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A series of curious encounters.

After they ordered, my Jane who is one of these people who just has to speak to people and soon started chatting to the couple who we now know as Abby & Steve from Doncaster, It soon became the apparent that we got on with this couple very well and whilst Steve and I chatted about work the girls were chatting about drinking and more fun things, giggling quite a lot.

After about an hour and a half here we moved on towards more pubs down the dimly lit sea road. After another couple of pubs on route the girls were a little tipsy and getting cockier now giving both Steve and I quite a lot of lip.

We now set off towards San Antonio which was about quarter of a mile maybe half a mile at most, the two girls were walking arm in arm swaying from side I think they were propping each other up.

After a few hundred meters the girls decided they both needed to pee, with no bars in sight they decided going down the side of a small garage building would be the best option. They both totted over the rough ground towards a part not so lit up as the road was. Steve said "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" and headed off to join the girls.

Not to be left out and also I thought if he is going to see my misses peeing I think I need to have a look at his wife.

I was quite taken back that as Steve and I got up to the girls, Abby just lifted her just above knee length skirt showing a neatly trimmed pussy with just couple of centimetres of hair down the middle with no knickers and then squatted down and started to pee.

Seeing this I think, gave Jane the confidence and she just took off her little thong knickers and then followed Abby's lead and lifted her dress squatted and started to pee.

Steve stood at the side of Jane and unzipped his flies and got out his seven inch floppy cock and started to pee, whilst mines not a small cock but I did wonder how big it would be hard.

I could not help just look at the scene and noticed that Jane did not take her eyes of Steve cock all the time, Abby even commented "he got quite a good prick, don't you think Jane"

"Ho yes" she replied "it's a bit limp though not much use in that state, have you had a bit to much to drink Steve" she exclaimed.

Steve quickly replied "It's like a genie's lamp, give it a rub and the magic will happen".

"Go on Jane call his bluff" Abby chirped. I could have fell over as Jane still in the squatting position turned to face Steve and with both hands started to massage is cock, she had never done anything like that before well not with my knowledge.

By now Abby was stood up and next to me both of us watching Steve now was rising to the occasion and although it was a fair bit bigger than mine it had not grown to the massive size I was expecting may be around nine inches, how ever Jane did not seem to care as she was now wanking Steve for all she was worth.

"we are not going to let them have all the fun are we" Abby said

" No way" I replied and turned to Abby and went straight for the pussy reaching down and sliding my hand up between her legs rubbing her lips, clit and sliding a finger into her hole all in one movement. Then as she was sliding her hand down my trousers towards my now rock hard cock I glanced across at Jane who was now sucking and wanking as if she was starving and had to eat it as fast as possible.

I took this as my free pass that we were going to go for it, I loosened my belt and button and let my trousers fall loose at the same time Abby had now got my raging cock out playing with it and she seemed to know what was on my mind and turned around bending over and lifting her skirt as she went.

I had no hesitation and slipped in my cock to her now very wet pussy, I thought I've got to hammer this for all my worth to try and compensate for having a inch or two less cock than she's used to.

As Im humping for all I can, I look over to Jan

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