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Artist sees his muse in a new light.

"Go on," said Farkas, already feeling a little nervous.

"Why do you have a bar in your room?"

The far corner of his room, opposite the door, had a short but obvious bar. Most people would have a desk, or a bookshelf in their room. Farkas had a bar.

"Is this all part of your tavern wench fetish?" Lyara teased him.

Farkas laughed and blushed. "No, it's not a fetish." He sat up and rubbed his eyes. "A few years ago, I had a strange fancy that I would leave the Companions one day, and that I perhaps should have another trade to fall back on. I have always quite liked the idea of being a carpenter, so as a way to practice, and something to do with my free time, I built a bar."

"In your room?" asked Lyara, still bemused.

"Yes. Where else could I have built it?"

Lyara looked at it again. It did appear to be well made.

"So, you see yourself leaving the Companions at some point?" she asked

Farkas thought about his answer before speaking. "I love what I do. I'm good at it, but I will never be a leader like Kodlak - able to sit and pour over books and scrolls when I am too old to fight. I need to do something physical, it's where my strength lies."

He put his arms round her waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Also, I have had thoughts recently about maybe settling down, and starting a family. The life of a Companion is too dangerous for married folk. Married Companion's tend to find themselves widowed fairly quickly."

Lyara's face split into a huge grin. A family? Thoughts of a home, and children were the stuff of dreams for her, but maybe, once all this nonsense was over, there was a chance.

"A family would be great," she whispered, and kissed him softly on the lips.

"For now though, I need to find us somewhere to live." She continued. "Living here at Jorrvaskr is great, but I think that we need our privacy." She said as she stood to get dressed. She didn't want to wear the red dress in her pack as she wanted to keep that for best. She realised that the plain dress Tilma gave her was still in Kodlak's old room, so she went to fetch it.

Farkas looked on in amusement as she walked out of his room in nothing but her underwear. He was fully dressed by the time she got back clothed in the cream dress.

"I'm going to go see the Proventus, and sort out this house."

"Okay, my love," he said, gathering her in his arms for a quick kiss. "I need to go find Vilkas."
She winced at him. "Good luck," she said, as she waved a quick goodbye.
As she was stepping out of his room, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back inside kissing her once more, deeply this time. He looked gently into her eyes.

"You know ... I never did anything with the wench in Ivarstead. After you left I felt awful, and gave her some coin then sent her packing. I fell asleep moments later in my bed. Alone."

Lyara didn't say anything, fearful that her voice would betray the emotions of relief and love welling up inside her. She stroked his cheek and went on her way.

Farkas found his brother in his quarters. He knocked and walked in, and Vilkas looked up and smiled at his brother.

"How goes the hunt, brother?"

"It goes well, brother." Farkas replied, as he desperately tried to remember the speech he had rehearsed.

"Have you finished escorting our new Harbinger on her nonsense trips?

I hope so, as I want to ask you to do a favour for me." His brother asked.

Farkas winced slightly at the way Vilkas had said the word 'Harbinger'.

"Brother, it is about the Harbinger ... about Lyara that I wish to talk to you."

Vilkas just looked at him a little puzzled.

"I ... er ... have had feelings for her for some time now." He was interrupted by an incredulous sputter from his twin, but he didn't speak so Farkas continued.

"Look ... while we were on the road ... we ... got married." Farkas braced himself for the onslaught.

Vilkas just stared at his. He then rolled his eyes, and stood up laughing at him.

"Why did you go and do a fool thing like that? If you wanted to get your dick wet, you should have just gone ahead and bedd

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