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A modern day perfect housewife with submissive tastes.

Stepping back she took stock. Her blue eyes were framed by the makeup and her lips looked big and pouty. The blush and eyeliner made her look like a regular slut. She giggled at her reflection.

Entering the bedroom, she stood before the full length mirror and donned the chain, clipping it in back. Then, she slid into the heels.

That was it.

In the mirror, she turned this way and that.

Her large, tear-drop shaped breasts, capped by dollar-sized pink aureole stood up by themselves. She took care of her breasts, and thought they were one of her best which Tom readily agreed.

The chain hugged her waist loosely, but not too loosely, at the perfect level just around her hips.

Continuing the inventory in the mirror, she saw her neatly trimmed pubic area between her thighs. Her legs, shapely from regular workouts disappeared into the black heels.

Talking a step back, she turned, to see her bare ass...she looked not hot...horny would be more the word. Standing there in her "costume," and slutty makeup, she looked like some kind of porn star right out of what Tom called "fuck flicks."

There was no way she could actually go out in public like that though. Although it was Halloween, and she was supposed to be Lady Godiva (according to Tom), the reality was that she was stark naked.

Her nipples tingled, growing erect.

Closing her eyes, she imagined the scene, for a moment. Walking through the party "dressed" as Lady Godiva with everyone staring at her naked body.

She moistened at the thought, wetting her inner thighs slightly. The idea turned her on...she had to admit that to herself...but still...she couldn't actually go through with it.

Could she?

The likelihood that there would be anyone she knew at the company party was slim to none. Maybe she could cheat by donning a wispy pair of panties and a bra...still giving Tom his thrill (and honestly, giving her a thrill too).

But the card had said that she wasn't to bring anything else.

Running a palm slowly over her taught belly, she moved it towards the warmth between her legs.

Besides, Lady Godiva was naked. There was nothing in the story about Lady Godiva wearing heels, but she knew that was for Tom.

Unconsciously, her index finger reached her clitoris and she pressed lightly...watching her naked body shiver in the mirror.

Her breathing came heavier.

If only she could do it, she thought to herself, watching her breasts rise and fall...inviting her other hand to roll a nipple lightly between her fingers.

Before she could talk herself out of it, she walked downstairs, grabbed her car keys from the hook in the kitchen and stood behind the front door.

Opening the door slightly, she peered out.

At five o'clock, the street was still empty. The late October day was waning, but still plenty of light to see by...if she actually went outside, anyone would be able to see her.

She shivered...not from the cold. In southern California, the weather in October is warm enough.

Wetness rolled down her inner thighs and her nipples pulled at her.

She was shivering from fear, and excitement.

Jamie pulled the door open wider, standing in the frame. Across the street, the driveways were empty.

Suddenly, she chickened out.

Closing the door, she went back up to the bedroom and retrieved her thin, black, waist length teddy from the closet.

After pulling it over her, she looked in the mirror. It was mostly transparent, and revealed a hell of a lot more than it should have...but it was better than nothing.

If she was going to indulge Tom's bet-fantasy by going out in public totally naked, he would have to live with it.

Then she changed her mind.

No, she lost the bet fair and square, and would live up to her end of the deal...just as she would expect him to do.

Pulling the teddy over her head again, she tossed it on the bed and marched back down stairs.

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