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He takes mom-in-law's anal virginity.

At one point he even confided that he understands why they call the device the Gates of Hell and nicely asked me to give him a break. I did, but I have to admit I flushed with excitement at the sexual power I felt at that moment.

After dinner I settled myself into the big easy chair in the family room while my husband finished up in the kitchen. I propped my booted feet up on the ottoman and settled back with a glass of wine. He appeared a few minutes later with desert and port and immediately understood that after setting down his tray he was to kneel before me and prepare to rub my feet.

"My toes need some serious attention, are you ready to take care of them." "Yes my dear, I've been thinking about it all day." "Well get busy. My feet are toasty warm after being cooped up in these boots all day so you better make sure they feel loved"

Without a word he began. First he gently unzipped my right boot and carefully pulled the heated leather away from my calves which immediately began to tingle as they responded to fresh air. He delicately worked my heel out of the base of the boot releasing a gasp of heavily scented air which he discreetly breathed in before setting aside my well worn boot and beginning his ministrations on my warm scented toes.

He started in with my soles working his thumbs deep into my instep while firmly gripping my arch. He worked methodically up and down the length of my foot from heel to toes and back again, never missing an inch with his firm yet gentle fingers. Each toe received his full attention, first with his hands and then with his mouth as he kissed each toe, rubbed it between his lips savoring it like a fine delicacy before releasing his warm breath upon it and moving on to the next.

Several times I tried to catch his eye, but he seemed engrossed in his task so I poured myself some port, nibbled on fruit and cheese and allowed him to immerse himself in pleasuring my feet. After well over a half an hour of effort he paused to flex his wrists and hands which had begun to tire.

"Enjoying yourself sweetie?" I asked. "Yes. How about you?" "Its lovely. A girl could get used to this kind of treatment and I certainly plan to. Why not have a little drink and a little snack before moving on to my left foot."

Which is exactly what he did. As he reverently removed my left boot in the same manner as he removed the right one I asked him to reposition himself slightly so that I could tease his thighs and groin with my stocking clad right foot. His attention to my left foot was much the same as the right although this time I knew his cock was straining against his device which seemed to put a bit more urgency into his efforts. The combination of my teasing, his ministrations and my growing sense of sexual power was turning my snatch to mush and I periodically stroked myself to enhance my growing arousal.

Twenty minutes later, I was almost panting with excitement so I quickly removed my tights and redirected my husband's hands and mouth between my legs. By scent alone I'm sure he could tell how aroused I was and he wasted no time burying his face in my folds. As aroused as I was, my lips were already wide open and he immediately thrust his tongue as far as he could inside of me while rubbing the bridge of his nose against my enlarged clit.

In minutes I was moaning and pressing his head deeper into me in an effort to get more pressure on my sensitive parts. My hips started thrusting up against him as I greedily tried to press every inch of him against me. Faster, faster I could feel my pulse racing as my orgasm approached.

I could feel the pressure building deep inside me, rising up through my throat as I exhaled a shriek and a gasp. My clit hardened. My muscles tensed and soon I was shaking through a delicious release that left me panting for breath.

As I calmed down and came back to my senses he raised his head to look at me.

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