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A fateful encounter releases a family's true feelings.

She couldn't back out now. It would be too obvious!

Her eyes flicked to his toned, tanned stomach as he pulled on a new shirt. He put a hat on over his shaved head and turned ready to leave. It was the same hat she teased him about every weekender, and tried to steal off him.

They walked across the grass together in silence. Music drifted from open chalet doorways here and there but most of the thin curtains were now drawn.

Spotting an empty booth in the pub they sat down and Jess began to relax a little as the music kicked from the speakers.

"Drink?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, please" Jess replied "surprise me". She even managed a smile with the last words.

He closed the gap between them, bringing his face in close to hers "Think I can manage that"

He leaned in even closer.

She held her breath, her mouth suddenly wet and eager.

Was he going to kiss her? Did she want him to kiss her?

She then did something she would regret - she couldn't help it.

With their lips almost touching, looking into his dark green eyes, she let out a small moan. He pulled away, and with an arrogant smile, and set off to the bar.

He came back with a handful of drinks - maybe just to clear the air and make her feel a bit more comfortable, who could tell.

As they got ploughed into the shots Jess forgot her awkwardness and they were soon up and dancing together again.

Michael just watched from behind as Jess rocked her hips to the beat. The dark combats she was wearing hugged her ass perfectly and were slung low down. Her back was visible through the open top, and her spine slithered in a sensual 'S' shape, undulating back and forth as she danced.

He could feel his blood heat and his cock stiffen beneath his jeans. He knew he would have her - it just turned him on to draw out the torture and teasing as long as he could.

"I need more money" she turned and said to him "I'll have to go back a second, ok?"

He just nodded.

She took a short cut, through the chill out zone, rather than take the long way round outside. It wasn't used most of the day and it was just easier.

Halfway across the empty arcade she was grabbed from behind and pulled, quickly, behind the curtain against the wall.

A second of shock disappeared, replaced with the desire to scream.

A hand covered her mouth roughly before she made a sound.

She was pinned firmly by the hips face first to the wall. Her cheek pressed tightly against the cool, damp surface.

"Make a sound and there will be consequences" a rough but controlled voice growled as she squeaked behind his hand. Her brown eyes were filled with fear. "Understand?"

She almost didn't recognise him.

She nodded her head frantically.

His hand dropped from her mouth, catching her around the throat firmly.

"Sure?" he asked, giving her neck a little shake to hit the message home.

She just nodded once more, wondering how she would get out of this.

His hand released and his lips and teeth made their way to her neck instead.

Her stiff, frightened frame couldn't help but react to the teasing sensation, light bites of her skin combined with the massaging pull of masculine lips. He then took a more adventurous, rough bite making her gasp.

She didn't dare breathe as his hand inched down her back, then slipped into the side of her top reaching around to find one of her firm tits.

"Mmm. Your nice hard nipples waiting for me, were they?" he breathed into her ear, teasing the lobe with his tongue as he spoke.

Tugging roughly on her sensitive nipples made her whimper.

"Thought I told you to stay quiet girl?" he barked, and used one of his feet to kick her legs wider apart.

The hand from her top swept down to take a tight hold or her ass.

Jess wanted to say something. Stop. Please. Don't. I don't want to. But she said nothing. Part of her was frightened at what was going to happen - but another side of her was enjoying losing control.

No guy had made her lose control before.

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