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New Arrivals at Killian's Cabin.

By now, Mistress Gloria was lying on her recliner as well.

Mistress Melissa commanded "Come over here and put sunscreen on me."

Mistress Melissa was the farthest away from where I was staked, and the chain was almost taut as I stood by her side. She was laying on her back, so I applied the sunscreen to her neck, arms, back, and legs. I enjoyed rubbing sunscreen onto her firm bottom. She turned around. I started with her legs and worked up her body. I stopped to finger her pussy for a couple of minutes. She didn't stop me, but she didn't seem to care, so I moved up her body. I took a few minutes to rub her firm torpedo shaped breasts, which had sunk into her chest somewhat. I finished with her arms and face.

Almost as soon as I finished with Mistress Melissa, Mistress Candy commanded me to put sunscreen on her. After I finished putting sunscreen on Mistress Candy I put sunscreen on Mistress Gloria. I spent several minutes rubbing sunscreen on her large round soft breasts.

Mistress Harriet was the farthest away on the other side from where I was staked, and the chain was almost taut as I stood by her side. She was the darkest of the Mistresses, and her sunscreen had the lowest SPF value.

When I had finished with Mistress Harriet, I returned to where I had staked myself to the ground. I was dripping sweat from the heat and the exertion, and I wondered what was next.

Mistress Melissa sat up and said, "You'd better put some sunscreen on yourself. We're going to be out here for a few hours." She pointed to her right, and I saw a bottle of sunscreen standing up in the grass near the house.

I walked over to the bottle of sunscreen, but the chain stopped me about four feet before I got to it. I got down on the ground and reached for the sunscreen, but it was still a foot away from my hand. I remembered the hammer. I got up and walked back to the stake, looking for it. I heard Mistress Gloria say, "Are you looking for this?"

I looked up, and saw she had the hammer in her hand. I replied meekly, "Yes Mistress Gloria, I was looking for the hammer to reach the sunscreen."

Mistress Gloria laughed and replied, "Too bad", and tossed the hammer into the yard in front of her, far out of my reach.

I walked back to the stake and lay down, dripping with sweat, and tried to remember to turn over every few minutes. I would glance over at the Mistresses, and they would be lying on their back or stomach, maybe smoking a cigarette, sipping their ice water, or daubing themselves with a towel. I enjoyed looking at them, but I was concerned. I was beginning to think we would be out all afternoon, and I'd turn red as a lobster. Maybe that was their plan. It seemed like they were teasing me by putting my sunscreen where I couldn't reach it. I guessed if I tried to get one of Mistresses' sunscreen, she'd just toss it in the yard like Mistress Gloria did with the hammer. After I was sunburned, I'd be real easy to torment.

I think I'd been lying on the grass for maybe 30 minutes when Mistress Candy sat up and tossed me a towel, and said, "Get the sunscreen". I walked over to the sunscreen, lay down on the ground, and using the towel, was able to drag the sunscreen over to where I could reach it after a few minutes.

I shook the dirt out of the towel, walked back to the stake, and Mistress Candy commanded, "Give me the towel".

I brought the towel to Mistress Candy, and sat down by the stake to put the sunscreen on. With my wrists cuffed in front of me, I could only put the sunscreen on my legs, face, and chest. After I finished, I lay down on my back and waited. The cock sheath kept my cock hard and standing up like a flagpole.

A couple more hours passed, and the Mistresses were still sunning themselves.

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