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Clare gets punished for spying.

What she did know was she needed time to figure out how she felt before she brought it up with Cole.

Claire was so lost in thought she didn't notice the two men approaching them from behind as they walked toward the exit. "Hey girls, nice kiss, can we provide any assistance?" She turned to young men, the word lust practically written on their forehead, the smiles on their faces made her want to take a shower.

Before she could formulate a response Ava was ad dropped her hand and was inches from the larger man's face. "She's MINE, you need to back the fuck off asshole."

Confusion, then anger crossed the man's face. "Come on Mike, let's go" his friend begged, attempting to pull him in the opposite direction. The man apparently known as Mike paused, considering his options, before concluding getting in a fight with a gorgeous woman half his size in a room full of men would not end well for him and allowed his friend to pull him away. "They couldn't handle us anyway."

"Idiot," Ava cursed, not yet ready to let it go. "Are you OK?"

"Yes, are you?"

Ava confused at first, finally realizing everyone in the lobby was watching them. She forced down the urge to scream at and hit them. "I want to go home."

"You had four drinks in half an hour, you're not driving. " Claire said. "You can use the guest bed and we'll get your car in the morning.

Ava wanted to argue that she was fine but the look on Claire's face made it clear the matter had been settled and it would be unwise for her to argue. "Let's go then."

The drinks gave Ava an excuse not to talk on the way to Claire's house. She genuinely loved her friend, she wanted good things for her. She could not stand to lose their friendship but another part wanted to pin her against wall, kiss her neck, and slowly undress her, to cup her breasts in her hands to whisper how beautiful she was in her ear.

She ached to touch, to see Claire's pussy spread before her, to know what she tasted like, to hear her beg her not to stop pleasuring her and scream her name while she made her cum but it was obvious her friend was conflicted about what had already happened. She pushed the desire down, her stupid impulses had done enough already tonight.

By the time they pulled into the driveway it was nearly midnight, the house was dark and quiet. Claire brought some extra blankets into the room and the moonlight from the open window washed over, lighting her profile. Her stomach flipped and she forced down the urge to kiss her. "God she's beautiful" she thought followed by "Shit, am I really this depraved?"

In her heart she knew she wasn't depraved, Claire was one of her best friends and it was an understatement to say she was beautiful, though she didn't know it.

Claire wasn't tall, dark skinned or overly busty but her face was perfectly proportioned, nearly angelic, it made her want to ravage her and protect her at the same time. The curves of her hips, waist called to her, she hated girls that could looked like boys with boobs, and she ached to have her hands on her hips.

"It's going to kill me if I don't ask," Ava started, her stomach was in a knot. It wasn't like her to be either timid or unsure and she hated that she felt this way. "Are you OK with what happened?"

Claire paused, she had expected the question but not tonight and to be honest she wasn't sure yet how she felt. But the desperate look on Ava's face was clear, even without words it said: "Please say we are OK, please say I didn't fuck up our friendship."

Too many questions, was she a lesbian, bi, just extra horny tonight? Did she want to do it again, did Ava? What would she say to Cole, would he be OK with what happened, would he be OK with it happening again, would he want to demand to have Ava too. Nausea washed over her thinking of him touching her, was that fair?

She chose her words carefully.

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