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CrossFit heats her up before fantasy is bested by reality.

George watching this with Robert couldn't help but think that Pat had made the wrong choice. The thin sari-like wrap around that Michelle was wearing slipped between her cheeks and laid there giving a perfect silhouette of her fantastic behind. From the way it sat between her cheeks it was obvious that either she had on a thong, or nothing at all (which actually was the case) and George nearly choked on the beer he was sipping. "Nice." he thought. "That's nice."

"Do you think one is colder than the others, Pat?" Michelle asked.

Pat leaned over putting one hand on Michelle's hip as he reached in testing first one bottle then the other two. "No, I think they're all about the same." and as the two of them raised up his hand grazed the whole of Michelle's bottom copping a feel of that perfectly round ass for the first time tonight.

After the glasses were filled, Michelle having her own concoction of soda, cranberry juice and bitters, the group seated themselves at the picnic table that sat only six. Pat suggested that he and Penny sit across from one another since they were married longest and she smiled knowing that he was trying to entice Robert to join his firm. What she didn't know was that, right now, enticing Robert was very far from Pat's mind. What was on his mind was Michelle.

So there they were Robert, Michelle, and Pat across from George, Penny, and Adrienne and the conversation started.

Pat started to say something and then stopped. Putting his hand on Michelle's thigh he said "Oh, we didn't set up the wine. I bought some great Italian reds. Should go fantastic with these steaks." He noticed that his hand wasn't on the wrap she was wearing, rather it was on the oh so smooth skin on the top of her thigh. What he didn't know was that one of the rules Robert had for her was that her skirt had to stay where it lay when she sat down. With this wrap dropping to the side on her right where Pat was sitting it left her nearly nude on that side. With that he gave her thigh a little squeeze and got up to gather the wine.

"Nice, I love Italian reds -- especially Barolo's with meat. You don't even need to drink them, all you need to do is stick your nose in and breathe in and you are transformed into another world." Robert's right hand was on Michelle's other thigh touching it softly as he spoke.

Adrienne "I don't know why anyone drinks anything other than champagne, or single malt. Everything else is just ... what's left after you drank something good."

George winced and touched Adrienne under the table. She looked at him with a glare and said quietly, but sternly in his ear "What?" Everyone heard her.

"Let's tone it down for tonight, please?" he whispered back.

Adrienne pinched his leg, "Sure honey, whatever you say."

With that Pat came back with bottles of Barolo, Brunello, and a Montepulciano that was to die for. He opened that one first went round the table to serve some to George and Robert, Penny and Adrienne still sipping their Veuve. Well Adrienne wasn't sipping hers she was on her second glass already and didn't have a reputation for holding her liquor well. When Pat came to Robert's side he made sure he was on Robert's right his hand on Michelle's shoulder as he poured and his eyes much lower as soon as he finished.

Sitting now Pat turned, leaned forward a touch and asked Robert "So Robert tell me something great about your lovely lady." As he did this his left hand slid over Michelle's thigh and, not noticing any resistance on her part, started to softly stroke it up and down loving the feel of her smooth skin. Michelle turned and looked at him without saying a word and then turned to Robert as he responded.

"Well, what is there to say? Michelle and I have a unique relationship and one that I cherish.

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