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A slave learns about asking for permission.

His mind was spinning. How could he stop this? What could he do?

Grey took his little knife, still wet with Katherine's blood, and cut Killian's shirt of the girl's trembling body. As he pulled the cloth away, all four men fell silent. God, she was beautiful.

The smooth fair skin, the taut curves, the fading bruises. Her full breasts, straining forward as the girl pulled against the rope that bound her arms behind her back, so plump and firm and smooth. Her nipples, so delicate and pink, quickly hardening in the cabin's cold air. Her stomach and legs were slender, but muscled, and even sitting down it was clear that her ass was round and tight. Between her tightly closed legs, they could see the fainted trace of her puffy pink lips and silky slit.

Seeing her there, Killian remembered the day he first captured her. Tearing her clothes from that perfect body and thrusting his cock so deep into that tight, velvet little pussy. He hadn't fucked her in nearly a month. His cock was suddenly straining against his pants, remembering how hot and sweet and delicious that plump little cunt was. How her skin had shone like glass when he fucked her. How she had even moaned his name for him. He wanted her again, so badly. She was so beautiful, tied to that chair. Her bruises were almost gone. He remembered how good it felt to stroke her after he'd hit her, feel the warmth he'd created radiating from her creamy skin.

Stark stepped forward and ran his hands over Katherine's firm breasts, moaning as he felt how utterly soft and perfect Katherine's skin was. He traced over her hard nipples, rolling them softly between his fingers.

"Stop it," Katherine snapped, unable to stop herself. The three men were surprised, laughing a little.

"Looks like you haven't broken her," O'Hanaghan sneered.

"I have," Killian growled.

"Prove it. Let's have her, shall we? Like the good old days. See how obedient you've got her."

Killian couldn't stop his mind from picturing it. Stark on his back on the floor, his thick, seven-inch cock pointing up as his hand ran up and down the shaft. Grey would lower Katherine down, impaling her sweet pussy on Stark's cock. It wouldn't matter if she squirmed a little, tried to get away. Stark liked it like that. When she'd settle in a little, O'Hanaghan would come up behind her, spread those tight little ass cheeks wide. It wouldn't matter to him; hadn't he already fucked that little ass? Maybe Grey would hold Katherine's ass cheeks wide so O'Hanghan would have an easier time forcing the fat head of his eight-inch cock into Katherine's tight hole. He wondered what she'd think of that-having two cocks in her at once, separated by only her delicate skin and muscles. Feeling them push against each other inside her. He wondered if she'd be wet for it, her juices sliding over Stark's skin, making it glisten. He'd shove his cock in Katherine's mouth then. It'd keep her quiet, and give him the best view-her hard nipples, her smooth skin, the two cocks filling up her holes. Grey'd be stroking his own cock, pinching Katherine's nipples, sometimes holding her down if she wriggled around a bit too much. It wasn't an unappealing picture. His cock was straining against his pants at the thought of it.

Except for one thing. He wanted to fuck Katherine. He didn't relish the thought of sharing any part of her with these other men. There were other things to consider about that, too. Sometimes the men got carried away. Sometimes the girl suffered the consequences of that. He'd watched as they dug more than one grave.

By this time, Grey and Stark were each sucking one of Katherine's nipples, their dirty hands cupping her smooth white tits. Her eyes were closed, her mouths screwed shut.

"She's mine," Killian announced loudly. "You can touch her a bit, sure. Maybe I'll even show you how good she is with her mouth. But no one's fucking her. No one but me."

He pulled Katherine up roughly, away from Grey's and Stark's drooling mouths.

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