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He went to check his soldier's room.

I'm cumming", and she grabbed me around the neck and started bouncing up and down on my cock at a greatly increased speed. I pushed the dildo all the way into her ass and held it in all the while she was cumming, and increased the speed of my thrusts into her pussy. While my right hand held the dildo, my left arm was wrapped around Jenny, holding her tightly, because usually she loses control while she is cumming and I didn't want her falling off my lap. It is probably a good thing I held her, because her arms were holding me loosely, and she was thrashing around on my lap, and probably would have fallen. Jenny continued bouncing and thrashing and cumming, for what seemed like a long time, enjoyable time until she climaxed, her back arching as she thrust her pussy onto my cock with an extra effort. After that, she stopped bouncing and collapsed against me, pressing her beautiful breasts into my chest. For a few seconds, I just held her against me, keeping the dildo in her ass, then I started slowly pumping my cock into her pussy. Jenny, leaning against my chest, looked up at me with her sweet, beautiful face and smiled. "That was wonderful, George. But don't stop. I want to cum again." As she requested, I did not stop, but held her in place on my lap and fucked slowly and gently up into her pussy while holding the dildo in place.

After a few minutes of my slow strokes, Jenny was ready to resume fully, and she took charge, moving her pussy up and down on my cock while I thrust up on her down strokes. I plunged the dildo into her ass at the same time, so both holes were filled. While I was lying back on the deep sofa, Jenny was lying with full body contact against me, her arms around my neck, and if we had been lying flat it would have been the feminine superior position. This is very much a warm, fuzzy way to make love, and I really enjoy it, especially with someone as small and sweet and beautiful as Jenny. She was purring in pleasure when she said "George, I really love the way your cock feels in my pussy and the way my friend feels in my ass", and then Jenny continued purring and curled up even more tightly against me, both of us enjoying the moment.

Besides being warm and fuzzy, this is a very nice position in other ways.

It is very intimate, with the full body contact, and we can whisper sweet things to each other as we had been doing. It is a visual delight also, looking at Jenny's beautiful, creamy tan face, so close to mine, as she alternated between smiling and grimacing with pleasure. Besides the pleasure my cock received from Jenny's tight pussy, which radiated throughout my body, there was the marvelous sensation of her lovely titties with their hard nipples rubbing on my chest. My right hand was holding the dildo and plunging it into Jenny's ass and my left arm was steadying Jenny, but both her hands were free. They were wrapped loosely around my neck but that was a gesture of affection, and very pleasant. Jenny had her hands free and she leaned back and used her hands to offer her beautiful breasts to me. "Lick my nipples, George. Suck my boobies. I really love it when you do that", and then, still slowly moving up and down on my cock, she turned partially sideways and presented one of her succulent globes to me.

I leaned forward a little and started licking her adorable nipple, painting it with broad strokes of my tongue, continuing like this for a minute.

"Suck it.

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