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Lydia visits Uncle Bill for a job and to ask him a question.


The guard inclined his head. "My lady, my name is Fliepp. I understand you have not discussed the King's expectations just yet, but I have my orders. I will enter every room before you and search it for any possible danger and you will not enter until you have my permission."

Sarantha saw red. This was not the capital. This was Ehrik's Keep and Ehrik had never failed to see to her safety. There was no reason for this and the King had absolutely no right to tell this strange man that he was not only permitted but expected in her personal rooms. The only ones she allowed in her personal rooms were her family, slaves, servants and Allek. The King had the audacity to banish Allek, her friend, from her rooms but allow this stranger there?

She flicked a look over her shoulder, ensuring that her brother's guard was near enough to intervene if necessary. The man gave her one curt nod, signaling his understanding. She turned her attention to the King's guard still standing next to her door. "Make no mistake, guard," her voice was harsh. "I have not a single care for your orders. Do not ever step foot in my personal rooms again. If you do, I will make you regret it. You will wish for the platform." For a split second the guard looked shocked at the venom in Sarantha's voice. Truth be told, Sarantha was slightly shocked as well, but she didn't let it stall her. "You may run along and tell your King that the next time one of his men steps foot in my rooms, where I rest my daughter, without my permission, I will take the child back to my Keep, where I will raise her as a widow."

The shock had worn off, leaving only cool calculation in Fliepp's gaze. After a moment, the man had the boldness to smirk at her. With his eyes steady on hers, the guard lifted one foot, the one nearest the door, leant slightly, and tapped his toe on the floor on the other side of the threshold.

For a moment, Sarantha wanted to curse and scream, rage making her irrational. The only thing keeping her from attacking the guard was the child resting in her arms. The man had the audacity test her words. She didn't recognize the guard and he in turn probably knew very little of her. The fool obviously didn't know that she was a woman of her word.

Taking a deep breath, forcing herself to calm, Sarantha walked into her room. She turned to her brother's guard, smiling to find him with his hand on his weapon, ready to defend her if she so ordered. Instead she just held her small smile. "Please instruct Melil to begin the packing of my rooms immediately and send for my slaves to be readied for transport. My personal slaves are to be sent here, of course. We will require meals readied for the journey as well, including evening meal, as we will leave as soon as I wake."

Her brother's guard nodded his head, his lips tight though he showed no surprise at her instructions. The King's guard looked irritated. He opened his mouth to speak but Sarantha used her foot to push the door closed before he could utter a word.
Settling the sleeping child in her crib, Sarantha sighed. It really was a shame. She enjoyed her brother's keep and she would miss Alaliya. Ebon and Ivory wouldn't care in the least, but her little war slave would be upset. Trivalm would be without his countrymen and he wouldn't be able to complete his lessons with Allek's boy. She sighed again, as she slid into her bed. Before she figured any of that out she wanted her nap.

She was just dozing off when servants began entering the room. Irritated with herself, she sat up and huffed. Of course, Melil would take "immediately" as immediately. She was surprised, however, that Melil was not among the servants filing into her rooms. She wasn't surprised in the least, however, when Alaliya came rushing into the room, looking worried and confused.

Alaliya thought nothing of crawling onto the bed and taking her sister's hands.

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