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Brighetta returns to Asmodeus to collect her reward.

"Come on, Jack. It can't be that bad. Out with. What is it?" goaded Veronica.

Jack's face reddened. "I'll whisper it to you," he said.

"Don't be silly. There's nobody here," said Veronica with a laugh.

"Please," he begged.

"Alright," responded Veronica, shrugging her head and shoulders in submission as Jack whispered his fantasy.

When Veronica heard Jack's fantasy she wanted to laugh, not at the fantasy itself but at the fact that he felt the need to whisper it. She thought the fantasy was kinky. It was a challenge but an exciting one.

"Oh Jack, you're such a sweet boy. I think we can arrange something to satisfy each of us," she said as she kissed him.

"You don't think it's too much?" asked Jack anxiously.

"Not at all," responded Veronica consolingly and held the young man close to her. "Good night, Jack. Pleasant dreams," she said.

"Goodnight, Veronica, he replied happily and kissed her before holding her tightly in his arms. Soon they were both asleep cradled in each other's arms.


Veronica woke to the sound of chirping birds and the warmth of the early morning sun as its rays beamed through window. It took her a moment to recollect what had transpired the previous night. She looked and saw an empty space in the bed where Jack had slept. Veronica stretched her arms before rubbing her short black hair. Just then the bedroom door opened and Jack entered, dressed in his gown and carrying a tray. "Some breakfast?" he asked with a smile.

"Ah, you're so good," responded Veronica as she took the tray and consumed the cereal before moving on to the toast and tea.

"What time s it?" she asked when she was finished.

"Just after eight thirty," replied Jack in a matter of fact tone.

"I promised to meet my Daughter Angela in town at ten. May I use your shower?" Asked Veronica.

"Of course," responded Jack with a sly grin.

It wasn't lost on Veronica. "Well, come on, then. You can scrub my back," she said with a giggle.

As the jets of steamy water sprayed about her Veronica Madden imagined she was in heaven. The image of a married woman with a younger lover was only something she had seen in movies and soap operas. Now she was about to have her desire fulfilled and she intended to enjoy it to the full. First she applied the soap to her breasts and then washed it away. Then she felt the gentle touch of her young lover's hands as the massaged and caressed them with expertise.

Aaah," she moaned with delight as she felt Jack's body touch her back. It was even more exciting when she felt his cock as it touched her buttocks.

"Shove it inside me, Jack," she instructed firmly and the young man duly obliged. After several moments of pounding in which both breathed deeply, Veronica released a short when she felt the explosion of cum inside her.

After drying off and getting dressed Veronica kissed Jack. "Oh Jack, you are so wonderful. I hope I wasn't a disappointment?" she concluded. Veronica knew she wasn't but she needed to hear Jack say it.

"Far from it," he said. "You were absolutely exceptional," he answered very enthusiastically.

This made Veronica smile and she kissed him again. "I'll phone when I have everything arranged and you won't be disappointed, I promise," she declared with another giggle.

"I'm sure I won't," responded Jack positively.

"I'll see you during the week," said very as she gave Jack one final kiss and headed for her car.


Monday was strange for Jack. He saw Veronica as she browsed the store. He studied her. To look at her she seemed your average conservative housewife. No one, especially Jack, would have guessed that under that exterior was a woman with a near bottomless well of female desires and passions.

Twice that same week, as Jack had his coffee break in the caf__, Veronica came and sat in the same spot.

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