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Chris visits his country cousins.

On a warm summer's day, he wore a polo shirt and faded jeans. Moving across the room, he bent down to give his aunt a peck on the cheek. "How's it going, Sweetie?" his ancient relative cackled.

"Awful. Shitty. Fucked up. Lost a third of the value of our investments in the downturn."

"We're still rich, aren't we?"

"Shit yes," he said, with an irritated tone. "But these six months overseas were a massive waste of my time. Those Saudi bastards are less connected to reality than Wall Street, and don't get me started on the Gulf states. Fuck the Gulf of Aqaba. I'm ready to start investing Green, there's a couple of possibilities that may pay off in the long run."

"Windmill farms?"

"Maybe. Still checking things out."

"Did you have a good time there?"

"It was shit. No booze, no women, no porn. Hot as hell, too hot to play golf. Lots of casinos, but I don't like that crap. There's better ways to piss away your money."

"Well, you're home now, Sweetie, Brenda and I will take care of you. Sounds like you've got a lot of frustration to work out."

He nodded nervously and look at Brenda. She smiled at him sweetly, her eyes inviting, her hands trembling on the table in front of her, a thin layer of sweat forming on the freckled skin of her breasts.

"Would you like to do something now, Justin?" Brenda asked in a trembling tone.

Striding purposefully behind her, he reached over and scooped her breasts out of the halter top, squeezing them hard and pinching her long nipples. She gasped and her head rolled back and her eyes closed. Adele beamed as she watched, reaching inside her robe to stroke her long breasts. "We've missed you too, Sweetie. It's been too long. What vile, vicious things would you like to do to us?"

A maniacal look came over his face as he mauled the younger woman's tits, his fingers like miniature boa constrictors. "I'd like to tie up your tits, Auntie, nice and tight."

"Yes," Adele said, closing her eyes and pinching her nipples. "And then?"

Twisting Brenda's rock hard nubs savagely, pulling them out and drawing a high pitched yelp from her throat, he growled: "Turn your nipples red."

Adele shivered. "Oh, yes dearie, it's been too long. Did you hear that little nippies, you're going to be red tonight? And then?"

"Turn Brenda's nipples red."

"Sounds good. You'd like that, wouldn't you Brenda?" Brenda sighed and groaned in reply as Justin continued to maul her breasts.

"Then, the vice clamps," he continued.

"For her or me?" Adele asked sweetly.

"You, only for you Auntie."

"I can't wait to feel that cold hard steel. Oh, what about Brenda? Aren't going to do something really savage to her? I'd love to see you do something really vicious to her monster tits, maybe something that will leave a mark."

"Oh yes, master," Brenda whispered. "Leave your mark on me, make me yours forever."

Justin smiled wickedly. "I want to nail Brenda's tits to the table, whip the shit out of her, then fuck her from behind."

Brenda sighed and squeaked again as he gave her boobs a vicious squeeze and twist. Adele's toothless grin filled her wrinkled face and she fondled her own nipples. "Can I suck you when it's over? Lick your excess sperm and her cunt juices off your cock?"

Justin giggled. "Of course, Auntie."

"Well, let's get started," Adele said, opening her robe and pulling her long breasts out onto the table. She reached up for a rope close by, but he shook his head. Giving Brenda's nipples one last squeeze and throwing her heavy breasts hard on the table, he strode around quickly to take the rope off the wall.

Adele beamed as he began to circled around her ancient dugs, wrapping the rope around and around and over her head several times until he created a rope bra for the old woman. Her wrinkled nipples began to erect.

He reached over and pinched her nipples hard, his fingers leaving imprints for a few seconds when he released them.

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