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I break new ground at Sarah's birthday party.

Her thumb deftly stroking back and forth across the dark brown nipple. She continued to lean into Courtney, causing Courtney to lean back against the sofa. Michelle slid up on top of her, sliding her thigh up against Courtney's pussy, which was dripping. She pushed her thigh up against the pussy as she lay up against Courtney, their lips continuing the erotic dance. Courtney brought her arms around Michelle, stroking her back, sliding down and grabbing Michelle's ass. She pulled Michelle into her as the kiss continued and deepened. Michelle's hand slowly slid down Courtney's side, reaching her hips and the jeans. Lifting herself up just enough, her hand unsnapped the jeans and slid the zipper down. As she continued to kiss Courtney, her hand slid in, along the panties, feeling Courtney's wetness.

"You are so wet, you are loving this." Michelle told Courtney.

"Yes, Oh G-d, I am so wet, you have me dripping Michelle, ohhh," Courtney gasped as Michelle's fingers lightly pushed against Courtney's lips, touching her clit through the fabric.

"I suggest we take this to my room, and I am going to enjoy licking that delightful pussy."

"Michelle, lets, please, yes, I cannot wait for you to lick my pussy, to make me cum," Courtney moaned in response.

Michelle's Room

Michelle slid off of Courtney, stood up and helped her up as well. Beckoning Courtney with her finger she walked slowly to her room. Courtney followed, watching the swaying of Michelle's hips. She watched as Michelle stopped at a closed door, turned around to look at her, smiling, and began to slide her pants down to the floor. Moving back up, she turned around, showing off her lace black thong. Courtney smiled, looking at the beautiful sight. She slid her own jeans down her legs, stepping out of them, and standing in only her pink bikini panties. She blushed as Michelle looked her up and down, licking her lips. Michelle turned around and opened the door, walking in. Courtney followed, entering the room. The shades were drawn and candles were lit throughout the room.

"Welcome," Michelle said huskily, "I'm glad I was able to get you in here."

Courtney just smiled. She watched as Michelle placed her hands on her thong and began to slid it to the floor, she kept her legs tight together, bending at the knee, the entire time maintaining eye contact. When she stood back up, Courtney saw Michelle's shaved pussy. It was unlike any experience in the locker-room or a sleep over, she felt desire, a strange urge to fall to her knees and kiss it.

"Take off your panties, let me see all of you." Michelle said.

Courtney smiled and slowly complied, doing her best to make it as erotic as possible. With her panties gone, her last vestige of clothing was gone, she stood naked before another woman. Michelle looked Courtney up and down.

"How wet are you?" Michelle asked.

"Why don't you find out." Courtney replied, suddenly stopping and realizing what she had said.

"I think I will, but first on the bed and spread those legs, you are going to love this." Michelle told her.

Courtney climbed unto the bed, moving up to the pillows before rolling over to face Michelle. She spread her legs, revealing her glistening lips. She was breathing heavily, her arousal touching every part of her body, she was quickly becoming enraptured by this Sapphic experience. "I want you to make me cum, to lick me," Courtney pleaded.

Without saying a word, Michelle climbed up on the bed, sliding on top of Courtney.

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