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Busty Bab's House of Pleasure looses a toy to sticky fingers.

She then leaned forward and offered up her mouth for a very erotic, sensual, fully interactive kiss. Our tongues were invading each other's mouths, dueling with each other. I could fell Della's movements not only because of the fact my cock was buried deeply within her incredible pussy, but Suzie was leaning forward, keeping her balance by having her hand resting on the small of Della's back, so the movements were transferred also through Suzie.

Breaking the kiss Suzie continued to the corner of the room, sitting down in an overstuffed chair that was situated there. When she sat down the hem of her mini-dress slid up her thighs until it was obvious she was wearing thigh-high hose with garters. It was also obvious that the material of her thong was soaking wet and pulled tight in between her pussy lips. This had to be obvious to Della also, since where Suzie had sat down at was about four feet directly in front of Della's face. Della confirmed the view with "oh my god, this is so great. I've waited so long for this, and with my two friends. Della then began fucking back against me with even more energy, and the events that were unfolding caused me to press back against her with increased intensity. I couldn't get deep enough inside of her hot pussy. I wanted to just follow my cock right up inside of her, as if that were possible.

Not to be left out Suzie reached over to a lampstand beside the chair, slid open a drawer, and removed the most impressive looking vibrator I'd even seen. It was very anatomically correct, but in very vivid colors. It also had one of those clit-teasers on it that could either tease your clit, or if turned 180 degrees would work over that area between a woman's pussy and their puckered opening. As Suzie slouched downward in the chair even more she placed the tip of the man-made dick into her mouth, sucking on it as if it were a real cock. She was licking it all over while staring straight into my eyes. The message was very clear. She then reached down with her right hand and pulled her thong off to the side, out of the way. With her left hand she pressed the tip of the now humming vibrator up against the lips of her gleaming slick pussy (which very obviously became almost perfectly smooth probably at the same time Della's had). As soon as she had it completely moistened she pressed on it until with very apparent wet sounds it slipped into her pussy. After fucking herself for just a few moments she withdrew it from her pussy, and saying that it still seemed a little dry, offered it up to Della. Della, lost in the feelings of the released tension didn't think twice before closing her eyes, reaching out with the tip of her tongue, and licking Suzie's juices off of the dildo. She then slipped her mouth down over the length of the synthetic cock, taking it down her throat. That scene caused a groan to come from my lips, remembering exactly how that felt when Della had done the same thing to my very real cock.

This didn't last long. Even though Suzie hadn't missed a beat by keeping her fingers actively involved with stroking her clit, and dipping two fingers into her pussy, she wanted the artificial cock back inside of her pussy and that's where she put it. Her movements quickly began to imitate, stroke for stroke, the fucking that her friend Della was getting less than four feet away. Suzie continued to fuck herself with the vibrator, massaging her tits and nipples with her free hand, and verbally cheering Della and I on.

As soon as Suzie buried that phallic toy back into her pussy the sheer sight of that pushed Della over the top.

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