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Geneen & Paula get Mark where they want him.

Lying in bed that evening after discovering Pete's fetish for cream pies I started to make my plans as to how I could get Pete to notice me in more than a professional, manner, and make love to me. Why use the services of a stranger from an escort agency to fulfill his fetish fantasies when I would do it willingly for free?

A week later when Pete had returned from his business trip, which considering he only had limited information and documents had gone very well, I decided I would put my plan into operation. I had thought about it and eventually decided that I had nothing to lose. If all went well I would end up fucking Pete. If it didn't go well I would possibly lose my job, but at least I could say that I had tried to get him inside my knickers.

The day came when I had decided to confront Pete regarding the fact that I knew about his cream pie fetish and see where the situation developed from there. I got up a little earlier than usual and took a long shower. I decided that if Pete were to get anywhere near my pussy later that day, then for his pleasure it needed to be smooth. I lathered up my pussy hair with soap, and set about removing it with my razor. Using long smooth strokes I removed all of my pubic hair apart from a small triangle above my slit. I had not done this for years and when I had finished I marveled at how sensitive my skin felt. In the shower I let my fingers brush over my smooth pussy lips and felt the sensitive flesh. I began to moisten as my finger easily slipped between my lips and probed the juicy area within. I closed my eyes and as I slipped a finger deep inside me began to imagine what it would feel like if it were Pete's cock instead of my own finger exploring my pussy. My nipples hardened and throbbed as I pushed my finger deeper inside of me. Suddenly the shower water went cold and I was jolted back to my senses. I quickly stepped out of the cubicle and dried off my body.

I prepared myself for work and as this was to be a special day I slipped on my white silk crotch less panties and matching bra. The silk of the panties framed perfectly the smoothness of my pussy. I meticulously applied my make up and did my hair. When I had finished and was ready to leave for work even I had to agree that I looked good enough to eat!

At the office I gave Pete an hour to go through his mail and sort out any important business before I turned off his intercom and phone, entered his plush office and closed and locked the door behind me. Pete looked up from his desk and the document he was working on and matter of factly said, "Hi Jenny, can I help you?"

Very nervously, and almost in a whisper I replied "No, but I think that I may be able to help you."

Pete looked up from his work now that I seemed to have his attention "what do you mean Jen?"

"I might be able to help you," I whispered again. I seemed almost lost for words now and could feel the palms of my hands getting clammy. I was really nervous and felt I should not continue with this. I knew could walk out from his office now and he would be none the wiser.

"How can you help me Jen?" Pete softly said.

Suddenly as my nerves overcame me I blurted out quickly in a rambling gabble "I'm sorry, I know about you and your cream pies, I know about the stories and pictures, I know about the girls, I know it all, I've seen it on your laptop and I am willing to do it all for free if you want."

"Hey, slow down." Pete said gently. Although I noticed he seemed suddenly to be not so sure and confident of himself.

"I'm sorry," I meekly said. "I know all about your cream pie fetish." I knew that this was make or break time now. Pete would most likely totally deny it and sack me for being a dirty liar. "I saw all the stuff on you computer when you were away."

Pete didn't sack me, he just stared at me for a few seconds then he said, "you know I don't mix business with pleasure don't you.

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