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Tim's exploration of his new-found abilities continues.

The nurse asked Pam if she would be all right with that and would she be happy staying in this position until she came back with a doctor. Pam replied it would be ok.

When the nurse had gone it felt like an eternity to Pam laid there with her ass cheeks spread and pussy lips slightly open and cool air blowing across them. She was now enjoying it a lot. Pam's hand started to work her way down to her pussy and slipped a finger in and she was really wet inside. She thought a good job the doctor was not examining her pussy today.

Suddenly the door was opened and she moved her hand to the side. The nurse stood there with a male doctor, not quite how Pam had imagined this visit going, she didn't fancy explaining how this happened to him. The doctor looked at her and said the nurse tells me you have been, very sexually active. Pam nodded and said meekly yes. She felt like a naughty school girl.

Ok, let's see what we can sort out for you. Instruments please nurse and a tray of metal instruments was put down to one side of her.

The doctor put latex gloves on and told the nurse to do so. Right said the nurse we need to see as much as possible so the doctor will be putting an instrument in the opening and then stretching your bottom hole as wide as possible. It may be uncomfortable but necessary.

Pam just nodded. She felt lube being smeared around her ass hole and up inside. The cold instrument probing at the opening of her ass then felt cold metal entering her and sliding in. she then felt her ass hole widening and cool air then heat from the light. Her hole kept getting wider and was now becoming uncomfortable but making her pussy even wetter she was sure she felt her pussy juices dribbling down to her bum hole but hoped it was just her imagination.

The doctor said to the nurse you can see how red and swollen it is in there we will need cream and antibiotics for this please. Pam liked the idea of people looking at her with her ass wide open and totally on display .She was unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Suddenly Pam's ass hole seemed to be released and started contracting back to normal.

The doctor walked round to Pam's head with a tube of cream opened it and started to apply lots of cream on his middle finger telling her and showing her how to coat the finger well.

Then he explained he was going to insert his finger in her bottom, coating the inside of her. All Pam could say was ok. He walked back down asked the nurse to spread her cheeks as far as possible and inserted the lubricated finger right up Pam's ass hole in one swift push. He then started turning his finger around saying this is to make sure it was fully lubricated inside.

At that moment it was all Pam could do not to orgasm she bit her tongue and squeezed her eyes up. The nurse asked her if she was all right and Pam just nodded. The doctor started to remove his finger and asked the nurse to put a small amount of ointment on her finger and just rub it around the outside of Pam's bottom hole coating the outside. The ointment felt cool to Pam and she welcomed the feeling.

The doctor then took a tablet about half inch long, showed it to Pam and said this gets inserted up your bottom next and this should clear the infection up. You need to do this twice a day for one week.

He then began pushing the tablet up her ass hole. With all the lube it went straight in and was followed by the doctor's fingers pushing as far as possible so his knuckles on his other fingers were pushing against Pam's ass. This made her groan, unsure if it was with pain or pleasure.

Now let's take a look and see what is happening a little higher up as you seem very red all around.

Pam was now panicking as the doctor would see she was wet and her pussy would leak her juice all over the paper towel on the table.

The doctor and nurse put clean gloves on and the doctor asked the nurse to part Pam's vagina lips so he could adjust the light and as she did so Pam definitely felt her juic

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