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He slid forward and his pants bunched tightly around his thighs again showing an outline of his manhood. She couldn't take her eyes off him. 'It's been too long,' she thought as he went through his warm up. She undid two of the buttons on her blouse, just enough to show some of her ample cleavage. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted to seduce this young stud. She leaned over the piano, facing him, giving him instruction. As he looked up, she could see him glance at her cleavage for a second and then looked into her eyes. 'Ah, got his attention,' she thought.

Steven tried to complete his lesson, but all he could think about was the sight of her large tits. Steven hadn't thought this way about his teacher before, but now he was obsessed. As he tried to play he kept on looking up hoping to catch another glimpse of her cleavage. "Had she done this on purpose,' he thought to himself. He could feel excitement building as his cock started to harden. Mrs. Barker had also noticed that the outline of Steven's cock was becoming more apparent.

"I think we had better call it a day," Mrs. Barker said as she reached over and gave his shoulder a light squeeze. She noticed that when Steven stood up that his semi-erection was almost standing straight out. He turned away and did a minor adjustment. "See you next week," Steven said as he made his way to the door trying to hide his excitement.

For the next week all that Mrs. Barker could think about was Steven and the large bulge he had in his pants when he stood up. She knew it was wrong to think such thoughts, but she just couldn't help herself. She didn't know where this would lead, but she knew deep inside that she wanted this young man. The day of Steven's next lesson she wore a low cut v-neck sweater and a black demi-bra that she hadn't wore for years. To compliment the look, she wore a short skirt that was four inches above her knees. 'Maybe this'll get his attention,' she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror.

When Steven arrived for his class she could see lust in his eyes as he looked at her. He slowly looked her up and down, lingering on her breast for a moment and then looking deep into her eyes. He sat on the bench and she leaned over the piano as before. She knew that her breast were almost totally exposed to this young man. She could feel his eyes scanning her as she spoke and her nipples became hard. "Let's try something different today," Mrs. Barker said. She saw the familiar bulge in his pants and noticed it was becoming erected. "I want you to play with me on the piano," she said as she had his full attention. She sat next to him and started to play the high notes as he tried to follow on the low notes. Steven tried, but he couldn't concentrate on music. He could feel the warmth of her body and the scent of her perfume. Then he noticed her nipples had become hard and were quite obvious under her tight sweater. His cock was hard.

Almost as if in a trance he reached up and put his hand on one of her breast. Mrs. Barker was a little surprised at his boldness, but let him slide his hand into her sweater and under her bra. His hand caressed her nipple and she could feel a wetness between her legs. He continues to squeeze each of her breast as she lowered her hand to his inner thighs and onto his manhood. As she grasped his hard cock through his pants she could feel him convulsing in her grip. Steven quickly raised her sweater over her head and let it fall to the floor. He cupped one of her breast and began to suckle her. 'God that feels good,' she thought. He began to kiss her breast all over and up to her neck. Mrs. Barker was becoming quite excited at this point.

She took his hand and placed it upon her inner thighs.

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