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Fantasy Fest for Three

" Kylie squealed with delight and her raucous noise made Keren's halo of lights scatter back into the forest.

Keren's face fell because the moment when she would have to turn Tannehill away was getting closer. Maybe it was because her eyes were lowered that Keren didn't see Doctor lean to Tannehill's ear, or hear her whisper, "Kylie is no weaver. Her sample was Keren's."

Tannehill tossed away his worry about what Keren wouldn't say. He turned to her with a smile that lit the night and took both of her hands in his so she couldn't back away. "Keren," Tannehill asked, "I would be your husband and care for you as long as I live, if you will be my wife-my only wife."

Keren's snapped her eyes up to Tannehill's face and to tried to grasp what he meant. Behind him Kylie screamed "What? No! You mean me!"

Doctor shushed Kylie while Keren searched for words that just moments before she thought would never be hers. In that brief quiet the lights from the forest returned to gather around Tannehill and Keren as if to watch and listen. "I will be your only wife," she said, "And I will care for you and your household as long as we both live."

And so it was that Tannehill took Keren to be his wife.

As you might imagine, Kylie was consumed by envy. She stayed in her mother's darkened home even while First Village celebrated Keren's wedding. She didn't dance by the bonfires, or sing the songs, or call out crude jokes as Tannehill carried his new wife to their wedding bed.

As I told you at the start, our stories from the age of heroes came from Doctor's journals. We've long wondered how the next part of the story came to be. Perhaps Keren confided such details to Doctor, or maybe it was Tannehill, or maybe the facts have been embellished. Unless some new document comes to light we will never know for sure.

As was their custom, the village celebrated for three days, but the last two days were without the bride and groom. Keren laughed and kicked her feet when Tannehill swept her up on their wedding night and carried her home, but when he stood her beside their bed she was quiet and nervous.

Tannehill studied Keren's perfect symmetry: her dark eyes that opened wide to watch him, the fine lines of her nose, and her soft lips. "You're the most beautiful woman in all the world," he whispered. He lifted her hands and stepped back to study his wife. Her ceremonial gown was meant to tempt; it fit about her breasts, clung to her waist, and fell from her hips in soft folds. "And the one I most desire," he added.

Keren held her breath while her husband stepped close. He lifted her chin and bent to kiss her forehead, her ears, and her lips. She rose in his arms and met his tongue with hers, and when they fell out of their embrace again Keren's expression of wonder was replaced with one of aroused desire. Both of them panted with excitement.
Without a word, Tannehill reached to the back of Keren's neck and released the single button that held her gown. He pulled it off her white shoulders, as he had wanted to all day, and down her arms to bare her breasts. He let the soft fabric fall around her waist and lifted the skirt from her hips, up and over her head.

Tannehill kissed Keren's throat, and her breasts, and he knelt before her as if to worship her perfection. She wore but a thong under the gown and Tannehill pulled it over her hips and let it fall around her ankles. She lifted her feet one at a time while he slipped her sandals off, then for the first time in their life together, Keren stood naked before her husband.

"Do you still think I'm pretty?" Keren asked. She knew her own beauty but never tired of being told of it. She plucked at the curls on Tannehill's head, stroked his strong shoulders, and giggled at his answer, which he mumbled into her belly while his big hands caressed her thighs and her smooth buttocks.

Keren squealed her surprise when Tannehill stood, swept her up, and laid her on their bed.

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