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Widower consoled by his adopted family.

"As these three fools arrogantly stood trial, I had time to create unique spells that would both follow the Treaty of Griggs and let these three wenches suffer from the most soul-crushing pain imaginable. Each spell is uniquely curated to create the most suffering possible for each of these ridiculous harlots, who have brought unimaginable pain to their vassal."

Helena managed to interrupt. "I AM NO HARLOT!"

Adadelis just looked back over her shoulder and winked, "We shall see about that!" Which made Helena glance at Adadelis with a flash of unbridled, wild fear, that she was able to almost instantly change to anger.

Adadelis then turned her gaze to Lillian, "I will save the best for last. For now, you shall take the side stage.

Adadelis waved her wand, a slight glow from the glass globe on top of her staff, created a beautiful streak of orange, that dissipated into a strange archaic looking pattern. Suddenly Lillian's shocked expression was lifted and she began to scream and protest, she again was allowed to move her face "THIS CANNOT BE! HOW?! NO ONE CAN SURVIVE THE NETHERWORLD FOR ONE YEAR!" As Lillian was screaming, nearing a temper tantrum her legs started to slowly move apart from each other, and her hands started to slowly move up. Lillian's cried changed from a mixture of confusion and threats to pleading bellows. "What are you doing, PLEASE STOP?! Eventually, Lillian, to the delight of the crowd was put into an "X" shape, her legs spread and her hands high in the air. Adadelis snapped her fingers and again forced Lillian to remain frozen in body and in expression, this time Lillian looked defeated and pathetic, her eyes like a puppy begging for a morsel of food, her mouth was distorted in a terribly ungraceful frown.

As the crowd cheered a ruckus cheer Adadelis whipped herself around pointing the ball of her staff at first at Helena, who cowered and then at Sylvia.

"Sylvia the Cruel, you are up first," Adadelis said with a wicked smile as Sylvia nearly fainted with abject fear.

***Sylvia's Dance and Destruction***

Sylvia was pushed forward into the center of the stage, with her eyes wide, her brow furrowed, her nostrils flared and her mouth contorted Sylvia let out her last plea.

"Please don't strip me naked!!"

Smiling wickedly Adadelis snapped her fingers causing a gust of wind to blow upwards sending Sylvia's dress to shoot over her head and into the crowd. Sylvia was shocked at the speed of her first comeuppance.

Sylvia screamed as she covered her bra-clad breasts and her panty covered crotch. A tight garter belt became exposed, it seemed to compress Sylvia's stomach. It was possible that Sylvia was hiding a more rotund shape than she had previously let on, and Sylvia was clearly insecure about her rubenesque figure, and thusly she was in an abject panic. "NO MORE, NO MORE, HAVE MERCY!"

Adadelis circled the humbled former inquisitor, "Did you not force serf's to strip naked while they carried you in an ornate and comfortable litter? Did you not force them to strip each other, their whippings and spankings?"

A tear ran down Sylvia's Cheech, "I am sorry, I apologize for my cruelty, two wrongs do not make a right, punishing me would make you into a villain just like myself! I promise my lesson is learned!" Sylvia whimpered, her voice getting higher as she spoke.

Adadelis tapped her staff on the wooden stage, a slight glow from the staff's crystal ball briefly flashed. Sylvia's jewel encrusted sandals, in an instant disappeared. Sylvia cried out, desperate tears now streaming down her face. "NO MORE, NO MORE!"

Adadelis tapped her staff again and Sylvia's garter belt disappeared just as her shoes did. Sylvia screamed, "NOOOOOOOO!" the crowd let out a deafening cheer, that followed a loud chorus of laughter.

Adadelis's knees buckles as she tried to hide her now exposed flabby belly with her hands.

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