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Old flame poses as his wife at 30th reunion.

Her hot talk and intense response finally sent Ralph over the edge and he just growled deep in his throat as he thrust deep inside her and held for a moment as his hot cum shot deep in her pussy. June could almost feel the vibrations as Ralph's cock squirted inside her, which brought her off again. "I can feel you cumming in me baby! Ahh, yes! I'm there too!" she cried, as Ralph felt her pussy contract on his cock as he resumed fucking her with a more gentle stroke, as his cock slowly softened.

Ralph continued to fuck June slowly and he could tell from her response that she was still at a highly aroused level and he didn't want to let her come down if she had more orgasms in the 'on deck' circle. He knew his cock was not going to be a major player for the next little while, but he was determined to drive her crazy with all the cums her body could stand. He started to reach for a sausage to use on her when he remembered the flavor and how it mixed with her juices, which gave him and idea he could barely believe he was thinking. Ralph had never eaten a woman after cumming in her, but the idea of all the mixed flavors in their lovemaking today somehow made it not only possible, but also a bit exciting.

When Ralph kissed June, she thought it was the "goodbye" kiss that comes at the end of sex, so she was mildly disappointed because she was still so aroused despite two great orgasms so far. When he continued to kiss her neck and work his way down her body, she almost couldn't believe what was happening. She thought he was just doing it for her benefit and said, "Oh Ralph, honey! You're so sweet! You don't have to do that". She started to reach down to sort of draw him back up, but Ralph stayed and continued to move down. He reached down and pulled June's knees up an over her chest, spreading her pussy wide open for his inspection and attention. He could see their mingled juices and smell the combination of cum and the tasty aroma of the sausage. Before he could second-guess himself, he dropped his mouth down over her flowing pussy.

As soon as his tongue made contact with her clit, June's fumbling attempts to use her hands to lift him up shifted to the top of his head and pulled his mouth closer to her enflamed sex, crying, "Yessssss! Right there! Lick me! So sweet! Lick our cum up! Lick me clean! You wonderful man! I'm going to cum again... Quick! Get up on the table baby! I want to taste you too!" Amazingly enough, eating the sausage cream pie and June's response had helped Ralph start to get hard again. He quickly moved up to lie back on the table, hoping that the damn thing was strong enough. As soon as he was settled, June climbed up to straddle his head, lower her pussy to his mouth as she engulfed his cock, still wet with their juices, sucking him for a minute while he went back to work on her pussy. June lifted her head long enough to say, "Oh, we taste so good, Ralph! Jerry, you can't believe how good this tastes. Yeah baby, lick me!" before going back to work, bobbing up and down on his shaft. As she sucked him back to near hardness, June began to tickle and gently probe Ralph's asshole with her fingers. As she did this, Ralph's cock got rock hard. He couldn't believe how good it felt. It reminded him of her efforts to get him to lick her ass. "In for a penny, in for a pound", he thought as the shifted his tongue up and thrust it into her ass as far as it could go.

"Yesssss! That feels so good! Fuck my ass with your tongue! Stick it in there!" she cried, then proceeded to plunge her index finger all the way into Ralph's ass as she once again swallowed his cock down her throat. The combination of sensations was incredible. Ralph moaned deeply and became almost manic in his attempt to stick his tongue even further into her ass.

June was on fire and wanted to feel something intense, to drive her completely over the edge.

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