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Workout Sex, tied and open wide, helpless.


She turned and I followed her through the middle hallway. I was lead into a small room at the end of a long corridor.

"We need a few things before we start. I am going to photograph you now. Please strip down to your underwear."

"My underwear?" I don't know if I like the sound of that. I know I was going to be involved in some sort of testing, but I wasn't sure why any testing would require me to strip.

"Yes. We will need to categorize you. That means body type as well as other characteristics, such as eye, hair and skin color."

I guess that makes sense. Kinda. I stripped out of my clothing. It was wet anyway. I skipped pretending to fold them and piled them in the corner. Cora stepped close to me and positioned me by the wall. I did several photos. Several shots were taken of me facing forward, from my sides, and several of my back. After the photos, Cora measured parts of my body. My arms, my waist, my bust, my hips were all measured.

After the measurements, much to my embarrassment, Cora also gave me a pelvic exam. I was lead out of the room, wearing nothing but a paper gown now, underwear long stripped off, into another room. All that was in this new room was two mattresses stacked on top of each other covered in a couple sheets.

"What..." I was confused. What testing was I being volunteered for that only included a couple mattresses that didn't even have a frame? I started to back away from the room, only to be stopped by Cora.

"I'm afraid it is too late to back out now. Don't worry, you'll enjoy this testing."

With those words, Cora shoved me into the room and the door slammed shut with the sickening sound of the door being barred shut. Why would they bar me in? I paced for what felt like hours. I noticed the lights continued to dim. I wonder if they were set to mimic the sun. Soon, it was so dark; I made my way to the bed before I had to search it out in complete darkness.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because a scrapping noise had woken me up. I pulled up the sheet over me, having only the paper gown on. The lights slowly came back on. Not much, but enough to realize I was no longer alone. In the corner was a shadow that didn't belong. After I had noticed the shadow, it started to move closer. I scrambled off the bed and ran to the other side of the room. It chuckled.

I felt something wrap around my waist several times and lift me from the ground. I was slammed back onto the mattress, face down. I tried to push myself up but I was held down tight. Looking over my shoulder, I saw what was pinning me down.

The shadow had dozens of tentacles, several of which were holding me to the mattress. I started to scream. The tentacles wrapped around my waist raised up my hips as another was shoved into my mouth. I gagged as the tentacle squirmed in my mouth. It was harder than I thought it would be.

It seemed strong and muscular, not soft. The tentacle started to thrust in my mouth, effectively gagging me.

My legs were being drawn apart. I started to panic even more, very little noise made it out of my mouth around the object in my mouth. Tentacles wrapped around both of my breasts and started to squeeze and rub my nipples. My body was starting to defy me. I could feel myself getting wet. I started to sob as I realized how my body was reacting.

My clit throbbed as a tentacle ghosted by, barely touching. The teasing touches started to press harder, and soon my hips were grinding on the tentacle, looking for satisfaction. The tentacle slid away from my clit and circled my wet opening. Slowly, it pushed in side. I moaned around the tentacle that was still thrusting deeper in my mouth. It felt good, I started to suck on the tentacle as the other in my pussy started to pick up speed as it fucked me from behind.

My orgasm was building.

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