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Musician picked up by two women at a wedding.

"Get off? What for?"

"So you can search the bushes while I check the tracks," sighed the pink haired girl.


Blipping the throttle a couple of times, Tracy dropped the clutch and they made their way deeper into the gloom...

With her lungs feeling fit to burst, Sindy could hear the bike getting closer. Knowing there was no way she could outrun them, she quickly scanned her surroundings for somewhere to hide. She was now standing on the edge of a large valley, on the other side of which there was a thick covering of bushes and deep undergrowth; quickly running down the bank, across the muddy pit at the bottom and scrambling up the other side, the blonde crawled into the bushes and lay still just as the bike appeared at the top of the opposite bank. From her hiding place Sindy watched as Viva got off the bike and Tracy pointed towards the bushes.

"Oh shit," she whispered to herself, feeling her heartbeat quicken and her insides wince.

"Siiiiindyyy!" Viva giggled, blowing the horn as she edged closer. With the stocky girl now only few yards away and convinced that she would find her, Sindy knew she would have to make a run for it; taking a deep breath, she broke cover clambered up the steep bank.

"THERE!" yelled Tracy, pointing excitedly at their target.

Spotting the blonde, Viva scrambled up the bank in pursuit. As the pair reached a clear grassy area, Sindy slipped at the worst possible moment and her pursuer grabbed her by the ankle.

"Gotcha!" beamed Viva triumphantly, but her victory was short lived; kicking wildly, Sindy sent the stocky girl rolling down the bank and face first into the mud. Grinning to herself as she heard Viva squealing in disgust, Sindy made good her escape and disappeared over the top of the bank.

"Uuugh...oh God!" Viva groaned, dragging herself out of the pit and wiping the mud from her face and clothes; pulling up next to her, Tracy parked the bike and picked up her dishevelled lover.

"Aww; are you okay babe?" she asked, desperately trying not to laugh, but failing miserably.

"Oh yeah! Funny isn't it?" Viva snapped, smearing the mud off her jacket and flicking it away.

"Sorry babe," she smiled, biting her lip.

"Just wait 'til I get my hands on that lanky bitch!" the stocky brunette growled, trying to get the last of the mud out of her pigtails.

"Come on quick, get on," said Tracy, impatiently revving the bike.

"Alright alright!"

Viva jumped on the back and they set off but when they reached the top of the bank, Sindy was nowhere to be seen.

"She can't have got far," said Tracy, scanning the surrounding bushes as they slowly made their way down the track.

"You shouldn't have stopped for me; you should have gone straight after her," Viva grumped, "we'd have caught her by now."

"I was checking to see you were okay, you nazzy little git! Anyway don't worry, we'll get her"...

After almost an hour of this game of cat and mouse, Sindy reckoned she was about two thirds of the way to the finish line. She hadn't heard the bike for about ten minutes so she guessed they had gone the other way; deciding to break cover, she crawled out from under the bushes and set off down the track, confident she could reach the signpost before they turned round and came back. Suddenly her confidence turned to horror as the bike appeared about fifty yards dead ahead of her, its beaming pink haired rider revving the engine. With her insides turning to water, she was about to turn and run when someone slammed into her side and sent her crashing to the ground.


"YES!" Viva yelled victoriously, straddling the blonde and holding her face down, "you're not getting away this time!"

"Uuuugghhh...okay...okay got me," Sindy groaned, not even trying to wriggle free, it would be pointless; Viva might have been small, but she was strong.

"Hello there," Tracy smiled as she pulled up on the bike, "well, that was a very good attempt, you got quite a long way."

"Thanks, what happens now?" Sindy asked nervously.

"Now you pay your forfeit," beamed Viv

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