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Cheating has consequences.

Rick knew that to get the cookies out of the oven, Lorena would have to bend over, and he was wondering whether or not she would kneel down, or full on bend over at the waist. He was hoping for the latter, and his wish was granted. Knowing exactly what she was doing, Lorena bent over and took her time taking the cookies out of the oven, giving Rick an amazing view of her shapely ass. By now Rick was completely hard, and was pitching a sizable tent in his underwear. "You look good in that outfit, Lorena," he sheepishly said.

"Oh Rick, you're such a pig," she exclaimed playfully before wiggling her ass side to side for his enjoyment.

The ladies brought the goods back to the table where Rick was sitting and chatted like it was completely normal for Rick and Lorena to be sitting around in their underwear. But once Rick was done eating, the girls decided to get down to business. "So Honey, I was thinking as a thanks for working so hard today that Lorena and I could give you a massage. I'm sure you must be pretty sore."

This request didn't strike Rick as all that bizarre because Lorena had given him massages a few times before when he was ailing. However, she had never given him a massage while she was wearing a skimpy thong, so he gladly excepted. Lorena told him to lean forward in his chair, and she began by rubbing his shoulders. Meanwhile, Tessa got on her knees and began working his feet. The girls patiently worked out the kinks in his muscular body, with Lorena working her way down his torso, and Tessa working her way up towards his thighs. The whole time this was happening the tent in Rick's pants didn't subside, but it wasn't until about ten minutes in when Tessa finally acknowledged it by saying, "It looks like you're enjoying this massage a little too much, Honey."

Rick had no shame. "I'm a straight male with two hot chicks rubbing me down. What do you expect?"

Lorena was secretly impressed with how long Rick could hold an erection. Even the college boy she'd been seeing couldn't stay as consistently hard as Rick had. Tessa's hands were working there way closer and closer towards her hubby's erection, but before she got there she suggested the girls switch positions, and they did.

This time Tessa started from the shoulders and worked her way down while Lorena started from the feet and worked her way up. Within five minutes Lorena had her hands deeply massaging Rick's thighs. He had his head back and eyes clothes in pure ecstasy, and was completely oblivious to his surroundings. It was while he was in this state that Tessa flashed Lorena a thumbs up, letting her know it was okay to start servicing her husband. Lorena had been eager to wrap her sinewy fingers around the width of Rick's penis, and wasted little time. She worked her hand further and further up Rick's thighs before eventually sliding her right hand under his underwear, and onto his balls, causing Rick to snap out of his state of zen. "Whoa there, I don't think you meant to grab those."

As Rick reached down to try to remove Lorena's hand, Tessa grabbed it. "Relax, Sugar. It's okay. You've earned this."

"Are you fucking with me, or something? Is this some kind of trick," he said while Lorena lovingly fondled his balls.

"It's no trick, so sit back and enjoy it. This is the only time I'm ever letting you do this, so relax, and make sure you don't cum right away."

Rick still couldn't believe it, but once Lorena began stroking his shaft, he realized that this was actually happening. He couldn't help but moan as Lorena's fingers tenderly caressed his engorged penis. She continued to milk him for a minute or so underneath his boxer-briefs while his wife rubbed her hands all over her torso. "Would you like to see what the little guy looks like?" Tessa asked Lorena.

"I'd love to," she said as she put her hands on the waistband of Rick's underwear and peeled them off.

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