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"Please don't Sergeant, I will do anything. I have already gotten into trouble a few other times by him and he told me that if I screwed up one more time he would give me an article 15 and take away my rank." She pleaded.

While walking towards the door I just over my shoulder said, "Sorry PFC Jackson, I will let your Sergeant know about it in the morning."

She ran forward and just as I was about to open the door, she put her hand on the door, preventing me from opening the it. "I don't think you understand, I will do ANYTHING you want."

Turning around, I raised an eyebrow saying, "Anything?"

"Yes anything," She said while turning around, and taking off her tan undershirt.

"Well, we shall see what you can do," I said with a smile on my face as I waked over and sat down at her computer chair.

She stood there in her ACU bottoms, boots and a white lacy bra that barely could hold in her breasts that were poring out of the cups. She walked over to iPod and tuned on some very sexy music, and started to sway with the music. She placed both her hands behind her back, thrusting out her massive chest as she unhooked her bra and let it drop off the floor.

I just stared at them, the were very large, and perky. They were more than a hand fully, with just a slight droop to them, her nipples where hard on two very large areoles. They looked wonderful. As I was just staring she continued to sway, rubbing her breast bring them up to her mouth and licking them, and then she said very slowly, "36 DD," as if to answer an unasked question.

She then took off her belt, and laid it in my hands. She waked right up to me and placed her left boot right between my legs on the seat, a mere inch away from where my cock was starting to thicken. I untied both of them and threw them aside. She turned around and slowly peeled off her ACU bottoms while bending over. Once her ass was uncovered she revealed a pair of black boy shorts that looked so sexy and made her white ass look so nice. She turned back around while still bending over showing her tits hanging and then she started to shake them back and forth. She then walked forward and asked me in a sexy little girl voice, "Sergeant Britton, would you please take off my panties?"

I of course started to peel them off her to reveal a nearly bald pussy, with only a thin landing strip. It was so sexy.

By this point my cock was hurting so much I said in my most commanding voice, "Ok, now I want you to start undressing me."

She walked up and unzipped my ACU top, and then quickly took it off, throwing it on a pile of other clothes. Following that she took of my tan undershirt, and started kissing my rock hard chest. She went to take off my boots and took off my ACU pants, only to see that there were a pare of white boxer briefs with a huge bulge in the front holding back my monster cock. She took out her field knife and cut the front of the boxer briefs, exposing my cock. She let out a gasp saying, "Oh my god Sergeant, you have such a huge cock!" Then she took the knife and cut off the rest of the underwear.

Once my cock was totally free, I grabbed her bun of red hair and let it free; as the hair fell to her mid back, I took her face and introduced it to my cock. "It is time to start doing anything troop. Now open up."

She opened her mouth and started to suck of the tip of my cock as she played with my large balls with her left hand. She slowly over the course of five minutes was able to get half of my cock in her mouth, and then I grabbed the sides of her hair and pulled her down to the base of my cock, forcing her to deep throat my monster. As she gagged on the cock shoved down her throat, I said, "Ok, lets stop this, and moved on to the next event."

I pulled out of her mouth as she gasped for breath, but with a hungry look on her face.

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