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Mary fucks her son's team mate.

I thought back to what he had said about taking cock pills and wondered how many times he would be able to fuck my boy hole, until his balls ran dry of his hot man seed. What would happen then? Would he want to stop fucking my asshole? Would he want to take a break, as his body produced more cum before he started at me again? Or would he simply keep fucking me without the ability to sum inside me?

Ben's growls now turned to grunts of exertions as he started pulling my hips back to meet his forwards thrusts, pounding my ass as hard as he could. I felt his bulbous cock head punch deeper than ever. I had to remember to regulate my breathing. I was once again reduced to sucking a breath in as Ben withdrew his massive cock, then having my breath forced out in a deep moan as he would slam his long hard cock back into me.

I wondered what we looked like from an outside perspective. My tight young swimmers body bent over and pressed against the back of my couch. Ben's own hairless and heavily muscled physique standing behind me. His muscled arms gripping my slim hips, as his monster cock was rammed deep and hard into my ass. My moaning breath and his deep grunting were making it clear to any onlooker what was occurring.

Ben then slammed his long hard cock all the way inside me and stopped pounding my ass. He then leaned forward so his chest was pressed against my back, reached around my sides so he could grab me by the backs of my knees, and then lifted me into the air. Ben was now standing straight up, holding me from behind by the backs of my bent knees, with his long hard cock still buried in my ass. I grunted as he stood there holding me up. Some of my weight was being held by the back of my knees in Ben's hands, but most of my weight was being supported by his massive cock imbedded in my ass.

I felt my mouth drop all the way open in a silent deep exhale of breath, as I felt myself being held aloft almost totally from inside my ass. Ben then started to pump his hips in an upward motion, driving his long hard cock in and out of my ass. My whole body was being pumped by his deep thrusts. My thighs were pressed firmly against my chest, constricting my breathing. My feet and calves were swinging freely up and down, with each of Ben's hard and deep thrusts up my boy hole. My hands were gripping Ben's muscled biceps, in my desperate need for stability.

My asshole felt tighter than ever. My thighs were pressed firmly together, as Ben held me there by the backs of my knees. My thighs and ass cheeks unable to be separated, caused my boy hole to be forced tightly around Ben's wide girthed cock. Ben moaned loudly in pleasure as he enjoyed the new tightness of my compressed asshole. His grunts of exertion increased in volume, as he pounded my ass from below. I felt my body pushed upwards every time Ben thrust his long hard cock deep inside me.

Ben's grunts of exertions turned to louder moans of pleasure as he continued to work his long hard cock in and out of my ass. My breathing was deep and loud, as I had to work around my constricted chest in order to take in air for my lungs. Me exhales were forced out of my lungs by Ben's hard thrusts up into my ass and my own thighs pulled up and pressed against my chest. My exhales came out as loud deep moans, and I was helpless to stop them. Our moans now in sync, they filled the room.

Ben was amazed at how much tighter my asshole gripped his hard cock. It felt like my asshole shrank and was now the tightest muscle in my body. He knew that it was due to our new position, but enjoyed the pleasure despite all of his exertion to support me weight while he continued to thrust hi long hard cock upwards into my ass. He could actually feel my lungs fighting to fill with air, before it was forced out in a loud moan by his deep thrusting cock. He felt my whole body shake and jump every time he drove his long hard cock home into my insides.

He was enjoying my even tighter boy hole as he continued to pound and thrust up into me.

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