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Daddy and Daughter grow closer behind Mom's back.

"He's ok with it. It was his idea for me to come, remember? He even picked this dress." Kat replied as she pulled Tom closer and raised herself up to kiss him. I beside myself with excitement, she was going to do it! My fantasy was about to come true and I was going to get to see it.

"Damn!" was all Tom could say as he bent down and met Kat's kiss and with that they kissed and caressed like school kids. Hands rapidly exploring each others body for the first time. Tom's hands looked enormous as they moved over Kat's tiny body, by contrast she looked like a doll next to his muscular frame. It didn't take Kat long to get Tom's jacket off, letting it fall to the floor while she worked on his tie and he unbuttoned his shirt. I had my penis in my hand again by the time a shirtless Tom started kissing my wife again. He certainly was a specimen and Kat was exploring every inch of his chiselled body with her hands and soon her mouth, kissing his enormous pec's while he reached behind her and slowly unzipped her dress and slid it down her body.

"Oh my God...." Tom and I both murmured when a bra-less Kat stepped out of her dress and stood before him in just her black stilettos, stockings, suspenders and g-string. I shot my load all over myself as Tom pulled Kat's naked torso next to his and they kissed again. Seeing her perfect creamy skin next to his was the sexiest thing I have ever seen and I knew I had made the right decision to let Kat in on my fantasy.

Kat was working on Tom's belt and soon he kicked of his shoes and socks, stepped out of his trousers and turned back to Kat exposing his massive black cock, now it was Kat and I that murmured in unison. Tom lifted Kat up and his enormous cock was sandwiched between them as they again began to passionately kiss.

"Get me to the bed," Kat told him.

"Your wish my lady," Tom replied as he gently lowered Kat to the bed and lay down beside her. But Kat had other ideas and she sprang up and pushed Tom on to his back and through her leg over his stomach so that she was sitting on his abs. I could see his enormous cock jutting into the air behind Kat's back, it looked like a tree stump.

"Damn," Tom managed to get out before Kat was on him, alternating between kissing him and his body, she evidently was quite taken with him muscles. She soon began to slide back down his body, grinding her pussy over his cock.

"I want it!" she said and Tom instantly flipped her over, coming up on his hands as Kat fell to the bed underneath him with her legs around his waist.

"And now you'll get it," Tom said as he moved her g-string aside and slowly pushed his enormous black pole into my wife's tiny little white pussy, it was obvious to me when he found his way in because Kat's eyes near bulged out of her head. I couldn't believe it was happening, my wife and the mother of my baby fucking our black neighbour.

"Don't worry Baby, I'll take it real slow," Tom assured Kat who could only nod in agreement. He was being a perfect gentleman even while fucking my wife, this guy was really true to his word.

Tom spent the next few minutes slowly inching deeper into Kat's pussy, while Kat groaned and writhed with pleasure beneath him, her stocking clad legs wrapped around his torso and her stiletto heels pointing skyward. Slowly adjusting to his size she became increasingly vigorous with her movement and to my amazement she was soon rising her hips to meet his thrusts, making sure his enormous length was buried as deep as it would go. I couldn't imagine where all that meat was going inside Kat's tiny body but she seemed to enjoy trying to accommodate it, pulling him deeper as she attempted to cross her ankles behind her new lovers back.

"!" Kat screamed as she was rocked by an orgasm. I was hard again by now and seeing Kat come so hard on Tom's dick made me feel happy for her, I knew she was having the most amazing sexual experience of her life and I was happy to be watching it.

"You like that?" Tom grunted as he thrust into Kat's still convulsing body.

Kat was

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