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Marcella teaches Olivia how to dance.

That night, I couldn't sleep, completely sexually charged up. I wandered through the village, hearing moans, cries, and raw screams of pleasure coming from nearly every hut. The thin grass walls concealed nothing, from the rapid wet rub-rub-rub of a Vahinaki teenage girl enjoying a pre-bedtime frig to the raw, hoarse-throated screams of "Fuck me!" and "Fist me for the moon goddess!" that emanated from the lodge shared by three longtime council members who had magnificently voluptuous figures in their early 50's. When I was conducting my survey, one of them had casually shown me a huge, earthenware vessel painted with red orchids and brimming with refined coconut oil. Now I knew what it was used for.

I wanted so badly to be inside there, fucking, sucking, and screaming my lust out into the tropical night with those gloriously disinhibited island goddesses. Little did I know that I would soon accede to a stature higher than theirs, and get everything I wanted.

Mahina came to me one day when I was reviewing my notes on my chaise in the garden and handed me a scroll. "It's from the council," she explained, trit-trotting away before I could demand a further explanation. I removed the red ribbon and read the message. To make a long story short, they were inviting me to become the Matuatele.

Unique among the many goddesses worshipped on Vahinaki, the Matuatele is considered to be a living deity who resides within the community. Her word is law. There has been a succession of Matuateles extending back nearly 2,000 years, according to the council's records. According to legend, her name is whispered on the northern breeze into the ears of the council, and she is always a woman of at least 40 years of age who did not grow up on Vahinaki. I was to become the first white woman to become a living goddess, and as Mahina breathlessly told me when I caught up with her a few minutes, this was a first, but had also been prophesied.

Naturally, I accepted. Tributes of food, flowers, and jewelry began to appear outside my door each morning. As I walked through the market each morning, women would prostrate themselves at my feet, kneel beseechingly before me for a caress from my hand and a word of blessing. And my always rapacious libido went into overdrive.

The primary role of the Matuatele is to complete the sexual education of young women living on Vahinaki before they move into a long-term relationship.

There is a set path toward womanhood here. Up until the age of 15, girls concentrate on their schooling, from arts and languages to astronomy and mathematics. For the next three years, they focus on perfecting their domestic and managerial skills. At 18, they are permitted to choose a husband or long-term lover from the men on Nukunga, and the man is not permitted to refuse when formally approached. However, many forgo men altogether except for procreation, and concentrate on heightening their pleasure with other women, with whom they may also partner. Both monogamy and polygamy are common here. And worshipping the Matuatele, under her decadent, knowledgeable, and sometimes cruel tutelage, is a necessary rite of passage for women between the ages of 18 and 28 here.

Before I tell you more about my little Ailani, I should confess some of the other deliciously bold, wicked, and nasty things I have done since assuming the mantle of the Matualele. And imagine - I still have two years left to go on Vahinaki.

After I became the Matuatele, I established a mistress-slave relationship between myself and Mahina.

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