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18 year old Daniel gets an unexpected physical at school.

I pointed to the sofa and said, "Have a seat." She sat down and I sat on her right. I noticed that she had removed her shoes and that she no longer had on the ugly black stockings.

She got to the point right away. "Mr. Vitello, that was a bit of a lie. I am interested in your work but the real reason I came here is that I feel a real attraction to you, unlike anything that has happened to me before. I can't decipher what is happening to me."

"Please call me Edward. May I call you Jeanette?"

"Yes, please do. Ahh... Edward." She blushed crimson again. Wow, I thought, SX69 dosed women usually lose all their inhibitions and shyness but Jeanette is still very shy about her needs.

"Jeanette, you look awfully warm. Why don't you take off your suit jacket?"

"Good idea." She unbuttoned and removed the drab garment.

"How does that feel, a bit cooler and more relaxed?"

"Very much so, Edward." She eyed me up and down hungrily.

She had a white silk blouse buttoned modestly in the front to her neck. I could see the outline of a white bra under the semi-transparent material. Without the heavy, shapeless jacket I could see she had a fine set of what I estimated to be 34B tits, my favorite size.

I felt a bit odd sitting there in my bathrobe beside a renowned scientist, but I have had so many odd moments during the SX69 human trials. As I eyed her body, my cock thickened and a small tent arose. It has an uncanny ability to sense when a hot, willing pussy is nearby. I could see her eyes looking at the growing tent. She balled her fists as she fought the urge to unveil and stroke it.

I felt a huge need to take a piss. Best to relieve myself before the fuck session began. "Sorry, my dear, I have to go to the bathroom. I'll just be a moment. You know, I feel a bit awkward being in my bathrobe. Do you think I should change into something more decent?"

As I expected, she blurted back, "No, no, that's quite all right. Not a problem."

I went to the bathroom and had difficulty pissing with my now, solidly erect dick. After missing the bowl a few times, I finished. I couldn't help giving my trusty cock a few loving strokes before going back to my new conquest.

I sat down and was a bit shocked to see through the silk material of Jeanette's blouse that she was now braless and four buttons had been opened to show some very sexy cleavage. She had also taken off her horn-rimmed glasses as she prepared for action. I thought she likely had lost the panties, too. This must be new territory for my fellow scientist, aggressively offering herself up for sex. She might be expecting me to dive in like a bee to a flower but I thought it best she complete her mission herself.

She took a deep breath and then crossed her legs and shifted herself to face me squarely with her right arm over the back of the sofa. I turned to her and looked into her eyes. They were hungry with lust. I looked down at her half-exposed tits and licked my lips in an exaggerated fashion. With a husky, sexier voice, she said, "After our dinner, I must admit that I was thinking about all kinds of guilty pleasures that we could do together." She slid towards me until our bodies touched. I had a huge urge to grab a handful of breast but fought it to allow her to crash her barriers down herself.

She nestled her head in the crook of my neck submissively, kissed it and slid her hand under my robe to my chest and then to my right nipple. She was breathing heavily as the sexual sensations and urges were washing over her body and throughout the primitive areas of her brain. Even though her ripe tits were right before my eyes, my imagination was fixated on what her pussy looked like under that long heavy woolen skirt. I sure hoped she hadn't bought a razor and shaved it. I love running my fingers through a nice, mature full beaver. She was rubbing her knees together to give her throbbing womanly parts some relief.

I just remained still as she progressed towards her goal.

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