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My cock was struggling to get out of my pants, and I knew I had to have this woman who was masturbating against a washer, with her pregnant belly hanging out.

I dropped my clothes and raced to remove my clothes. I only got as far as my shoes, jeans, and underwear. As I moved closer to her, she stopped masturbating and struggled to climb up on the washer machine. I reached over and helped her get on top of it, and I lowered my hands to her sopping panties. I could make out her pink lips and light pubic hair through the thin material. I gently pulled off her panties and threw them on top of her other clothes, piled by the washer. I positioned myself so my pubic region could meet her crotch, and guided my 8" cock into her wet pussy. She was so horny I slid right in without any resistance. She sighed and began playing with her massive tits, swollen from her pregnancy.

I started off slowly, thrusting deep into her, as she slid towards me to meet my movements. Her moisture had spread all over her thighs and the surface of the machine, making her able to slip towards me quickly. Her frenzied moans became louder and more lustful as she came closer to orgasm. Her cries and slick pussy quickly pushed me over the edge; I came with a groan, deep inside her. Seconds later, her orgasm ripped through her body, her whole body heaving and twitching. She squeezed hard on her large breasts and arched her back, the orgasm leaving her panting and wet on top of the washer.

After my strength returned, I picked her up off the washer and steadied her on the floor. I helped her get dressed and gather up her clothes. She wiped the hair back from her face and whispered in my ear that I needed to come up to her apartment, her husband wouldn't be home until late that night. We cleaned up around the washer and headed up to her apartment. I walked behind her, enjoying her swaying ass as she moved up the stairs. When we got to her floor I hung back so she could make sure the coast was clear, as she did not want to be seen with another man going into her apartment.

When we were safely inside her apartment, we sat together on her couch and talked for a while, since at this point we did not even know each other's names. She told me about how she had not had sex since she became pregnant, how her husband had started ignoring her. She also told me about how for the last eight months she had to depend on that washer for her sexual pleasure. I felt sorry for her, even more so as her nipples began poking out of her white shirt during her frank sexual talk. She noticed my staring at her ample chest, and began unzipping her pants again. She wasted no time in standing up to remove her pants and her panties, still wet from our last encounter. She sat back down again on the couch, and spread her legs wide, drawing them up to allow me full access.

I dropped my head to her dripping pussy, and ran my tongue around her dripping slit. Her pubic hair was thick around the top of her pussy. She squirmed and grasped the back of my head, driving my face into her wet folds. She ground her crotch against my face as I thrust my tongue deep into her hole. I flicked around her hard clit, as my fingers moved gently in and out of her cunt. She moaned as continued to buck her hips towards me. She was so horny she came in a few short minutes, clutching my head as her pussy spasmed with her long orgasms.

I let her lay there for a minute or so, and then continued my attack on her dripping pussy.

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