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Daddy and Daughter grow closer behind Mom's back.

Eventually he was placed, standing up, inside something that came up to around his waist.

The cover came off his head, and his eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the indoor lighting. It looked like a perfectly nice living room. A large couch and chair, a huge flat screen TV, a coffee table, some plants and side tables. It was very large and spacious, clean, and with modern furniture. Definitely whoever owned this house was very rich.

Looking down, Jay realized that he was standing in a metal oil barrel that had its top removed. It was a dirty, slightly rusted, oil barrel, which was completely out of place in the otherwise pristine living room.

Jay looked side to side. There were two large men, with greasy hair and tattoos, and with Latino features. They had expensive suits on, but they were ill fitting in that way that criminals make everything look slightly wrong. If Jay had to guess, he would say they were Mexican gangsters, from a drug cartel or something.

Something about having the cover taken off his head made Jay assume that something was about to happen. However, nothing happened for a long time. Jay didn't even consider saying anything to the two men standing behind him. They were lackeys, most likely didn't know anything, and would probably just punch him for speaking. Instead, Jay tried to covertly push and pull at the ropes holding his hands together behind him and his legs tightly together. He also looked around to plan possible escape routes and things to use as weapons in the room, in case opportunity swung his way. This also made him feel like he was smarter than most men, who would probably just panic.

After uncountable minutes, maybe even over an hour, a door opened off to the side, and a man entered the room.

"Dr Castle," Jay said, deliberately trying to convey that he wasn't surprised. Dr Castle was wearing a button up shirt and some slacks, like someone on a casual Friday. He looked relaxed as he walked to the center of the room, to face Jay.

"I haven't used that particular alias in a while," Dr Castle said, "but it will do for this particular interaction. And you are Jay, Tim's friend. I would say 'nice to meet you', but since you came here with the intent to kill me, I think you can forgive me for dispensing with civilities."

"We weren't going to kill you," Jay said, acting as if it were all just a big joke that had gone wrong. He actually wasn't entirely sure if he really would have killed Dr Castle or not, had his and Tim's plan worked out. He kept telling Tim that they were just going to get a little payback, but deep down there was something about Dr Castle that was just so evil, it made Jay feel like God himself was urging Jay to pull the trigger. "We just wanted to send you a message."

"Oh, really?" Dr Castle said incredulously. "Well, here you are now, so what is your message?"

"Not a verbal message," Jay said. "What you did to Tim was unforgivable. Inhuman. We just wanted to scare you a little, let you know you can't just get away with those things."

"So am I to believe," Dr Castle said, and as he did, one of the Mexicans walked over to Dr Castle and handed him a gun. Jay's gun. "Am I to believe that this was just for show? It was fully loaded when you were found." Jay hoped that his facial expression wasn't giving away any of the confusion in his soul. Standing here now in front of Dr Castle, Jay felt as if he could literally feel the presence of a deep evil in the room. As if he were facing Satan himself. However, Jay was determined to try and negotiate his way out by pretending it was a misunderstanding.

"We wanted you to take us seriously," Jay said. Then he suddenly had another thought which he was both eager to know and wanted to use it to distract Dr Castle into a new topic. "Where is Tim? What did you do with him?"

"Tim is taken care of already," Dr Castle said cryptically.

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