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She moves in with her mother and learns her secret.

It was these things that you were having trouble learning. After class, we went to the instructor, and told him that you were having some problems. At first, he began to tell us that you'd soon catch on, but I knew you, it's always been much easier for you to learn when it's one on one instruction. I explained to Mr. Erikson that you would be able to learn it quicker, if I was able to help you, and that we wanted to know if we could have the use of the pool that day. He was surprised at first, but not un-reluctant. He told us that as long as we promised to make sure that the doors were shut tightly after we were done, that he had no problem with it, he in fact commended our dedication to school and to each other.

It wasn't an hour and he was gone, he reminded us once again that when we left we were to make sure the doors were shut tight, he'd lock them on the way out. We began slowly, I showed you how to do each movement in the water, and after each had you do them. We went over what you were doing wrong, and what you were doing right. When we felt confident that you'd learned it all, we began to just play in the pool. We splashed, and swam, and teased each other for a little bit. I swam to the side of the pool, and held on to catch my breath. I told you it was getting late, and that we should really start heading for home. I turned around and looked at you, and you had this look on your face, I couldn't imagine what had gotten into you, but your face had gone blank, your eyes, it was like they were on fire.

Thomas, what's wrong, are you OK? You smiled at me, but it was a scary smile, I'd never seen you look like that. It was almost evil. You grabbed me by the hair, and turned me around. I screamed, it was the first time in 18 years that I had ever been afraid of you. You grabbed my bathing-suit in one hand and ripped it. You pulled out what was the largest cock I'd ever seen, and slammed it deep into my pussy. I tried to fight you off me, but you were much to strong. You pushed me hard against the side of the pool, and began to thrust into me. I begged and cried, I tried to get you to stop, but it seemed as though you didn't hear me.

You growled in my ear, you've teased me far too long Tanya, and now I'm going to take what should have been mine to begin with. It struck me suddenly what you said. I'd known before that you became aroused often when you were near me. We did nearly everything together, had since we were little, but I didn't think I had teased you. I could feel the strength in your hands as they held me to the side. I felt every thrust as you pulled that huge cock out of me to the head and then slammed it back in again to the base. I screamed with each thrust. It began to feel good, but I couldn't believe you were doing this to me. I felt almost betrayed from it, and from the feelings I was experiencing. I wanted you inside me, and I didn't want you to stop, but at the same time I knew that it was wrong, I knew that you shouldn't be doing this.

Oh Thomas, how can you? You growled in response, and trusted harder, your hand reached around and grabbed my breast, you squeezed it hard and then pinched my nipple. My screams turned to moans, but I couldn't let this happen. I tried to buck you off me, but that only made your next thrust go deeper. I could hear your breathing get heavier, I knew you would cum soon. Oh God no! I heard you cum before I felt it. Your growls were loud and directly in my ear. The I felt the hot rush of your nut as it burst into my pussy.

When you had cum, you grabbed my arm and pulled me to the shallow end.

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