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The shoot wrap-up and then...

The intensity of the sensation grew and grew and before long my penis was so erect it felt as though the skin on my shaft was so taut it could split apart at any moment because of the strain. Precum was oozing out of my penis in a long sticky dribble that almost reached the floor. My whole body was trembling and I knew I was approaching an almighty orgasm.

I had reached the point of no return, I felt my orgasm wash over my whole body causing every bone, muscle and sinew to shudder and shake out of pure ecstasy. I looked down expecting to see my semen shoot out of my penis like a bullet from a gun. Except that not a drop of semen escaped from my throbbing erection. I had just had my first 'dry' orgasm.

Once it had subsided, Mavis continued to gently massage my prostate, not once during all this did she touch my penis. She gave me three more 'dry' orgasms, each one as earth-shattering as the last, before she finally took hold of my penis and masturbated me until she finally allowed me to ejaculate. And when it finally happened I came so hard that my semen shot out a clear eight feet from my body. And I also ejaculated so much that it felt like I was pissing the stuff out.

"Unnnngggghhh!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! UUURRRRRNNNNNGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed and growled as I experienced the most earth-shattering, intense, powerful, mesmerising and ecstatic orgasm I had ever experienced in all my life! My wrists and ankles burned with intense pain as I strained against the manacles holding me against the artificial rock.

As soon as I had finished ejaculating, Mavis released her grip on my penis and extracted her finger from my rectum. I had experienced something that never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would experience -- a multiple male orgasm. I was utterly drained and I felt I could no longer stand up and I collapsed forward, only the chains at my wrists and ankles prevented me from falling onto the floor.

With her work done, Mavis went into the shower area to wash her hands. Once she had finished she approached me as I still chained up, and said "I hope you enjoyed that young man, because I know that I certainly enjoyed giving it to you!" And she just chuckled slightly, kissed me on my sweaty forehead and rejoined the rest of the group as they put on their coats and took their leave with a cheery "See you next week!" addressed at both Anna and I.

As soon as Anna released me I could do no more than just sit on the edge of the stage and contemplate what had just happened.

"You see, you should never judge a book by its cover" Anna said as she handed me a much needed glass of water.

"That was..." I gasped, "that was... well, words fail me."

"Mavis says she used to love giving her male patients an orgasm when giving them rectal exams and over the years she got pretty adept at it" said Anna, "in fact, she used to love it so much that she used to give her male patients a rectal exam whether they needed it or not, she said the youngest man she ever gave one to had only just turned 18 a few days before".

"I wish I could've had her as my doctor!" I replied,

We just sat and talked for ages, I was still naked and desperate for the toilet. Once again Anna asked if she could watch, which by now I was only too happy to let her.

"You don't need to ask you know" I said as I stood before the toilet allowing the golden stream of my urine to flow from my penis into the waiting bowl as Anna watched it happen before her eyes, transfixed as always, "It's quite ok by me, really".

"I know" Anna replied, "it just seems... I don't know... somehow disrespectful to just assume that it's ok for me to watch you perform such a private bodily function without asking".

"Well from now on you don't need to ask" I said, "if I don't want to let you watch, I'll be the first to let you know ok?"

"Sounds fine to me" Anna smiled.

We sat and talked for a couple of hours and once again it was gone midnight before I finally got to put my clothes back on.

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