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A new employee learns how to get ahead.

"I hope you don't mind."

"Well that's something you don't see every day," said Kent.

"Enjoy yourselves." I said, and lit up a joint.

Kathy held her boobs and leered at us. Then she spun backward and yanked down her panties to give us a moon shot, shook her butt and threw her hair around. Then she paused with her back to us, maybe making up her mind about something, maybe getting up her courage. Then down went her panties. She stepped out of them and walked up to the window fully nude.

"Hi guys!" she said through the glass.

I was mortified, worrying that someone inside could hear her. I held my finger to my lips in the 'be quiet' gesture.

"Oh!" Kathy laughed and ran her hands through her long hair.

I handed the joint to Kent and said, "I'm pretty lucky."

"She's amazing," he replied. Orlando just stared speechlessly.

Kathy wriggled around a bit and made kissy faces at us, just having a little fun and when I figured she was about done and ready to pull the drapes on us, she bumped into the chair and lost her balance.

She grabbed an arm on the chair and wound up plopping her bottom into it, legs akimbo. Which gave my friends a bit of a look at her vulva. And then a much better look when Kathy shot me a crazy-drunk grin and draped her legs over the arms of the chair.

I suppose I should pause here and explain that Kathy has one of those "porn star" pussies. She's strawberry blonde, so her fine china are pink and pretty and her labia majora are plump and smooth and well, the thing is practically an art object.

"Oh my lord," Orlando said as Kent handed him the joint.

Kathy held her legs open by the knees and glared at us in some drunken imitation of the models she had seen in my porn mags. She liked to read the dirty stories out loud to me. What a fun wife I had.

This had to be making her horny, I figured, so what happened next wasn't as much of a surprise for me as it was for my friends. My wife's hands drifted down her legs, down her thighs, and eventually down to her vulva. I knew it. She had to masturbate.

That was the exhibition game we had been playing for a while. Kathy didn't know how to do it (I'm serious!) before she met me. I "installed the buttons," as she said when it came to getting herself off, because I taught her how to do it. She liked when I "made" her masturbate while I watched.

So there she was, going to town on her clit again in front of me -- and a couple of other guys this time. Orlando and Kent were goggle-eyed. I was pretty sure their wives weren't quite so brazen.

The joint came back to me and I contemplated the beauty of women as Kathy worked away at herself. She adjusted in the chair in a way that made her sex even more exposed, latched on to a nipple with her free hand and closed her eyes.

That's when John, whose bedroom she was performing in, decided to step outside and join us.

Kathy, John and I had lived together in an apartment back in college. Kathy wasn't exactly modest around the place, let's just say. At first John was worried when he told me he had seen Kathy's boobs when she was napping topless on our bed.

"Girls always know when their puppies are out," I told him. "If you saw them, it was because she wanted you to see. She gets a kick out of this kind of stuff. Don't worry about it."

After he talked to me I told Kathy that it would be okay if she wanted to just wear underwear around the apartment. The next time we saw her she had on some sheer nylon that frankly displayed her nipples and vulva. John looked at me when she walked out of room into the kitchen and I said, "Just treat her like it's normal and you'll get to see all you want."

It was kind of unfair. John's girlfriend at the time was a bit religious and maybe half as hot as Kathy. And she wasn't around to relieve the sexual tension like Kathy did for me. John married the gal and she was the one who was pouring shots for Kathy.

I never knew how much John got to see and never asked. So when he wasn't too freaked out by Kathy's window show I kind of figured it out.

"Hmmm," John said as

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