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Karen is gang-banged by three guys - or is she?

I couldn't wait. I pushed a hand onto her back so that her face all but rested on the counter. When I plunged a finger into her pussy, I was surprised first by how incredibly wet she was and then by how tight her snatch was. Either Dan had a tiny dick or it had been a hell of a long time since she'd been fucked.

She cried out and came as I finger-fucked her. Then, I put my cock at her entrance and grabbed her hips again, just the way I imagined.

"Tell me you want it," I told her.

"I want you to fuck me," she said harshly. "I want you to bury that huge cock of yours deep inside me."

"Yeah," I said. "Me too."

So I plunged into my mother in law and she screamed as I let out a shout of my own. She was so wet and tight and I had been without just that for too long.

"Jesus! Fuck me, Mike! God, you're huge! Fuck me hard!" She yelled things over and over and I felt her cum. She was so hot as she moved her hips to take me deep as I drove in and out, in and out, over and over until I came with a great groan and then she came too for probably the third of forth time.

We were both panting as I stepped away from her and she rested heavily against the counter. I had to sit down at the table but as I watched her, sweaty with her ass still hanging out and our mixed juices running down her legs, I started to get hard again.

"Let's go upstairs," I said to her.

She looked at me and since my cock still hung out of my pants, she knew damn well why I wanted to go. My mother in law shook her head. "I can't. Christ, I can't even walk."

I stood up. "The living room then. I want to see your tits this time."

Her only reaction was to let her nightgown fall around her as she straightened and led the way to the living room.

I sat on the couch while she waited for instruction. It was such a turn on that she was willing to do anything. It had been so long since Stacy had been willing. I pushed my sweatpants down all the way off and Gwen's eyes were glued to my rapidly growing cock once again.

"Jesus, you're huge."

I wanted to tell her it was all for her but I realized I'd rather show her. "Take it off," I told her.

She stripped her nightgown off so that she stood in front of me naked. The sight of my mother in law's tits hanging on either side of her bellybutton had my dick at full attention. It was sick that saggy tits made me want to shoot all over them.

"Come here," I told her. "Sit on me."

She hesitated. "I'm too heavy."

"I said sit on me."

Her nipples were responding so I know she liked me ordering her around. Slowly, she moved to straddle me, her dripping pussy resting on my thighs.

I pulled her hips so that my cock rested right at the entrance to her snatch, my head against her clit. Her moan pushed her tits towards me. It was the moment I had longed for. I took one of her gigantic tits in both hands and brought it up to my lips, sucking her large and extended nipple into my mouth.

She continued to moan. I pushed forward slightly with my cock and she came, saying, "Fuck me, Mike!"

But I wasn't done yet. I moved to her other tit and gave it the same attention. Then, I made her cum again. I couldn't stop touching her tits then and I tried to get as much of one in my mouth as possible. I couldn't fit much but I licked and bit at her nipples until she held my head between her hands, pulling me to her. Finally, she couldn't stand it and moved her hips forward quickly so that my cock drove deeply into her. Neither one of us lasted long this time since the tit action had us both so far gone.

After I came into my mother in law's wet, hot pussy, I continued to chew on her tits until she said I had to stop. "I can't take any more. If I come again, I'll pass out." The way she was panting, I believed her. I left her tits alone but kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth until she pulled away, this time getting up. She grabbed her nightgown, got her underwear from the kitchen, and headed upstairs.

I watched her cunt drip my load while she moved.

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