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Tim and his friend Jay find out more about Dr Castle.

After, she lay against him, shaken and trembling. Finally she looked up at him, her blue eyes wide and watery from the tears. "Albert I.... I'm..."

For a moment, he thought she was going to apologize before her voice lost that pleading quality a bit, and turned a bit huskier. "I'm a needy slut."

Her cheeks colored as she said that but he just smiled and stroked his hands over her back, asking in reply. "Are you willing to prove that to me, Marybeth?" She gave an almost eager nod of her head, her eyes wide now with curiosity as she studied his features. Giving her backside a pat, he smiled. "Strip for me Marybeth. Let me see what you wore beneath your frilly skirt and modest top."

Shyly, Marybeth rose up and with her back slightly turned to him, she tugged her tank top up, exposing her flat stomach and narrow waist before her bra covered breasts became visible. He didn't seem to care that she dropped the shirt to the floor. He was admiring the white lace bra with red embroidered roses on it and slender green vines. It was beautiful, and entirely suitable to her, all soft and feminine. He was enjoying the way that her nipples shadowed the lace, puckered, though he would guess more from the lace rubbing them than arousal. When her skirt dropped he looking to the matching thong, motioning for her to spin. Slowly she did, pausing so he could get a generous look to her ass then back around.

Smiling at her, Albert reached out to stroke a hand over her stomach. "You're so beautiful, Marybeth." She blushed and smiled over the compliment then moved to take off her bra. He stopped her with his hands, then lowered then to give a playful tug on her thong. "This first." She brought her hands down over his, though he drew his away, and carefully wiggled the thong down. Albert watched with pleasure. She was still as clean as she had been weeks before and he was tempted to ask whether or not she waxed but didn't. Instead he motioned to his lap. "Get me hard."

It wouldn't be hard for Marybeth, considering he was halfway there, but he wanted to feel her hands and mouth on his cock. Just the thought of it made him grow a bit more. With baited breath he watched as her delicate hands caught the waistband of his pants and pulled them down. He lifted his hips to help her. She took his boxers with his pants and watched as she brought them to his ankles and he kicked them off, throwing the blankets to the floor with them.

Tentatively, she crawled onto the bed, kneeling between his legs by his knees. One hand pressed into the mattress by his hip as the other curled around his cock, near the base. She stroked a bit, sliding her fist up and down the length of him. Albert unbuttoned his shirt a bit, tucking the side away from his stomach so that he could watch her. There was the faint indentation of his abs on his stomach and Marybeth smiled before bending over and letting her tongue slip out past her plump lips to caress over the head of him. She loved hearing the catch in his breath, the way his muscles so obviously tensed in his stomach.

Looking up at him, Albert thought Marybeth looked like a siren, her breasts hanging in the frame of the bra, her face flushed with anticipation as she teasingly lapped at the head of his dick. Precum leaked out over her tongue as it swiped the tip of him again and again. He watched her swallow it and swallowed hard himself. God, he wouldn't be able to last long again.

He was debating as to what to do.

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