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Unable to sleep and unable to get rid of the erection that seemed to permanently haunt him since having found Tori's underwear, Greg had gone to work in a bid to lose himself in his client's latest disaster. And it had worked, well almost. Disappointed that he hadn't made as much of an impression on Tori as she had made on him, he had only thought about her every three to four minutes rather than every other minute as he had when he'd woken up. Progress. But now his progress was hampered as Mike's friendly face popped around the door,

"Greg, Jesus it's Saturday - what are you doing here?"

Greg shrugged, unsure if he should confide in Mike, but surely Mike was the closest link he had to Tori. He didn't want to pester her by calling and anyway she had his number so she could call him if she wanted to. But if he enquired after her, then maybe Mike could help him out somehow?

Greg gestured to his papers in explanation and shrugged. Mike grimaced in sympathy,

"Oh that's shit isn't it? Well don't stay too long will you? I'm just on my way out with -"

Greg cut him off, "I went out with Tori."

Mike stopped and his eyes widened, "Actually went out? Like on a date?"

Greg nodded,"You gave me her number, remember?"

Mike continued to nod but Greg realised that Mike was astounded by his previous statement, this was compounded by,

"She went out with you? Jesus that's amazing!"

Greg frowned again, a little insulted now. Realising this, Mike scrambled to explain,

"No, you don't understand, Roni gives Vic a phone number a month of an eligible bachelor and every month, Vic looks at the number, makes some smart arse remark and life goes on. She went out with you huh?"

"Actually Mike, and please know that I'm not trying to be indiscreet or anything but I don't know what to do - she came home with me last night. We had a great night, at least I hope she did, but when I woke up this morning she was gone and I don't know what to do from here."

Mike sat heavily in the chair opposite Greg's desk and exhaled heavily,

"She went home with you? Last night? After your date? And then she had sex with you?" Mike was staring at Greg as though he had grown two heads.

"Don't be a prick Mike"

Mike shook his head, "I'm not being a prick. You don't understand. Victoria Grayson has not even looked at another man since her fucker of a fiance didn't show up for their wedding two years ago."

Greg sank back in his chair, exhaling loudly. Poor Tori, poor him.

"Shit!" he exhaled, "So what do I do?"

"About what?" a voice trilled as the door to Greg's office opened and to his horror in walked Tori's big sister Veronica Collins.

Mike jumped up, "Hey baby, this is a private conversation - can you give us a couple of minutes?"

But such is the strength of marriage that Veronica knew when her husband was being shifty, and knew that there was a story there to be heard. Veronica looked from Mike to Greg and back between them again, narrowing her eyes as she put two and two together and made... five,

"Does he not want to go out with Vic? Is he reneging?"

Both men denied this vehemently but Veronica was already on her high horse and preparing to gallop away,

"How dare you! My sister is beautiful and talented and funny and you'd be lucky to have her."

Greg raised his hands to placate her but she kept on going,

"She runs her own business and is amazing with kids and she's kind and loving and - "

"I know!" Greg shouted, stilling the room into silence. Veronica narrowed her eyes at him,

"What do you mean you know? You haven't met my sister - how would you-"

The cogs turned once more and this time she came up with the correct total,

"Have you been out with Victoria?" she whispered ominously.

Not waiting for an answer, she swung back to her husband,

"Did you know about this?"

"Not until about fifteen minutes ago."

She swung back to Greg,

"Well?" Veronica demanded

"Well what?" Greg argued back getting quite annoyed at being shouted at.

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