hands caressed them with love and care, briefly sucking and licking her nipples.

She answered my sexual aggression by grinding against my tented shorts. I could feel her warmth against my groin and it was doing wonders for my erection. I had to have

"Lay back..." she whispered softly to my ear.

My back came to rest on the floor while she moved herself to my thighs. Her fingertips dug under the waistband of my shorts, pulling them low. My dick was hard, the outline was imprinted into my boxer-briefs...pulling the elastic up from my skin.

"Oh wow, you are really excited!" she chuckled digging her fingers under the elastic band and pulling me to freedom. The elastic band snapped into my upper thighs unexpectedly, I looked up at her to see a surprised look. Heidi was knelt over me with big eyes, one hand on my thigh and the other covering her mouth.

"What?" I asked.

"Holy...crawl!" she gasped, "your big!"

I snickered in relief. I thought I did something embarrassing.

"Don't laugh at me!" she cooed. She wrapped her hand around and gently stroked it. Her thumb and index barely met around my girth. "How big is it?" she asked with a big grin.

"Eight inches" I answered.

"Its like, a banana!" she pushed her hand down to the base, leaving half of it exposed. "Good gravy, look at this thing!"

I peered down to try to see it in her eyes. Her hand barely covered half the length, my girth kept her hand from closing around it as she yanked it. "Do you like it?"

"What's not to like?" she kids.

I was still in awe of her upper body. Her hair was lightly draped in front of her right shoulder, her breasts bounced with her hand movements, and her sexy eyes were fixated on her new toy.

She climbed off me to the side, laying her head on my stomach. Never letting go of in, I could see my head sway in and out of view as she stroked it. Then she stood and wiggled her way out of her tight jeans. Her panties did little to hide her round ass as she kicked her pants to the side.

I sat back on the couch watching her undress. I lightly stroked on my curved erection, making sure she could see how impressed I was with her. She smoothly crawled in my lap as she slid off her panties in one quick motion. Her legs and arms wrapped around me. I pulled her in close for another kiss, pinning my stiff pole between our stomachs. She did her best to move her hand up and down between us, but I knew what she wanted.

"You ready?" I asked her.

"Hope so," she responded lifting herself off my lap. She reached a finger into herself and lubed up, then back in, coating the head of my dick with her fingers. She spread her lips, and lowered down onto me slowly. A moan escaped her as inch by inch she accepted my shaft inside. The lower she went, the longer it took her to let more in, plus the moans got sexier.

I made a gentle thrust upward and she froze

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