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Beautiful Korean American seeks relief from DC heat.

She moaned a little into the kiss; which he picked up on, unable to miss the vibration coming from her mouth. She always did have a good figure- something Threos constantly reminded her of- and her full chest was no exception. The way she looked with her clothes on really didn't do it justice. She sighed into him, and he felt her back arching slightly as he played with her chest. He let his thumb roll over her now hard nipple, feeling her twitch in reaction as he did so.

She was letting herself get lost in the sensation, as he skillfully rubbed, pinched pulled with exactly the right amount of force to make her weak at the knees. Gently, during one of their kisses she tried biting his lower lip, which resulted in a surprised noise from him, and a return pinch from his hands, a little harder than usual. She felt a mix of pain and pleasure shoot through her at the action, and moaned in delight to show her approval. Anabelle went to move her arms, realising she was still clinging to the paper in her hands, and that it had become rather crumpled. A while ago, she might have cared and tried to fix it, but right now it was the least of her worries.

Realising she'd started moving, Threos decided to help her, releasing her breasts momentarily and breaking their kiss, looking down at her with a devious smile. He turned her around and laid her on the floor, unintentionally knocking over a stack of paper as they did. Luckily Anabelle didn't seem to notice. Once he laid her down, he pulled her shirt up and over her head, removing it completely. He then got back to his work. One hand inching further and further up the outside of her thigh, up and under her skirt, the other exploring the dip in her waist, right where she was most sensitive. He kissed her for a while longer before slowly and agonisingly kissing his way down to her breasts, leaving a number of marks as he did so, since the ones he'd left previously had faded.

"Th-Threos!!" She hissed quietly in protest. "Everyone will be able to see there..."

"It's fine," he said it in that same deep voice. "That way everyone will know you're mine."

Normally she might have complained, telling him off for talking about her like some sort of object to own, but right now she didn't care. Threos did have a tendency to get extremely possessive when it came to her. He didn't see the issue. Sometimes during more intimate moments, he'd leave a mark on her by sucking or biting, and then remind her that she belonged to him. Normally he wasn't really like that; but during lovemaking he rarely forgot to remind her, sometimes not conceding until she nodded or agreed in some form. Anabelle had a theory that perhaps it had something to do with how Satyrs normally were with women, and it was his way of telling other potential suitors to back off. Of course it wasn't really even an issue, but it seemed to be a fairly normal concept to him.

Anabelle's breath hitched as he played with her chest using his mouth. He gently grazed her with his teeth, and sucked on her nipples, causing her to gasp in pleasure. His right hand continued exploring the highs and lows of her body with feather light touches, her lip trembling every time it passed by the spot just to the lower right of her breast. He knew exactly where it felt best for her, and he made sure to pay extra special attention there.

Just as Anabelle was beginning to really relax into it and let Threos have his way with her, she heard footsteps down the hall. Her eyes flung open at the realisation that somebody might catch them. Threos seemed to catch her drift, but for some reason he was still smiling.

Anabelle didn't have time to think about it, so she sat up quickly, realising that she was in quite the compromising state.

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