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Part 3 of The Dirty Old Man saga.

They don't know that you can follow their emotions. You can start your child's life off from a good place."


"Think about it. You can read them. In a way they don't know exists. If they give you a negative emotion, you can shove them out. You can learn to control how much you pull in, even when it's all aimed at you. You can know, exactly who you really SHOULD protect your child from. Mothers everywhere would PAY for that kind of ability."


"Let me be your spine. Come on, let's get your babies, and I'll teach you a new skill."

Meanwhile, Patrick glared at Warren. "Your stupidity has the wife of our friend hiding in her bedroom."

"Gods, I didn't mean it." He groaned. He crossed his arms. "How was I to know he had a dinky leg?"

"You know... why haven't we tried to be nicer to Lydia?" Becca bit her thumbnail. "I mean, even when everyone treated her like Darguni's sister..."

Patrick shrugged. "She always kind of hid behind them. Even when she was doing all that singing, and we went to her concerts and things, she would hide afterwards. I tried to be nice, but she kinda acted like I was trying to pull a mean prank on her."

"Yeah." Robert frowned. "I'd say hi, and she'd glare at me and ask me what I wanted."

"I guess you guys don't know." Aaron sighed.

Everyone turned and looked at him.

"She was born with dinky legs too. Both of them. I knew her before Elunara healed her body. Most of the girls in this city were complete and utter shitheads to her. I freely admit that I was mean to her too. It's kind of ironic that Gingy is her friend now, because Gingy was the main one who helped everyone ruin Lydia's life. She's terrified of people with just cause." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Kids are horrible."

Warren buried his face in his hands. "Kill me now."

Everyone looked up at the door opening. Elunara came out, one baby on her shoulder, her hand holding Lydia's. Lydia had her face buried in the other baby on her shoulder. They reached the bottom of the stairs. Elunara whispered something to Lydia. Lydia nodded.

"Ok, we're going to try this again." Elunara smiled.

Everyone shoved Warren forward at the same time; he nearly fell over with it. "I want to apologize again for upsetting you." He rubbed his neck. "I was trying to tease Darguni, in that stupid ways that guys do... I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, honest. Guys say really stupid shit to each other, I swear it." As Lydia continued to stare at him, he shifted uncomfortably. "Look, I had no idea he had a bum leg. I would have never said anything if I had. He's kinda cool, and if you let me, I'll make it up to you, I swear."

Lydia looked at Elunara, who leaned over and whispered. Lydia closed her eyes and struggled to maintain her breathing. After nodding to Elunara she took a step forward. "He..." Her throat closed up on her. "He..." She whimpered.

"I really didn't mean to be a complete douchebag." Warren frowned.

"He is sincere." She whispered.

"What?" His head jerked up.

"I know..." She struggled to maintain her breathing like Elunara taught her. "I know you... are trying to be... sincere."

"How...?" He shook his head. "Well this family IS a little weird." As everyone else smacked their foreheads, Warren slapped his hands over his mouth.

Lydia gave a watery laugh. "The best kind of weird." Soon she was shaking with it. "The... the family policy." She giggled.

"Um, do... you forgive me?" He winced. "You don't have to, but I'd rather know or not."

"I guess... you had no way of knowing." She said quietly.


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