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The only sure things in life are taxes and his pleasure.

His cock inside me seemed ridiculously large and my muscles clenched unconsciously on the intruder that had penetrated my poor defenceless slave body.

My cries became whimpers and the only sound in the cellar was that of flesh smacking against flesh. His movements were slow at first, but grew steadily faster until minutes later, I felt him shudder against me. All of a sudden, I could feel the pressure of his release deep inside and the sensation of fullness in my ass came over me as he rammed his cock home harder and harder making sure I took every last drop of his seed deep into my bowels. I groaned and almost collapsed under his weight. Eventually he pulled out and I immediately felt his semen run down my thighs.

"Was it good Cunt? It sure looked like it, it'll look great on the film," Zhen commented, uncaring of my current state of being.

I turned my head to look at him and saw him squeeze the last of his juice from the tip of his cock, watching it drip onto my ass cheeks, before letting it fall lazily loose between his legs.

"Your ass is golden slut. Pure pleasure. Made for fucking." I did not like his words but I was becoming more aware of my own state of arousal. I had not been allowed or encouraged to orgasm since Zhen Hua took me which was hours ago now. Given that I had done nothing but subject myself to his sexual gratification or had my body modified as only a slut would, for all of that time, I had to admit that my pussy was juicing.

My master for the night stood before me. I was still on all fours. Fucked, exhausted and humiliated ... and all captured on camera!

"Okay Cunt, it's 3 a.m I need to sleep."

'At last' I thought, some rest.

"So I need to tie you into position while I go and rest."

What? Tie me into position? Doesn't he know that I need to rest also? My facial expression must have looked harrowed, but I simply lowered my head and said, "Yes Master."

I remained docile as Zhen Hua pushed me, face down, flat to the floor and proceeded to tie my arms tightly behind my back, making sure to secure me at my upper arms, elbows and wrists. He then tied my ankles tightly together before folding my legs upwards at the knees so that my ankles met my wrists.

Before I knew it I was secured in a very effective hogtie with my body pulled so tightly together by wrist and ankle that my back was stretched and arched backwards. I could sense, somewhat perversely, that I must have presented a beautiful shape to Zhen Hua.

He then took a spreader bar and fastened the manacles around my thighs, opening my pussy wide.

Fuck this hurt, but did nothing to stop me juicing even more.

I could not really look upwards but I could hear the motor sound above my body.

"Listen to the chains coming Cunt, they will leave you suspended while I sleep!"

"Nooooooo! Please Master do not do this to me!"

He laughed and reached inside my mouth -- I really wanted to but I couldn't stop him. He took the ring on the underside of my stud and clipped it again to the small, delicate hook element at the front of my bottom teeth brace.

"Nggggggg!" My sounds were now muffled.

I could sense the ceiling chains, thick and heavy, being clipped to the rope connection where my ankles met my wrists and also where my upper arms were tied. A switch was flicked and the chains were dragged upwards. My body left the ground and I was suspended, bound tightly with ropes and chains and gagged by my own tongue stud and brace!

But Zhen Hua was not finished yet.

He knelt down and fastened thin wire to the small statues in my nipples before pulling it tightly downwards and clipping each length to a ring in the floor. My poor nipples and tits were pulled outwards and stretched towards the ground.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" I yelled despite not being able to speak properly.

Oh, how I was in pain and how my cunt ached for satisfaction!

Zhen moved behind me and brushed his finger against my pussy.

Please make m

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