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Jennifer takes command.

Drunk, I almost fell into the pool when I staggered passed it. The pool house door was a challenge to open, in my present state.

I staggered into the bathroom to take a quick piss. The pool house is nothing fancy, a futon bed, a bathroom with shower and a small kitchen. It is adequate for my needs. I felt hot after drinking all that booze. I threw off my clothes, down to the buff, and fell asleep on the futon.

Ok, so I passed out. Totally zonked hours later, like in a wet dream, I could feel a hand running over my chest.

"God, you are drunk," said Michelle.

All I could get out was "Huh?" I tried to open my eyes, and I blurrily saw Michelle.

"I must be dreaming," I muttered.

There was no way Michelle would be here, so I was just having a sexual fantasy. I know my conscience would never let me fuck my brother's wife and I certainly didn't remember seducing her.

In my dream, her hands continued their exploration and she reached down and grabbed my cock. Now, I must admit that when I am flaccid my cock is quite small.

Michelle, touched my cock, and she exclaimed, "It is so small who do you expect to satisfy with that?"

"I am very, very drunk," I said to myself. But, since I have some talent as a smart aleck, I quipped "Me!" Then I laughed.

Michelle gave a grunt of disgust, and then muttered, "Damn."

I had to chuckle. "What a weird dream," I thought.

"If you want that thing hard, you will have to suck start it," I smiled to myself. You can say anything in a dream; after all it's just in your head.

Michelle said, "That is disgusting. You want me to put that thing in my mouth?"

I was a little amazed and inferred that she had never sucked cock. Can't imagine why she found sucking cock disgusting or rather that I would dream that she doesn't like to suck cock. Unusual in my experience, all the women I had ever known had loved to suck cock. I thought kind of strange for a dream sequence.

I felt Michelle sliding down me. She let out a sound of disgust, but engulfed my flaccid cock with her warm mouth. All of it fit into her mouth and I lay there just feeling that warm feeling of having my cock sucked and thinking that for a dream this feels very real. I just lay there enjoying having my cock sucked. She certainly didn't know what she was doing, but even being given a blowjob by an inexperienced woman was better than none at all.

My dream experience continued, gradually Michelle learned how to suck cock. My cock was growing in length and girth as she continued to suck on it. Soon her hand was holding me at the base as she continued sucking on it. This went on for a very long time in my drunken state; I wasn't about to cum anytime soon.

But finally, I remembered she wanted that cock in her pussy not her mouth. The way she was sucking on it, I wasn't sure she was going to stop any time soon. However. as a courtesy I thought I should remind her, maybe she would like to fuck. I reached down and touched her face. She raised her head, my cock still in her mouth. I drew her up towards me, by cock came away with a pop. She snuggled against me for a moment.

"I liked that, I hadn't done that before. I always thought it was disgusting, but I find that I really liked it. Any time you want your cocked sucked you let me know, ok?"

I smiled in the dark, but said nothing.

She sat up straddling me and grabbed my cock. "My god she exclaimed this is the biggest cock I have ever seen, I don't know if I can get it inside me."

I chuckled, "Weren't you just complaining that it was too small to satisfy you."

"Well, it isn't now. Lets see what I can do with it."

She slid up on me, so her hungry pussy lips were just above my straining cock. God, she felt so wet. I could feel her juices dripping down my cock. This dream was definitely improving.

Michelle grabbed my cock and guided it in between her pussy lips and slowly descended on me.

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