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She oiled and scrapped my retracted soles clean. My screams outnumbered and overpowered those of a laboring mother. She lubricated and tickled every flake of skin on my body. I thrashed on the bed until my lips tinged blue. I doubt I will have such an excruciating time in Hell.

I was traumatized by the end of that eternal hour. The bedroom reeked of my body odor and the mattress was a sweaty sponge. My body was motionless, as if crippled. My skin glowed red, as if sunburned. My muscles were strained and spent, as if they were unraveled springs. My mind was empty beyond comparison.

Naomi sat on my stomach, massaging her sore knuckles. Her cheeks spread across my oiled belly. I felt her turn and sit atop my ribcage. Her legs parted and ran along my slick sides. Her bare feet flanked my hips. She leaned over and exhaled onto my face. Her breath smelled like mint candy.

"You were a good boy, Jeremiah."

Naomi's hands reached for my temples, and I flinched away.

"Now, now, I'm done tickling you."


"Yes, really."

I sensed Naomi was sincere, so I let her cuddle my head. She rubbed circles across my forehead. I relaxed as she slid her fingers behind my neck.

"Tilt your head forward."

I obeyed, and she removed my blindfold and gag.

Light exploded into my tear-stained eyes, forcing me to squint against the brightness. I inhaled through my mouth and coughed phlegm. I cracked my jawbone.

"Uhhh..." I said, as if waking to a hangover. Naomi pressed a finger on my lips.


"Fuck you."

Naomi chuckled.

"Don't worry. You'll enjoy what's next."

I blinked and my vision cleared. I was shocked to see my sister disrobed. I had always imagined her beautiful underneath, but she wasn't beautiful. She was glorious.

Her buttery skin basked in the incandescent light. Countless strands of fiery hair dangled over her voluptuous frame.

I saw her drooping breasts and protruding tits. Drool pooled inside my gapping mouth. My gaze fell to her frail ribs, her oval belly, and her black panties. There was a splash of moisture in front of her vagina. I felt my cock soar.

"You're gorgeous!" I said, awestruck.

Naomi cast a sly smile. Her blue, crystalline eyes sparkled. She ran one hand down my sternum and the other behind her back. She unhooked her bra and flung it to the wayside, revealing two pale mounds with pinkish tops.

She bounced on the bed like it was a trampoline. I stared at her gyrating breasts, areolae, and tits. I dreamed of squeezing them and ramming my cock between them.

"Please," I said, "Please untie me."

Naomi stopped bouncing and peered into my luscious eyes.

"Do you want to hear another secret?"

I nodded.

She scooched back and reclined on top of me. Her wet panties nudged my upright cock. Her breasts pressed like cushions against my rising chest. My sister lay chin-on-elbows. I raised a curious eyebrow. She just smiled.

"Well?" I asked, "What's the-"

Naomi thrusted her glossy pink lips onto mine, kissing me with alarming passion. Our eyes locked, our mouths pursed, and our tongues fenced. The intimacy nearly seduced me.

She had craved this moment for years. It was evident from the way her head rolled, her lips puckered, and her fingers grazed my golden hair. Who was I to deny her pleasure? And yet I felt ashamed. We were family - siblings, for Christ's sake. Incest was out of the question.

"Naomi," I said, sealing my mouth.


Her eyes were closed as she rubbed her cheeks against mine.

"I can't consent to this."

Naomi glanced over her shoulder.

"Your dick says otherwise."

She avoided my stare. I had no patience for her games.

"You don't want to fuck with me."

"And why not?!"

Naomi's voice quivered.

"Why can't I fuck with you? You're my captive. I can do whatever I want."

Her teary eyes could have moved a suitor to suicide.

"Please, Jeremiah. I love you."

She fanned my forehead. I stared into her damp, dilated pupils.

"I've admired you for years."

My chortling made her scowl

"Do you think I'm stupid?"


"Your act was

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