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A surprise visit.

We still belong to the same club your Mum and Dad were in. You will probably get fucked by the same people who fucked them, Connie.'

'There are coloured men in that club, I saw the pictures. Mum was sucking a black cock while two white guys were fucking her ass and pussy all at the same time.'

'That's going to happen to you too. You can take bets on it. I will be the guy up your asshole.'

'You will be gentle with me, Tom? I have never had anyone touch me there before.'

'Thelma will be there when you lose your anal cherry, she will make sure that I treat you good. I would anyway. I am not that heartless. I know I come across that way, but that is for show in front of Thelma. She loves me to treat her rough.'

'I told Thelma that I would like her to tie me down when you fuck me in my ass. I fear you will have to overcome my cowardice. I will struggle and I will holla!'

'Don't worry, Sweetheart, by the time I get this cock of mine into your ass, you will be begging me to do it at the top of your sweet voice. Have another sleep, I have things to do before Thelma gets back. There is lots of packing to do.'

'I'm beginning to like you, Tom.'

'Get off to sleep before I slap your arse instead of fucking it. When you wake up, it's to be hoped you will get a decent meal into your belly.'

He kissed my forehead and left me, shutting the bedroom door quietly behind him. I dropped off to sleep feeling fucked, but a lot happier.

It was pitch black in the room when I opened my eyes. I could here Thelma talking in the next room, then my bedroom door opened issuing light from the landing.

'Are you awake, Connie? Shield your eyes I'm gong to put the light on.'

When she did I saw she was naked. Her pussy was neatly shaved and her nipples were erect and jutting. Tom came in too and he was also naked. His dick hanging loose, but not completely soft. He too was shaved. He may have been shaved when he fucked me, but it all happened to quick for me to notice.

'Come on lazy bones time to get up out of that pit. We have a lovely meal waiting for you and afterwards there is a whole lot of fucking to do.'

They pulled the quilt off and wrestled me out of bed. Somehow or other there was fingers in various of my orifices and I had my share of their private parts which was good fun. We sat round the table in front of a coal fire all stark naked and still turned on. Tucking into a scrumptious meal. I cleaned my plate I was that hungry.

While we were eating they asked me if I wanted a fuck fest with both of them or just either Thelma or Tom. I chose both. I was ready for some real horrification. I told them to give it to me anyway they wanted, no holes barred.

They dragged me back up the stairs and threw me onto the bed and they started to kiss me and lick me all over. While I was sucking Tom's cock with my bum cocked in the air, Thelma started in on rimming my ass. That was a first! I had heard about guys doing it to each other, but not a female doing it to another female. It made me so hot feeling her tongue worming its way into my rectum and her fingers strumming my juicy pussy. It made me attack Toms cock most energetically, too energetically because he forced me to swallow it into my throat. That caused me to have a panic attack. He pulled it out soothed me and slipped it back into my throat and told me to suck it or get punished. When I had my first cum I was really fucking the cock with my throat and going all out to drain Tom of his spunk. By this time, Thelma was lapping my cunt and finger fucking my asshole. She must have been lubricating my asshole because I heard her say, 'She is ready Tom, you can fuck her ass now, Babe.'

They rolled me onto my belly, prone on the bed and I watched Thelma coating Tom's cock with KY Jelly. She fingered my ass some more and he came over me and I felt his thick mushroom of a knob forcing open my sphincter ring. I tried to contract my anus but too late he was in me. I moaned and then Thelma sidled under me and pressed my head in between her wide open thighs.


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