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Azizah finds herself in a gang bang.

"Now perhaps you'd all like to come a chose one to try for yourselves.

The girls came forward in a group, bustling around the helpless and embarrassingly silenced Liz. Each of them picked up one of the gags and made her way back to her seat.

"Please, put them on ladies," Sir Geoffery asked.

One by one they did so. Hannah fitted a ball gag in place, Julia a rubber bit. Laura had chosen an head harness with a built in leather strap across the mouth while Cassie, to the rest of the group's raucous comments, had picked one shaped like a penis that fitted deep into her mouth. Terry had found an inflatable gag that fitted behind the teeth and filled her mouth until her cheeks bulged. The other medical gag and a ring gag had been left in the box.

Liz, conscious of how absurd she felt still couldn't help thinking that the assembled group of women looked unbelievably bizarre. All six of them, dressed in their normal every day clothes, were sitting in a semi circle looking towards Sir Geoffery and all six were silenced in one way or another at their own hands.

Sir Geoffery folded his arms and said, "Well it's normally at this point in the presentation that I ask if there are any questions...."

The noises that the girls made in response to Sir Geoffery's joke hardly constituted laughter but that was what they intended.

"Seriously though," he went on. "That's probably enough from me. Why don't you come and have a look at the other things that I've got in my case here. I'm very happy to let you try them out. And, of course you'll always be welcome at The Cellar. And in the mean time, can you thank my lovely assistant here - and then perhaps I can relieve her discomfort."

The girls all started clapping. Terry released the valve on her own gag and was the first to speak. "Well thank you, Sir Geoffery, I think I can speak for us all," she looked around at the others, all still wearing their various silencers, "I think I have to speak for us all! That was great fun. Thank you very much indeed."

Liz looked at Julia's smirking grin. Although she hadn't minded Sir Geoffery's attentions, she wasn't so sure that the rest had been fun at all.

Chapter 5 : Bottom or Top

Answering Machine

Hannah's answering machine had five messages when she got back from the shops. Three of them were from Liz. The other two were the short click and buzz of someone hanging up as the answering machine cut in.

"Give me a call when you get back, if you're free," the last message said. "I wondered if you had time for coffee and, well, for coffee anyway.

Hannah pressed the button to clear her messages. Liz was showing all the enthusiastic signs of a convert, potentially annoying but, Hannah thought, understandable. To Hannah, Liz seemed like a woman that had never really thought about passion in her life and had now discovered something that brought out feelings that she didn't fully understand and wasn't entirely in control of.

Hannah called Liz. Liz managed to let the phone ring once before picking it up. "Hullo, Liz?" Hannah asked. "I wondered if you were still free for that coffee?"

"Yes, yes, please, do come over..."Liz's response tumbled out. Soon after, Hannah joined her.

Bedroom Scene

Two cups and a jug of coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits stood on the low table in front of the couch in Liz's lounge.

The coffee was cold. One cup, Liz's, had not been touched.

Upstairs in the bedroom, behind drawn curtains, Liz was enthusiastically encouraging Hannah. "Don't worry about those stockings, you can use those," she said as Hannah held up a fistful of Liz's hose from a drawer in her dressing table.

"All right," said Hannah. "Face down, hands behind you. You'll find this more uncomfortable than the rope. The stockings can really cut into your wrists, I'll tie them over the cuffs of your blouse."

"Don't worry, I want to feel the tightness."

"All right," Hannah pulled the nylon tight and knotted it.

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