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Two cold-blooded burglars find the perfect mark.

The shoes gave her walk a slight sway and she felt very sexy in them.

Krystal kept checking the time and when 20 minutes had passed, she walked upstairs. She didn't see her mother, but she saw a Christmas Bow on the door to her mother's bedroom. She neared it and heard her mother call out "Krystal? Is that you? Open the door and come on in."

Krystal did as she was told and opened the door. The room was lit with candles and the scent of Jasmine filled the room. On the bed, with a red bow around her waist, was Karin, wearing a black negligee that Krystal had given her a few months earlier. She didn't look at all motherly, she looked exciting and hot.

"M-Mom?" Krystal sputtered out.

Karin grinned. "I have a confession, baby. I read your Diary."

Karin read aloud

I don't know how to tell Mom what's going on in my life lately. Working in the store, around Sonya and all the sexy customers, I've come to the realization that I'm a lesbian. Girls really do it for me and there are so many sexy women coming in here, I'm constantly turned on. The thing that I think would freak out Mom the most is the fact I think she's the sexiest woman I know. She's so smart and sexy and tall and blonde, I think of her and me together in bed and it makes me so horny. I know nothing will ever come of it, but it's my favorite fantasy to get myself off with.

Krystal was stunned by her mother's knowledge of her most intimate secret, but when Karin stood up and wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close, she nearly collapsed. Karin was kissing her like a lover kisses another lover, intimately, sweetly and her hands were cupping the cheeks of Krystal's ass in the pretty dress she was wearing. Krystal was almost melting into the kiss. Karin moved away and smiled.

Karin spoke to her daughter. "You're wearing pretty lingerie under there, I bet. I'm very flattered; do you really want me that much?" Krystal nodded. "Then, that will be my Christmas present to you, to take you as my lover. If you think that you can handle it, that is. Don't worry baby, you won't be the first woman I've slept with. I think I have a very sexy daughter and I'm flattered that she thinks I'm sexy too."

Almost unconsciously, Krystal was removing her clothes, her mother's eyes never leaving her body. "You ... you did all this for me? You've been with women before? Mom, all of this is a total surprise."

"I understand Krystal, so we'll take it slow. Yes darling, all of this is for you ... us. I've been with women several times. Do you remember Melissa?" Krystal nodded. "Well, before she met her girlfriend, she and I had an occasional thing going on. Nothing serious, just a fling. Oh, and let's just say there was a reason Sonya gave you the job on my say-so."

"You and my boss?" Krystal's blue eyes opened wide.

"I do like pretty black women," Karin purred, taking her daughter's hand. "I'm going to ask you one more time Krystal, is this something you're sure you want?"

"Fuck, YES Mom!" Krystal enthused. To prove her point, this time it was she who kissed Karin and she kissed her hard.

"Have you ever been with another girl or another woman before?" Karin asked. Krystal shook her head.

"You must not have read too much of my Diary, Mom. You'll be my first ... God, how hot is that?!"

"Very hot, yes. Come closer again, darling. Kiss Mommy; use your tongue, oh, how sweet. See how I'm dressed; do you like this on me?" Karin asked.

"Yes Mommy, very much. You're still wearing the stilettos Mommy, ooh, and you've got stockings on too. I love stockings Mommy, you've got the legs for them," Krystal cooed.

"Is that why you bought me the shoes baby, so that I'd look sexy in them?" Karin asked.

"Yes, Mommy," Krystal confessed.

"Then I'll wear them just for you," Karin smiled. "Let's make love Krystal, I'll show you how sexy it is to love another woman."

"Oh yes Mommy, please do!" Krystal sighed.

Karin pulled her daughter close and put Krystal's hand on her breasts

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