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A pegasus husband is woken by his ponywife...

I took it upon myself at this time to lightly spin them around.

He was fully erect now and bucking softly into my mouth. I chuckled to myself that I'd bothered to take off my clothes, knowing that I'd had in mind to swallow as much cum as I could handle. These are the types of things I'm not sure I should tell John, I don't know what he'd think of his wife, if he knew she was a cum guzzling slut. Cock number one was getting to that recognizable point of no return and I readied my mouth for its prize. I was not disappointed, he filled my mouth with his cream and I slurped it up like it was heaven sent. I let his cock out of my mouth with a loud 'pop'.

Cock number two came through and it was slightly longer, but definitely thinner. I like taking thinner cocks deep, deep as I can and I gave him my best deep throat. I heard appreciative groans from the other side.

"Goddamn, this is the deepest Gloria has ever taken me," he said with shock.

I smiled and continued worshipping his manhood. He didn't last long and soon his cum mixed with his friend's, in my willing mouth. His cock was deep in my throat when he started cumming and I choked a little on it, which caused some of his precious cum to drip onto my chest, then down my body to my legs. I'd have cleaned it off with my fingers but cock number three was already on its way through the hole. This cock, and the next one, added their cum to my mouth and my stomach started to gurgle from four loads of cum. My fingers had found my pussy by now and I was going to try and match my orgasm to the next load of cum in my mouth.

Instead, the next guy put his face near the hole and snorted, "gimme some of that snatch momma," before sticking his fat dick through the hole. Even though his crudeness wasn't inspiring I certainly wasn't going to argue with that so I turned around and backed up my glistening pussy onto his cock. God this was heaven. All the cock I can suck and now a fucking, I was in slut nirvana. I loved the way his thick cock felt in me. I only wished that the wall wasn't there for deeper penetration, but it didn't seem to faze him. He expertly pulled out to the very brink before he jammed it back in each time. I went back to playing with my pussy and I was able to time it so that when he started filling me up with his jism I too joined him in orgasmic bliss. Suddenly, the shed door opened.

"What in the flying fuck!!??" said the scariest guy I'd ever seen. He was huge, 6'5" or so, probably more than 250 pounds. He was bald but even in the light from the parking lot I could see his head was tattooed. So were his arms, as much as I could see of him. He had a fire in his eyes.

"Who the fuck are you....where is Gloria?" he yelled. I swear I almost fainted, I've never been so frightened.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," I kept babbling at him as he yelled at me. "I just took her place, she didn't do anything wrong, I just wanted to..." I sobbed.

"You fucking whore," he barked, "you getting your kicks off at our expense?"

"No! It's not like that...I just....I just thought I'd..." I cried uncontrollably.

He just grabbed me by the back of my hair and yanked me out the door, naked, into the open. He marched me around to a side door. I must've been a sight, a naked woman, being dragged by her hair into their private area, dripping cum from everywhere.

He threw me through the door onto the middle of the floor. It was like a den of wolves. There were a dozen men, at least, circling me.

"This fucking slut did something and took Gloria's place." The leader said. "This whore said she did it because she wanted to....unfucking believable."

I could feel their stares burning a whole in my nakedness.

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