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Her brother's insistence is her undoing.

I didn't know what it was, but my body did not want it.

Emerson set down his cup and put his hand to my chest. He rubbed it down in slow strokes and then pressed on various parts of my face and chest. My body began to warm and buzz at his touch. It soothed my aching muscles and brought this deep flood of happiness that spread out from my center. I laughed and Emerson smiled at me. He nodded and we hugged each other.

I put my chin on his shoulder. He had such a calming presence. I lifted my eyes to see Amir watching us from the doorway. He smiled and raised one hand when he saw me. He was half turned to us, but also looking at something in the living room. He had dressed in a tight white tank top and preppy shorts in a camouflage print that made his ass look full and perfect.

"Dad used to make us do yoga too when we were younger. He didn't like us getting into contact sports but father insisted when we were old enough for soccer. Right, dad?" Amir said. He signed to his dad who nodded and shrugged as though he really had been against it.

"I like yoga and your dad is crazy good at it!" I said. Amir translated as he eyed my yoga pants hungrily. I couldn't take my eyes off of him either.

"He says you're pretty good too. We're going to the bike track when father gets back. You can ride with me! I'll go slow with you," Amir said.

I went to take a shower and found clothes Emerson had left for me when I got out. It was a white tank top with a somewhat see through blue t-shirt to go over it. There was a fresh pair of blue briefs and blue shorts with a pattern of little white penguins all over them. He'd put out a small can of this spray deodorant that made me smell like baby powder. I used it conservatively.

I came out to find Emerson waiting for me. He must have taken a shower in the twins' bathroom. He looked fresh in a pair of white shorts and tight white shirt. He held up a bottle of sunblock and squirted some in my hands. When I didn't put enough on he shook his head and gave me more.

"They're crazy about sunblock. The sun is intense in our parts of the world. Better slick up if you want to go with us," Ali said as he wandered in. He was dressed similar to Amir but with a black tank top. I never really saw them try to match each other.

"I love the shirt... You look hot, Kas. Dad picked it out?" Amir said when he popped in behind Ali. He moved around his brother to stand beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. He signed to his father who smiled.

"He knows what you like. I guess he does want us to be together," I laughed. He translated for Emerson who nodded and beamed with pride. Amir blushed a little but put his arms around me and moved behind me to kiss my neck. He was a little less inhibited with Emerson there instead of Mr. Hamad. I guess the Arab father was the stricter one.

Emerson pulled my hair up into a tight bun and secured it with two wire pins.

Amir and I went downstairs to the coffee place in the lobby and ordered drinks while we waited for his father to come back. I told him about my morning talk with Mr. Hamad.

"Oh no! He brought up grandchildren? I'm so sorry, Kasper. He can be so embarrassing sometimes! I mean we just met! It's not like I like you like that! I swear!" Amir was flustered.

"You don't like me?" I asked as we sat with our drinks.

"Oh! No! I didn't mean it like that. I mean yeah you're... perfect..." Amir stammered.

"But not perfect for you..." I said with a look of sorrow. I enjoyed the tortured look on his face for exactly five seconds and then burst out laughing.

"That was mean," Amir laughed. He swiped his finger through the whipped cream atop his drink and rubbed it on my nose.

"Boys! There you are," Mr. Hamad said as he came towards us. Amir grabbed a napkin and dabbed at my nose.

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