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There was a mystery man.

He pulled her away from the counter and continued pounding away at her. This made her tits really bounce. He bit her neck which sent Mia to a massive orgasm.

The plumber pulled out spun her around and pushed her to her knees. He shoved his cock in her mouth and ordered her to suck it. He grabbed her head with both hands and face fucked her hard. Soon he exploded in her mouth all the while holding her head so she'd have to swallow his load.

She struggled to get free but he held her tight. Soon it was over and he again pulled her up by her hair and squeezed her cheeks to open her mouth so he could check to make sure she swallowed. Not happy he slapped her face and ordered her to swallow it all.

She swallowed deep then opened her mouth to show him again. Some cum had trickled down her face and he wiped it with his finger and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked it clean.

Happy he gave her a hard smack on her ass. "I'm gonna use your ass up" he proudly proclaimed. That's when I figured I'd better leave.

I went to the local titty bar and had several lap dances. When I got home Mia was in the shower. I quickly undressed and joined her. I had a raging hard on. Seeing the marks on her neck I came up behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands while grinding my cock into her still red butt crack.

She reached between her legs and grabbed my dick and gave it a massage. I'm way bigger than the plumber and usually have a hard time entering her buy he had loosened her up. She guided my cock into her waiting cunt and it slip in effortlessly.

I continued to massage her breasts as I pumped away. She had several orgasms before I shot my load deep inside her. She turned around and kissed me and asked what got into me.

I told her she had that just fucked look that turns me on so much and I couldn't resist. She looked shocked but didn't respond.

Latter that week she left to go shopping with the girls. When she returned she looked a little disheveled. Again she headed to the shower.

When she got out I was waiting for her with another hard on. I spun her around and fucked her hard from the rear just like her plumber did earlier in the week. I could tell by how easily I slid in that she'd been fucked earlier that night.

"What's gotten into you lately?" she asked.

"I could ask you the same question" I replied. She dropped it and went to moaning as I fucked her hard.

I pulled her arms back and rode her like a motorcycle the same way the plumber had done earlier. She really got into it. We both came at the same time.

The next time she went shopping with the girls I followed her. She went to the mall's parking lot and sat in her car for about fifteen minutes. A Harley pulled up next to her. It was the plumber.

When she got out of the car she had on a completely different outfit. She had on five inch heels, a half shirt and a short, short denim mini skirt. She hopped on the back of the bike and they took off. By the looks of her ass on the seat she wasn't wearing any underwear. I followed them to a biker bar on the edge of town.

He was cupping her ass under her skirt as they went inside.

I had to see what was going on but there's no way I could go inside. I went around the block and parked, then, I crept up the alley to the back of the bar. There was a widow up high so I grabbed a trash can and stood on it. I could just see inside through the dirty window.

Mia was downing shots as she played pool with the plumber and giving a nice view of her ass to everyone else when she bent over to shoot. Sometimes she would lean back against him and he would stick his hand under her shirt and rub her tits.

After a couple of games a big burley man got on the dance floor and announced it was time for the wet t-shirt contest.

The plumber pushed her towards the center of the floor but she resisted. Finally the big burly man came over a picked her up over his should and carried her to the center.

Her skirt rode up over

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