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"Well, Jonathan, You've ignored me for more than two weeks now, and I won't stand for it." Greg fussed gently as the hand that had been resting on Jon's shoulder now glided long and languidly down his arm to his thigh.

"Bruce put you up to this, didn't he?" The young man grinned as he opened a less important file.

"Hmp..." the doctor grasped a handful of flesh squeezing tight in a cow bite.

"Ouch!" Jonathan leaned away looking into his face. In the same instant the man attacked his mouth driving his tongue deep inside. Jonathan instantly melted it seemed. He reveled in the feel of Greg's light aggression in an effort to get his full attention. Slowly taking his hands from the keyboard and mouse, he enveloped the man in his arms guiding him to straddle his thighs.

"I've wanted you so bad, Jonathan." Greg muttered to him as he sat on his legs diving for his lips and mouth again.

It hadn't occurred to him that he had been a little less than sociable since the night he had spent with Bruce. And lately, Bruce was the only man Jonathan had slept with. It wasn't that Tony, or Greg didn't appeal to him, or make him want them, he just wanted Bruce's arms around him to hold and protect him of late.

Greg didn't waste any time unbuttoning Jonathan's overly large shirt. He pushed it over his shoulders and part way of his arms leaning into him desperate to feel his warmth, the softness of his taut skin over developing definition. His lips and tongue led the way down Jon's throat to a shoulder almost forcing the younger man to lean his head away allowing for more room.

Jonathan shivered suddenly, the effect of Greg's warm breath, light kisses and moist tongue driving him to the brink of erotic insanity. Unconsciously, he let his hands wander down the man's sides to his hips that he pulled closed to his body in a lewd gesture.

"Greg, if you want this, you're gonna have to take these off." Jonathan teased in a whisper.

"I'll take 'em off when I get good an' ready. Ok?" The doctor insisted.

"Ok." Jonathan sighed heavily. "Have it your way."

"Not impatient are ya?" he grinned at him devilishly.

"Well, maybe. Just a little."

Greg almost burst into a full laugh knowing the predicament he had Jon in, and the fact that the young man was easily aroused didn't help any. He had taken control of this situation, Jon was allowing him to take the lead, and he needed to follow through with that. Standing he unfastened his pants removing them completely, as well as everything else. Jonathan took the moment to do the same before meeting Greg somewhere in the middle behind the desk.

"Not here, Jon. Please." The doctor whispered as he sank into Jonathan's embrace.

"What is it with you guys and this fucking room!" Jonathan backed away yelling angrily then.

"None of us want to be an unwilling part of your past memories, Jon! We're all part of your present and future. And I for one do not wish to be Mr. Bowman for you, if even for a second, thank you very much." Greg expressed to him, vigorously shaking a finger at him.

Jonathan stood completely stunned by his reaction and what he said. Not a moment of all he had recalled had involved them except with Bruce at the club. Why would they think he would do that?

"Fine." He slipped into his jeans leaving the room promptly.


"David, don't you think you're being just a little unreasonable here." Tony leaned toward the center of the table to express gently, but firmly. The stern look on his face and in his eyes told everyone at the table, he was controlling his anger.

"Unreasonable or no, this club is not going to stand a chance if we just liquidate the profits like this." The man sat back in his chair tossing his hands up at his sides trying to make his point to them, clear. He was obviously not going to bend on the matter, it seemed.

"In that case, perhaps we need a new manager. One that will do what we ask and see to our best interests." Bruce calmly stated, his eyes locked on the empty plate before him.

David watched the man appear to not be affected in the least by the proo

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