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Mary finally has incestuous sex with her son, Jason.

I let you get dressed, and I call you a taxi to get you home. No exceptions. Do you understand?"

"Yes... Sir."

"Good girl. Now, hold out your hands."

She complied, and immediately Stephen put a pair of thick leather bracelets with heavy D-rings on her wrists. She stiffened slightly, but he told her to relax.

"Now, raise your hands above your head and turn around on the spot."

"Yes Sir." She complied, smoothly, and he clipped her bracelets to a pair of ropes suspended from the ceiling. Her adjusted their length until she was standing in a Y shape, not quite on her toes but almost, restricted but still able to support herself.

"Now, you've been a good girl so far and done as you're told, so you're going to get a small reward." He stepped in behind her and removed the blindfold.

"Thank you, Sir..." she said, and stopped as she took in the room. "Wow."

The room was red. The walls were covered in padded red vinyl, as was the seemingly soundproof door. A padded platform, like a backless sofa or bed ran along three walls (Eloise could only see two of them). The floor was of black, marbled plastic, easy to clean. Cushions of various shapes were laid out, and piles of black or red blankets and towels lay on an end table by the door. A couple of black terrycloth bath robes hung on the door itself. The room was softly lit by recessed lights along the walls.
"I'm glad you like it," Stephen said. "Now, let's get started." With that, he put the blindfold back over Eloise's face.

He remained behind the restrained girl, but started caressing her back and shoulders gently, feeling the smooth texture of her skin under his fingers. He flipped her long, glossy black hair over her shoulder to leave the neck bare, and started kissing and nibbling her, tasting the tang of her skin. This earned him several pleased noises. When he gave her bum a squeeze and then moved his hands to caress her stomach, she sighed and leaned into him.

He continued caressing and fondling her fora few minutes, her arousal getting more obvious for every moment. When he rubbed the front of her panties they were clearly damp. Eventually he moved back, grabbed her breasts firmly and bit her, quite hard, on the back of her neck. She let out a strained 'Aaahhh' and rubbed her buttocks against the now very prominent bulge in his trousers.

Deciding it was time, he slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her panties and slid them off her, stooping to plant a brief kiss on her bum. As he straightened, he slid his hand up her leg to land on her vulva. Her breath caught with anticipation, and he started fingering her gently. He could feel that she was completely shaved, and quite wet.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far?" he asked.

"Ah... yes... yes Sir!"

"Good girl. Now, I believe we talked about a punishment for your bad behaviour. Let's get started on that, shall we?" With that he let go of her and moved away.

"Huh? What..." She stopped when a new sensation appeared. Stephen had picked up an object that had been laying behind him, out of her sight, and now draped it over her shoulder.

"This is a flogger," he explained. "It is a whip, about a dozen soft leather thongs attached to a handle. I'm going to use it on you. There will be pain, of course, but I promise you won't be actually harmed by it."

"Hey, what... Ah!" Stephen gave her a swift lash across the back of her thighs, causing her to cry out in surprise. She squirmed, but her strained pose didn't allow her to get out of the way.

Stephen walked around her, gently sliding the tails of the flogger across her shoulders, arms and breasts.

"Do you feel how soft it is?" he said. "Do you think it could hurt you?"

"Um, no, but..."

"No, what?"

"No Sir."

"Good girl." Again he lashed her thighs. "Now, let's talk about your behaviour. You weren't being very polite this evening. Snide and scornful would be a better description. I overheard you, you know." He made a quick double slap on both her buttocks.

"Ow! Are you still upset about that? Look, I'm sorry, but.

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