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Sahara loses her innocence against her will.

Layla leaned over to Aubrey and said "I don't really get this game."

"Just drink when I tell you to drink and answer truth or dare when you are asked."

"Okay whatever works then."

About ten minutes and a few shots passed by when the tall guy who had been staring at her all night asked if she preferred truth or dare.

"Truth I guess."

"Is it true that you sleep naked."

"Uh, uhm, I used to when I had my own room."

"Oh Layla I don't mind." Aubrey joked. The group laughed, but the tall guy gave Layla an awkward look.

Another ten minutes passed when he asked her again.

"Truth please."

"Is it true that you and Max stole your mom's debit card once?"

"What?" she responded in a surprised manner.

"He said that he bought some video games with it once but i'm pretty sure he just stole mine and-"

"How do you know my brother?" she interrupted.

"Layla, you really don't remember me?" All of his friends laughed. "Shut up!"

"No sorry."

"It's me, Dennis. Used to hang out with your bro..."

Layla's eyes widened. "Oh my goodness, Dennis! I didn't recognize you! It's been like three years and you have a beard now and- I'm sorry to be honest I didn't even know you went to this school! What are you doing here."

"Well." he added, clearly agitated. "I live here."

"Oh this is your house!"


Things got awkward and McKenna kept the game going. When the game came back to her again, she picked truth. Dennis asked "Is it true your dad would kill you if he saw this?" He showed her a video on his phone of her taking shot after shot just a while earlier.

"Yes he would! Delete that right now!" She tried to reach for it and he stuck his arm away.

"Actually..." McKenna interrupted, "Rules say you can't pick truth three times in a row. You have to pick dare."

"Okay," Dennis asserted. "I dare you to get down and suck my cock." All of Dennis' room mates cheered and hollered as Layla and Aubrey stared in shock.

"What? Are you serious?"

"Fuck yeah I'm serious. Here you are at my house, drinking all my booze and you don't even remember my fucking face?"

"Dennis I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"

"I don't care. I gave you a dare. Or do you want your mom and dad to find out you lost our little drinking game?" He asked as he flashed his phone.

"Dennis, no, I-"


Layla nervously looked left and right before kneeling in front of him. She began to unbuckle his pants and some of the guys "ooo"'d at her. She then pulled down his pants and took his cock out. The guys all cheered again.

"Fucking christ..." she whispered under her breath.

"I know, it's big."

"No fucking kidding." she said as she measured it against her forearm. "This thing has gotta be like 8 fucking inches. I don't think I can take the whole thing down my mouth."

"Just start already." someone called.

Layla grasped his cock and began to lick the tip of it. She wrapped her soft lips around his throbbing hard head and began to pump down, jerking him at the base of his cock. She would get about halfway down before she would gag. "Come on Layla quit fucking around" Dennis demanded. "I know you have done this before."

"Layla, have you done this before?' Aubrey asked."

Layla pulled off his cock for a second. "Only a few times to a few guys in high school. But never this big."

Dennis grabbed a fist full of her hair and forced her down. She began to gag and cough furiously. She then began to bob her head up and down quickly, hoping it would make him happy enough to stop. This passed for two minutes before he said "Fuck this if you can't take it all the way I'm gonna have to use something else."

"What do you mean?" she asked nervously."

He picked her up and shoved her a bit against a low brick wall and she bent over it. From behind, he began to pull her shorts down. "Wait, no no no no no, Dennis stop! No!"

"Be quiet!"

"Dennis no! I'm still a virgin don't you dare fucking-"

"Don't I dare tell your fucking parents? Jesus it's your first week and you are already drunk get it together.

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