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Mel sets a stream going.

At first I thought I was floating free. I tried to move and found I was held in place just as securely as before. Peering down, I saw wide leather belts buckled around my wrists and upper arms, holding them by my sides. My breasts had ballooned, turning faintly purple. My thighs and calves were supported in stirrups and were also bound by thick belts, still spread lewdly, but not as wide as before. I was thankful. There were whispered voices but I could not quite hear them. I rested my head again, forcing myself to swallow my copious spit.

My brain was still hazy. I thought I could hear an alarm clock buzzing in the distance that wasn't loud enough to get anyone's attention. It slowly dawned on me that the buzzing was coming from within me. I could feel it. I was jerked fully awake by an electric current searing through my flesh. My nipples and clit exploded in pain. My chest heaved and shuddered, my breasts shaking on my chest as my resolve buckled in pain. For a split second I was afraid I wouldn't be able to control my bladder. Then it stopped.

Sucking in huge breaths and blinking with fear, I sensed movement between my obscenely spread legs. I lifted my head. Standing at the apex of my thighs was a male torso, dressed in a lab coat. A small black box with dials was in one of his hands. Wires ran from it. His fingers moved over the top of the box.

As one of his hands twisted, I convulsed and cackling erupted around me. The pain in my nipples and clit was so intense I wondered whether unconsciousness would claim me again. His hand twisted again and the pain subsided, leaving a tingling chill that set my clit and nipples throbbing. With another twist, I threw my head back and screamed into the gag as my body shook. It stopped just as suddenly.

I breathed hard and felt more drool drip down my cheeks to my neck. I was sweating profusely now and my whole body flushed hotly. I heard whispering from close by. It sounded like I had cotton wool in my ears. Only the last few words were clear.

"All right. If you really can't wait."

Muted chuckling came from across the room. I looked in its direction. A hand slid into the hair on top of my head and took hold, pulling my face roughly back in the opposite direction. A large and very hard cock was wiped all over my chin and neck, gathering my drool as lubricant. I stared at it as it glistened, the latex clad fist sliding fluidly up and down its length. A voice above me chuckled. The hard cock slapped my cheek. Then it slapped the other.

The air seemed to press in on me as I watched with lurid fascination, constantly swallowing the saliva that welled in my mouth. The thought that it was a beautiful cock floated across my mind. Held in a gloved fist, the cock started whipping across my face. It was so hard I shuddered with each strike. I closed my eyes and was immediately hit with a jolt of current that seared through my genitals. My body convulsed and my eyes flew open. The current ceased.

The slapping resumed a bit softer. A gentle current started in my clit and my pussy tingled in pleasure. Slowly it increased until I started moaning. My clit was caught between pleasure and pain as my teeth bore down on the gag. I felt like I was going to cum. My eyes fluttered closed and the suddenness of the excruciating pain sucked the air from my lungs. For an eternity I was held in a purgatory of pain as the cock slapped my face even harder. The pain spiked and my eyes bugged open. It ended abruptly and the pleasant pulses returned. I swallowed insanely and a huge breath was sucked into my lungs. I resolved to keep my eyes open.

The beautiful cock was now being furiously stroked right before my eyes. Spatters of pre-cum flew in silvery loops, landing on my face and distorting the chosen trails of the perspiration trickling down from my forehead.

The fingers in my hair tightened as the cock expanded, growing thicker and longer.

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