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Teacher gives his schoolgirl sister extra lessons.

A new life in a new city and ... maybe ... a new man too?"

"Only maybe?" I asked, a bit disconcerted.

She smiled, "We still have a lot to learn about each other, Colin. But ... I definitely like what I've learned so far."

I must have breathed a sigh of relief. She was almost laughing at my concern. The luggage finally arrived and I took her large, wheeled bag and a garment bag while Kayla picked up her carry-on. Within five minutes we had checked out of the parking lot and were moving toward the city.

As I drove, we talked about her trip and what she had been doing in the past week. She had supper with Cassie and Denis last night and had a chance to thank them for introducing us. I seconded that. She had made arrangements to ship her furniture and motorcycle out when she found accommodation. She had sold her car to a neighbour at a reduced price. Their son needed transportation to college.

The townhouse had been listed for sale and her agent said he expected some very aggressive bidding on it. He seemed confident that the rule of location and the hot market for the product would surprise and please her. In the meantime, the rest of her clothes and her furniture were in heated and protected storage.

I was sure she would like the hotel suite. It was a small apartment and would do until we found a place or places to live.

"That's something we should talk about, Colin. I'm not sure about us living together yet. I'm fine with the hotel for now, but ... you'll forgive me if I'm being cautious. I want to be sure about us before we make a big commitment like that. I hope you understand."

I nodded. I didn't like it, but I understood. I thought I was sure, but she was not. I wasn't going to screw up this opportunity by trying to force it. "I'm fine with that. Let's let things happen at their own pace. You are definitely worth the wait," I said as upbeat as I could be.

She leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Thank you."

When I ushered her into the suite, she was all smiles. I had left the living room drapes open, and the view out over English Bay and the North Shore mountains was at its best. Kayla stood before the window, gazing out over the vista. A dozen freighters sat at anchor awaiting berths in the inner harbour. Vancouver Island was silhouetted in the distance. It was a picture-postcard welcome and it buoyed her spirits.

"When I was here a couple of weeks ago it was a bit gloomy, raining off and on. This is lovely. Now I know why people love this place."

"Yeah. No snow on the mountains yet, but a month or two from now, you'll be skiing if you want to, or sailing, or playing golf."

"Or maybe riding my Harley," she grinned.

She took a nap that afternoon to prepare for our reservation at the restaurant. It was going to be a long day for her; she was still operating on adrenalin. The excitement of the trip and new city was still fresh. I didn't want to wear her out. I slipped into my bedroom and turned on the TV, watching a college football game while Kayla slept. I fell asleep myself sometime during the half-time. The excitement of having her here must have gotten to me.

I awoke just before six pm and I could hear Kayla moving about in the living area. I gave myself a few moments to stretch and gather my senses before opening the door and joining her. Maybe I should have given myself more time. When I walked into the room, I stopped and stared at the sight before me. Kayla was in the midst of calisthenics. What caught my immediate attention was what she was wearing: a one piece spandex outfit that only barely covered all the essentials. There was no possible way she was wearing anything beneath it.

I stood and watched, transfixed. If she was aware of my presence, it wasn't apparent. She was going through some sort of aggressive routine that was obviously familiar. When I caught my breath, I leaned against the doorway and took in the sensual beauty of her movements. Kayla was no lithe ballerina or gymnast. She was all woman, and the spandex was straining to contain that fact.

My erection was bec

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