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Saima continues her adventures.

He too wouldn't leave, not even to buy condoms. She didn't say anything but hoped he wouldn't expect her to have sex without the pill or any sort of protection. She wondered if the will to resist was available when he had the experience to work her up into such a frenzy of desire.

Seeming to read her thoughts he held her tight and whispered in an ear. "Don't look worried I'll look after you. My little virgin asshole is broken now, is it sore?" he asked.

"Yes a little," she said. It seemed so outrageous to be discussing her bottom with a man from the office, yet it was possible with him, after being so intimate. They were both naked on the bed having eaten and drank their fill. She could see he was ready and felt it hard against a thigh.

She watched him walk toward the fridge with a large pole leading the way. It bounced as he took each step. It was fascinating. Even when he turned back with a cold can she brazenly watched it approach, closer and closer, unable to avert her eyes. Like the leaning Tower of Pisa it hung over her dominating her whole being. He shook it by wiggling his hips and she gasped.

He was looking at her expression - mesmerised by the sight of his cock - enjoying the attention. He knew it was large, for he had been told it was, but never experienced this reaction before. She seemed overwhelmed, couldn't take her eyes off it. A big smile took over his face which couldn't be wiped away. It turned to a frown on remembering how frightened she had been when he was close to entering her pussy. Other things added up to become clear, she was a virgin, or very inexperienced.

Of course it was to be expected she was afraid when he took her ass for there were few women with experience and fewer still enjoyed it. To be a complete virgin at her age was unusual so maybe she was just inexperienced. It worried him for a moment but then the thought of guiding her along the path he enjoyed overrode concerns for her sensitivity.
Jess looked up at him past the huge cock that dominated her view. She felt frail and subdued by it.

"Turn over," he told her. The firm tone of voice was enough but he pulled the coverlet from under her body spinning her body round. He rolled the cold can over her cheeks and she squealed with feigned protests. He held her down with a hand on her back while she kicked out. She was laughing and cavorting trying to get away.

"Stop it that's cold," she stated the obvious, while making a show of escaping without achieving anything. She felt him spread her legs effectively stopping the thrashing around knowing what was to come. The cold can froze her asshole and she started squealed all over again. The laughter was more from embarrassment than from pain and something unexpected, happiness. It seemed as long as he paid attention to her it wouldn't matter what he did, she would love it.

He lifted her legs and rolled the cold can over her pussy squishing her swelling lips against the can. Jess squirmed less in case he dropped her and she did so want him to enjoy her body. A friend's advice about keeping him happy, doing what he liked to keep him, weighed heavily upon her.

That he could see everything between the legs and was touching it so audaciously left her feeling embarrassed. This feeling inflamed her so she felt hypocritical and this too heated her up. Her pussy was so puffy and open surely he must see how much he aroused her. This was terrible yet she was enjoying the naughtiness so much.

Alan held her on the bed while massaging grease between her cheeks. This time she was aware why he was doing it and became afraid once more. Jess lay perfectly still letting him work the grease over her ass and pussy. She felt a finger swan around the puckered little hole, feeling intense pleasurable sensations.

Why was he doing this to her? Was it because she wasn't on the pill? Must she sacrifice her body and moral standards to keep his interest? Was he taking advantage of her inexperience? The pa

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