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Executive Vice President continues her descent.

I know the best ways to handle it."

Since that episode I have seen it happen again and again, with minor variations, throughout our relationship. I had thought that when I put the ring on her finger it would let up some, which is probably one of the reasons I had splurged on a fairly large diamond, but it didn't seem to slow the assault very much. Guys are horndogs around a beautiful woman, but I had learned to trust her to turn away all the offers. Until now. Now everything had changed.

I returned my attention to Ron and Kori:

"I know Kori. I know you're right, but why now? What did she see in this guy? Where did I let her down?"

"Adam, honey, it's not like that. I think she just wanted to try someone different for the excitement, the novelty, you know? A lot of us are like that, I think, men and women both. We get wrapped up in the excitement of the moment and end up doing something dumb. Most affairs probably start that way. She says she was thinking that she would tell you about it, pretend it was just a fantasy she had made up, and see if it turned you on."

It probably would have, as a fantasy. I think we all knew that.

"That's crazy K, this was no fantasy."

"She knows that now. Adam, she knows she screwed up big time. Go over there, talk to her. Let her apologize to you, and maybe she can explain. But you be fair, you be honest with her, and tell her about Izzy. She's hating herself right now, and you're just coasting along when you're as bad or worse than she is. I know you Adam, you're too big a man to let her keep hurting like this, and to keep lying to her."

I could only hang my head. Kori was right again, as she so often is, but I was ashamed about Izzy. Well, not about Izzy per se, I think the world of her, but ashamed that I was hiding it from Kristi, and cheating on her, and causing Izzy to cheat on her husband and three boys, and too afraid to admit to Kristi the whole tale. Because I knew she'd want me to promise to never see Izzy again, and I couldn't do that. Izzy is too big a part of my life, and has been since birth, essentially.

After I had watched Kristi drive away that night, and Ron and Kori had stopped by and made me feel like such an ass, I did a lot of thinking. If my friends' goal had been to make me suffer for my own guilt in the current situation, they had succeeded.

I had undoubtedly given Kristi a number of signs that the idea of her fucking other men turned me on. I never realized how many times I had led her to this conclusion until I looked back over them all at once, and then I felt ashamed and embarrassed at my own perversion.

Had I not caught her in the act, and she had told me the story as a fantasy, or as an experience she'd had before we met, I would most certainly have been extremely aroused by her story. But the fact that I had caught her, that I had actually seen her not only fucking another guy, but obviously enjoying it, changed everything.

Or did it? I remembered with considerable shame how hard I had been even as I was throwing things around and roughing up her lover. I also remembered that I had cum later that evening just from thinking about Kristi taking his hard cock inside of her, thinking about how his semen had gushed out of her.

I had to admit my own responsibility, my own culpability for her actions. Kori had suggested that I go over and talk to her, and she was right, I needed to. I needed to go talk to Kristi.

I decided I'd walk over to Wendy and John's house where Kristi had holed up. It's only a few blocks away, and I could use the time to clear my head and allow my emotions to settle, and even for a littleof the arousal to subside. Every time I think about her having sex with someone else this seemed to happen. Very sick, I wished I could control it.

As I got closer to their house, my feet started to drag.

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