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Sydney travels to meet a man she's only known online.

Audrey she shook her head.

"As many as they want," Tim declared.

Audrey shook her head and started to say no. It seemed she wasn't expecting a gangbang.

"A bet is a bet and tonight you give me everything I want, you must follow my command," Tim demanded. "You agreed to that remember?"

Audrey nodded her head. Alex, one of the single guys, stepped out of his swimsuit to expose his raging hardon.

"What are you waiting for?" Tim said.

Alex stepped forward. Audrey took his dick into her mouth a couple of times before pulling him to the ground. Roger, another single guy, took off his suit. Audrey got on all fours and Alex took her from behind while Roger slid his dick into her mouth.

I looked around and saw this wasn't the only activity going on. John and his wife Michelle had spread a towel onto the lawn and shed their suits. She was on her back and he was going down on her. A couple of the single guys were watching them. I moved in for a closer look.

John pulled Michelle onto her knees so he could fuck her doggystyle. I moved around to get a good look at her enormous breasts from every angle possible. I then crawled underneath her for a better view of her magnificent chest. She lowered her tits to my mouth and I hungrily sucked on them, which made her moan even louder. Someone tried to get in front of Michelle, obviously hoping for a blowjob, but she turned him away.

"Keep sucking my tits," Michelle pleaded.

I certainly didn't have to be asked twice. I alternated between a hand on one breast and my mouth on the other. I was surprised when Michelle reached out and started stroking my dick, which made me suck on her breasts even harder and she moaned loudly. She and John both came and collapsed onto the towel, panting.

Looking around I noticed another couple, Jack and Carrie, going at it missionary style. Pete was fucking his wife Emily from behind and she had another guy's dick in her mouth. Karen and Audrey were each on all fours with a guy at each end, moaning loudly.

I returned my attention to Michelle and started playing with her breasts. She offered no resistance and obviously liked having her tits sucked on as much as I enjoyed sucking on them.

"Do you share John?" I asked as I took one of his wife's nipples into my mouth. "Everyone else is sharing. Just look at my wife."

He couldn't deny this but John was still apprehensive. Michelle reached out and started playing with my dick.

"Since you like my breasts so much, I'll let you slide something between them," Michelle said.

We both looked at John. He thought it over for a few seconds, looked at all the sex around him, and nodded. Michelle squeezed her breasts together.

"How about it, Mark? You want to tit fuck me?" Michelle asked.

I straddled her body and slid my dick between her breasts. It practically disappeared until I saw my cockhead rise between her cleavage. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching. Jack and Carrie had finished and moved closer for a better view.

One of the single guys tried to engage Carrie in some action but she just shook her head and stayed with her husband. Undeterred but still horny he knelt in front of Karen and slid his dick into her mouth as another guy fucked from behind.

I returned my attention to Michelle's enormous tits and my dick sliding between them. John had moved closer and seemed entranced as he watched us. It was obvious I was reaching the end. Michelle looked at John, who said "swallow him." His words were right on time.

Michelle lifted her head and took me into her mouth as I came. She swallowed my load and pumped my dick with her hand as my body convulsed again. She kept pumping my dick with her hand and swallowed load after load until I was completely spent.

I collapsed onto the grass beside John and Michelle. I looked up and saw my wife Karen in a threesome with two guys, all of them screaming with pleasure. Audrey was sucking on a guy's dick to revive him.

"I can't believe what just happened, are you mad?" Emily ask

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