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Ryan finds out his fate...

He will be lustful and will hurry your way. He will be ready and eager even for coitus.

Watch him masturbate: Men love to expose themselves to females. Ask him out of the blue to strip naked and to sit down and start masturbating for you. Do it with a forceful but gentle voice, not pleading amorously, but rather, requesting politely but matter-of-factly, as if you were asking him to go to the store to buy you some bread. You can achieve best effect if you catch him by surprise (the element of surprise should never be underestimated) and ask him explicitly: as in, "I need you to masturbate in front of me. Please go upstairs and strip naked. I will be up in a second." As you will see, he will not ask you why, and may even suppress the expression of his surprise. When you go upstairs, remain fully clothed and maintain a distance. If you have glasses, put them on. Your task is to watch him fully, your eyes focused on his penis. Minimize your smiling, but nod approvingly as he masturbates. He will be watching you closely, so once in a while make eye contact, but then shift your stare back to his penis and testicles. He will like the fact that you are watching his genitalia. They should be the focus of your stare. Ignore his pleas to come to bed: answer such please by saying, "focus on the masturbation," or "you are doing well." When you feel that he his climbing towards ejaculation and orgasm, ask him to slow down. This is the point when you need to undress your lower part and quickly get on bed to engage him in coitus. Keep as much of your clothes on as possible. He will be very excited by having coitus with you with most of your clothes on.

Masturbate in front of him: Men love watching women masturbate, almost more than engaging in coitus with them. I have noticed this not only with my husband, but also with the other men that I have had coitus with (with the full permission of my husband). They like to watch a woman pleasure herself and it arouses them very much. My husband moans loudly with lust when he catches me masturbating and has an immediate erection. (He has a large collection of pornographic DVDs dedicated to female masturbation and ejaculation.) The key thing is to have your male catch you masturbating by surprise. Again, the element of surprise is key. It is also ideal that he catch you masturbating while watching a pornographic movie or magazine.

Of course, women have a completely different philosophy about masturbation than men and masturbate not by watching raw sex in front of them, but by fantasizing, but males don't understand that. When they catch a woman watching pornography, they relate to that and it makes them excited. If you are able to verbalize yourself while watching by using coarse words, that would arouse the male even more. For best results, the male should be able to sneak up on you and watch you without your knowledge -- or at least, with him thinking that you don't know you are watching. At some point, he will not be able to contain himself and will move to engage in coitus with you. Readily spread your vaginal lips and order him to "put it in". Reach out for his penis and then loudly spit on it for lubrication and eagerly advance your vagina towards the penis for penetration. You will see that his eyes are red. This is the natural reaction of a male who is about to penetrate a fully aroused female.

Smell his anus while he farts: if you are able to stand the stench of human excrement, being able to take a deep breath while you male is farting will earn you a lot of points with your male.

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