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Who put the man under ice on Christmas Day?

His skin was blissfully cool against my overheated palms.

"Do you need cock, little one?" he asked in a rumbling voice. I nodded emphatically. His grin bared all of his sharp, fierce teeth. "Then take it. You will be primed like this for me constantly, so you needn't ask permission. If you need my cum, earn it like a good pet."

I didn't need any further instruction - I grabbed his meaty dick and thrust my hips back onto him, impaling myself halfway down in one go. The scream that tore from my lungs echoed around the hall, and his laughter rang in my ears.

"Good girl," he purred, stroking my bare back. He still towered over me, even seated, so I had to crane my neck to meet his stare. Just as he bent down to nip at his mark on my neck, the hall doors opened once more.

I froze, much to the chagrin of every cell in my body, caught halfway between mortification and frustration.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw another demon like Draxon walking towards us, his eyes hot on my own. Thick, black tattoos covered his entire body, and his horns curled shorter than Draxon's.

Draxon greeted him in a language I've never heard, something guttural and growling. The demon responded with a hearty laugh, but didn't slow his approach.

Draxon's fingers pinched my chin and forced me to face him again. "Do not fret, little one. You will be fucked and used in front of my kind many times a day; one of my brothers is the least of your worries. This is my brother Serath."

I gave out an involuntary moan as he bucked his cock up into me, burying to the hilt. I couldn't help it; Serath behind me or not, I had to cum. I resumed riding Draxon, rolling my hips as I slipped up and down his beastly length, emitting little sighs and hums of bliss occasionally. Meanwhile, he and his brother continued their conversation as though I wasn't even there - something which, I'm rather ashamed to admit, turned me on even more.

Draxon didn't move a muscle as I continued to use his cock for my pleasure, brother forgotten, my body ablaze with need.

That was, of course, until another clawed hand pawed at my nape, brushing my hair to one side. I flinched, but didn't stop riding Draxon like my life depended on it.

Draxon's deep chuckle reverberated through me, his fingers coming up to cup my heavy breasts and massage them slowly. "Serath wishes to fuck your beautiful little ass, pet. Tell me, can you take two cocks like a good girl?"

At that point, I wouldn't have cared if he'd asked me to do a tapdance, so long as I could keep fucking him.

The idea of another cock deep in my ass, however, almost sent me over the edge right then and there. Aside from Draxon's tail, I'd never had two cocks in me at once, but I was lusty enough to try absolutely anything, so long as it meant some relief from this heat coursing through me.

"Yes," I moaned, scratching my nails down Draxon's muscle-bound chest. "Please, just ... fuck me! I need it!"

Draxon commanded something in that guttural language, and his brother laughed, sending shivers skittering up my spine. Two rough hands grabbed my waist, almost joining at the middle they were so big, and bent me forwards so that my head was against Draxon's shoulder, my ass up in the air. The new angle meant Draxon's cock was directly pressed against my g-spot, making me scream hard enough to hurt my own ears.

"You were born to be owned by me and my kind, sweet," Draxon growled, his hand pressing my face harder against his shoulder. "Be a good girl and take all this cock."

I didn't get much more warning than that - the next second, Serath's cock (just as monstrous as his brother's) was pushing into my inexplicably readied asshole, shoving into me with a force bordering on brutal. Draxon withdrew just enough to let Serath push upwards, stretching my body until it felt like I would split in two.

I came.

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