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Dan and Jennifer throw a beach party.

.." She started to explain but I was on a roll.

"You what? Made me another salad so I will lose weight?" I screamed at her. "Well I'm not skinny! I will never be skinny! You think it's so easy? You always get everything you need! You always have! Poor little Andi, poor baby! Well I'm sick of it! You aren't the only child our parents had."

"Ashlyn I know you're upset but...!" Andi tried to explain.

"But what?" I moved closer.

"But you have so much. You have Roger! You have two beautiful kids who love you..."

"Stop it! Don't you dare rub that in my face! You will never talk about them again do you hear me!" I was screaming at my sister just a few feet in front of me. "He kicked me out! I can't even visit my babies!"

"If you just let me help we can fix that!" Andi replied.

"Fuck them! When Drew gets here Roger will be a past memory!" I yelled.

"Drew?" Andi asked. Just his name made her wobble. "He's coming home?"

"Didn't know that smart ass did you?" I yelled. "I'm on the phone to Vietnam! I am so smart! You are so dumb! Well he is coming and when he does..."

Just then Andi staggered back and fell to her knees. I saw her body go limp, her arms flailed grasping for the door. Andi was an ashen white, she mumbled his name.

SLAM! With her last ounce of strength she closed the door on me.

I knew I had gone too far. I promised mom I wouldn't tell her. She made me promise twice. Why Ashlyn? Why did you tell her that? I need to fix this.

"Andi! I'm sorry baby. Please open the door so we can talk!" I pleaded leaning against the door.

I tried for almost a half an hour before the real panic set in.

"Mom, I fucked up!" I said as soon as she answered the phone.

"Ashlyn what did you do?" I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

"I told her." I knew no more words were needed.

"But honey he won't be coming until Sunday!" Mom reminded me.

"I know, I'm sorry. It just came out." I explained.

"Where is she now?" Mom asked concerned.

"In her room. She won't open the door!" I replied. I could unlock it and go in and check on her."

"NO! Nobody goes in her room!" Mom Insisted. "Do you understand? No one but the kids. Call your brothers now and explain what you did. Have them bring Alex and Angie. Call now!"

"But mom..." I pleaded.

"Ashlyn we have no time to waste. Call your brothers now. Have Ernie call me when he gets there."

Mom hung up. I called Bert first knowing he would be the most forgiving. He offered to call Ernie but I told him I needed to talk to him first. I called Ernie and got an earful but he agreed to leave immediately. I walked back to Andi's door and knocked.

"I am so sorry Andi. Bert and Ernie are on the way!" I said loud enough so she could hear me. "They're bringing the kids! Please forgive me!"

I waited for her to respond but she never did. I slid down the wall until I came to rest on the floor. Leaning my head back I only hoped she would be alright until they came. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

Roger looked so handsome as he waited for me to come down the aisle. I can still feel dad's arm steady me as I glided closer. Roger was smiling so broadly, I can't ever remember being happier. The groomsmen looked so handsome, my maid of honor and bridesmaids all looked at only me. I remember passing Andi sitting with mom.
It was perfect wedding for me. The dinner, dancing, everyone focused only on me and Roger. We ran out of the reception and into a waiting limo. The driver whisked us away to the finest hotel in town. Roger took me in his arms and confessed his love one more time.

I can still feel the shivers down my back as he unbuttoned my dress from behind. His lips were so soft but he kissed me hard. His hands gripped my breasts and squeezed firmly. His hot breath tickled the back of my neck. I pushed back and felt his hard cock press against my ass. I wanted him inside me.

Only when he had me naked did he pick me up and throw me on the bed.

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