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After learning to love anal play our lovers celebrate.

She would be done with her homework soon, and I didn't want to be bogged down with my own reading.

I glanced at her. She was still bent over the table, scratching a pen on the table. Her breasts were big enough that I could see roundness from my vantage point. Even though she tended to get absorbed in her own work, I made care not to make noise when I slid from the couch and to the soft floor. I reached around her and felt up her tits. She started for a second, but didn't say anything, and a moment later returned to her trigonometry while I groped and fondled her, running her soft mounds in between my fingers. I would wait until she actually finished her work before I went to full fuck mode. While I enjoyed being distracted from my own projects, I never got the impression she enjoyed a conflict between my cock and her college duties. She took her grades quite seriously.

Kneading her tits, I felt more than saw or heard her finishing her work. Trying to remain calm, matter-of fact I asked "Are you ready for me to fuck you bitch?" Her answer was almost cooed out "Of course master. Your bitch is ready to have your cock in her." When she talks like that it always makes my dick leap. The submission is total, willing, eager even. I pulled her up, my hands still on her tits, and we started walking past the dining room down to the bedroom, passing a closet on the left in the hallway. We kept our various toys in that closet, including a set of her outfits for submission, like the pink shirt on the living room floor and the tiny "skirt" she was still wearing. I didn't think I'd need the ropes this evening. We marched into the bedroom together, my hands reaching around her and groping her tits, my cock rubbing against her ass through my denim jeans.

Once inside my measured nonchalance vanished entirely. I shoved her onto the large, low, overstuffed bed covers and jumped in after her an instant later. I dove my hands to her waist, pulling at her scant remaining clothing. A second later and it was gone, tossed on the floor somewhere. My fingers sought out her snatch, brushing lightly against a sparse blond thatching, confirming that she was damp, if not sopping. Time to fix that, I thought, and lightly spread her lower lips with my left hand while gently probing with my right index finger. She moaned and twisted her hips slightly, trying to maximize the contact. Flashing her a smile, I pushed on her clit, once, twice, a third time, always with the left thumb, twirling it in a circle before breaking contact again, each time a little harder, a little faster than the last. My other hand stopped gently probing around with a single finger, but inserted a second and was pumping fairly vigorously.

This finally got more of a reaction out of her than a moan, and she panted out "Master, please stop teasing me. Please eat me out or give me your cock."

I slowly disengaged from her and stood up at the edge of the bed. Calmly, I began stripping off my clothing, my shoes, socks, shirt, pants, underpants falling into a disorganized yet small pile at my feet. "Earlier, you referred to yourself as my bitch. I'd like you to keep doing that until I tell you to stop. Now ask again."

She doesn't blush often, but her cheeks went a little scarlet at that demand. But after a second's hesitation, she murmured out "Master, please fuck bitch or eat her out. Bitch is very horny and wants some release. Please master."

I strode over to the bed stand, got out a small tube with some oil. I carefully lubricated the generous inner slopes of Samantha's tits.

As I worked I said, "First you're going to have to please me bitch. I want to rub my cock on your tits, and then we can see about the fucking."

She knew what was coming and scooted backwards a bit on the bed so I could straddle her more easily.

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