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He earns his right to be slave to a proud Chinese woman.

Peering through the curtains of the first floor rooms, he located what looked like an office. It was directly under the room with the light.

Moving quieter than should be possible, he dropped his duffle and climbed up a railing to reach the porch roof. From there, Mark was able to crawl quietly over to the open window. Sliding silently along the roof, he paused as the light went off. He slid under the window. He didn't want to hurt anyone to get the records that should be in the office, but having someone awake in the house was an unexpected complication.

He heard footsteps enter the room as the light turned off. The warm summer breeze carried the scent of perfume. A few seconds later the bed springs creaked and he heard the rustle of the blankets. He waited a few more minutes. If she fell asleep, he could probably sneak in and find what he was looking for without hurting anyone.

Over the sounds of the soft breeze, he started to hear something from the room. It started as a soft indistinct noise, but slowly became louder. Instead of her breathing becoming slow and regular, it picked up its pace. He carefully raised his head above the windowsill to see what was happening inside. The lone occupant of the room wiggled on top of the covers. She was wearing only a Texas Tech T-shirt. The girl's eyes were closed as she gingerly rubbed a finger along her sex, softly massaging the most sensitive areas. Her finger disappeared between the soft curls of blonde hair, pressing over and over as her breath became faster.

She bent her knee, moving her hips a little, as she explored the soft blonde curls. Her teeth pressed against her lower lip, cutting off a moan just as it started. Her chest rose and fell, as her breathing got faster and shallower. The red T-shirt was stretched against her breasts, each breath highlighting her firm nipples protruding from under the school logo.

Mark froze where he was on the porch roof, unable to move away from the scene in front of him. The perfume in the air was now tinted with the smell of her sex. Her legs stretched, showing off her well-shaped thighs and calves. The pace of her finger increased. Her slim finger, partially enshrouded by the now moist blonde hair, entranced Mark. The rhythmic motions of her trembling thighs held him captive. Watching her, he felt his cock hardening. His heart started racing, a strong pounding in his chest and groin. He was not going to be able to leave here without having her.

She rolled onto her side, her breathing silent as she held her breath, gripping her pillow tight. Her back arched as she finally gasped for air. With one final moan, she relaxed; her hand dropping limply to the bed from her sensitive sex. Her muscles slowly relaxed as her breathing slowed. Mark watched as she moved slowly and stretched a bit to get comfortable, not bothering to pull the blankets over her despite the late October chill.

Mark carefully looked around the room. There was no sign of anyone else. The room looked mostly empty except for a suitcase with an intro to psychology textbook on it. She seemed to be asleep as he carefully crawled though the window. He walked over to her, smelling the perfume mixed with the smell of her warm sex. He reached the foot of her bed pausing to take in the sight of her.

He knew who she had to be. When he left town those years ago she had been just a young girl soaking in the words of sin and damnation her daddy preached. Now she was a woman. She was stretched out on top the covers; body barely covered by the red T-shirt. Her blonde hair was fanned out behind her on the bed, her arms still wrapped around the pillow. Part of him knew he should just leave now and find the papers he needed, the other part of him - that part was hungry.

Mark leaned down, bringing his mouth to just above her thighs.

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