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Domme punishes her female slave.

His cock was quivering with excitement as his tongue lapped the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in my unshaven untrimmed armpits. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" he moaned "your armpits are amazing dear it's like a pussy except it's two of them" he moaned as he cried out "Aahgggggghhhhhh" again.

His cock was pulsating with excitement and though he had stopped stroking it and his mouth and lips and even hands were amongst the heavy hair in my bushy armpits it started bobbing and jets of cum streamed out of his cock like molten lava as he spurted his cum on the floor. He had cum without either of us jerking his stiff penis.

Now the two of them anted to fuck me. I reached out and took Tim's flaccid dick in my mouth. But he took it out and all he did was put it in my furry armpits. This was his favorite way to get hard. Anytime he wanted to get hard all he did was rub his cock in the thick bushy hair in my armpits. Lo behold his cock sprang up hard and thick as he pushed it into the dense thicket in my untrimmed underarms. Steve was still limp and I put his dangling monster cock into my mouth. While Tim pushed his cock into the jungle in my hairy armpits I cupped Steve's penis in my hands and sucked it a full erection.

Steve had me now on my side facing away from him and was fucking me from behind. I have a very hairy asshole and when Steve put his swollen dong into my asshole I felt a sharp pain. I asked him to pull out and he got into my pussy doggie style. I then started to blow Tim much as he resisted while Steve fucked me from behind. He was putting a real pounding on me and I could hardly keep Tim in my mouth as Steve was marauding me with his large equipment.

I was now ready for his asshole assault. I told him to put his cock back into my hairy asshole. I have a lot of crinkly hair in my asshole too and as he speared my asshole I felt the pain again. But I soon got used to it as Steve ever so slowly worked more and more of his cock in until he was ball deep. He just let it stay there, letting me get used to it. I moved down and started licking the entire length of Tim's penis but he as enjoying Steve anally fucking me. Steve slowly started moving his cock in and out, taking very short, slow strokes and then he started getting longer strokes.

Within minutes he was thrashing me and he suddenly spurted his cum into my hairy asshole. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh I am cumming in your hairy asshole" he screamed depositing his seed into my hairy asshole.

I started to work on Tim's penis. In all his excitement he had grown large again and as I took it into my mouth he started to enjoy my cocksucking. Steve was examining my sweat filled hairy armpits and the amount of copious hair I had in my untrimmed shaggy armpits. He lovingly tugged at my tufted armpits and played with the luxuriant hair in my underarms.

His cock was swollen again and he starts it slapping my face with his huge erect phallus. I had Tim's cock already in my mouth and Steve was seeking permission to invade my mouth as well. I licked his cock head alternately even as Tim fucked my mouth. The two cocks loomed large in front of me as I took Steve's balls in my hands and manipulated them. He groaned in half pain and half excitement as I squeezed his nuts.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh", "What are you doing" he shouted as I pressed his balls harder. It seemed to make his cock jerk and swell bigger as I replaced Tim's penis with Steve's shuddering cock. Tm did not like my taking his penis out but he then moved to his favorite garden - my untrimmed armpits where he laid his cock to rest. His cock had always spent lots of its time in my armpits but my find was focused on Steve's erect penis.

"I am going to fuck your mouth you whore" Steve screamed as he pierced my willing mouth with his spear.

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