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Mature beauty finds out what she has been missing.

A peek inside each was needed to ensure they were still asleep. They were. Hopefully they would stay that way.

In front of her mirror, Amanda peeled off the layers of work clothing, removed her jewelry, and lifted her glasses off her blue eyes. She replaced them with dark blue pyjama pants and a loose white tank top. In her thirties now, the signs of experience and age had begun to show. She remembered when they weren't there. Her body shape had remained the same though: tall and thin, without notable curves and with tiny breasts. She smiled at her reflection and shut off the light.

For a working woman with two kids and a partner, a warm, spacious bed was the best reward at the end of the day. She climbed into bed and lifted the layers of comfy sheets over herself. She could still hear them shouting downstairs, but it was faint enough. She might have attempted some bedtime reading, but she was not up for it today. Instead, her eyelids fluttered to a close and she rolled onto her side.

Sleep would not end up being sustained exercise, however.

Amanda's eyes abruptly shot open at the latest sound emitting from the basement. A look to the clock on the night stand told her that she was not even asleep for thirty minutes. She swiftly tossed the comforter off her slim body and swung her long, star and moon -covered legs off the bed.

Boys will be boys, she thought, but they were men now. Men with children. Heck, Amanda was a parent along with one of them! On top of that, there were others in the house that had school and work in the morning.

With her bare white feet patting on the wood tiling, she purposefully yet carefully descended the several set of stairs to the basement. Her rest, as abbreviated as it was, seemed to at least refuel her coordination.

Guy friends - best friends - beer, and football. She knew things had the potential to get rowdy. That's why she warned them before she turned in.

The lanky blonde mom of two grated her pearly white teeth as she heard another exclamation. At this point, it was pointless that she was trying to minimize her own noise making. Their stairs creaked. So did the landing at the bottom. As she descended another set, she thought about what she would say and how she would say it.

'I appreciate you two catching up and all, but the kids are trying to sleep.' No, she could be more stern than. John heard it from her on enough occasions. Guest or not, she wasn't afraid to yell at him in front of Sean. 'I thought I told you to be quiet! How could you be so inconsiderate?!' No, that sounded too rehearsed. She would just improvise when she got down there.

She opened the door to the basement. "Ohhh...." rushed another moan to meet her.

Her lip shivered with rage. They just didn't care. Her feet patted on the steps as she went down to let them have it. She got three-quarters down before stopping mid-step. A second groan emitted. This one was lower and prolonged.

Amanda cautiously stepped her left foot down and then lowered herself to another step. She heard them sound off again - at least, one of them anyways, she couldn't tell who. She peered her head around the corner.

There, Amanda saw an image she would not unsee. John was kneeling on their couch. Ass in the air. Naked.

Behind him was Sean. One leg planted on the ground, the other between the cushions. He was naked from waist down, his t-shirt hid the top portion of his white ass.

She gasped.

Sean threw his head upwards, moaning like some of the cries she had heard. He was facing away from her. John had his head nestled in the corner where the cushion met the arm. He was facing the TV, and might have been able to see Amanda, but his neck was positioned in such awkward angle that it would have been impossible to fully adjust himself to see her.

Amanda's mind was swimming with thoughts and questions? What were they doing? How long had this been going on? Had they been gay lovers this whole time? Should she feel betrayed? Betrayed that they kept this from her? Or betrayed that

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