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Step-father gets a surprise visit from Marie in the night.

Although she was completely passive, because her batteries had not been charged, he still thought of that first time as the best piece of ass he had ever gotten up until then. Of course, subsequent sex with Patsy was much better.

Following his third ejaculation, he carried her to the bathtub to wash out her pussy, using the cleaning syringe Loving Dolls had provided. After that first session with Patsy, he charged her batteries while reading the owners' manual that had been provided. Once he knew what he was doing, and what he wanted, he programmed the beautiful redhead to make her respond the way he wanted, orally and in reactions to his movements during their love-making.

Kyle thought of that first time as fucking a toy but, as his activities with her continued, he came to think of them as having sex. Still later, as he became more and more passionate with his Irish lassie, he considered them to be making love together. Because of his feelings toward Patsy, he was more gentle and caring with her than he had been with any of the prostitutes he used to hire. He had never had sex with a woman on any other basis, partly because of his shyness and feelings of inadequacy and partly because of his mother's strictness, but he thought he probably would have treated a wife or girl friend the same way.

On this occasion, he wanted to start by eating her pussy, which was one of the options he had chosen. After picking up Patsy and placing her carefully on his bed with her hair spread fetchingly over a pillow, he turned on her switch.

"Oh, hello, Kyle, love," she greeted him in her sultry voice, as she raised her arms in an affectionate greeting.

"Hello, Patsy. I'm going to suck your breasts and eat your pussy."

Her various functions were voice activated, and his words started a chain of reactions, both mechanical and vocal. "Ooooo, I love it when you do that," she murmured, while smiling. Her legs spread wider and Patsy's hands cupped her luscious breasts in an invitation.

Kyle began by licking her nipples and, after two minutes of caressing her there with his tongue, the love doll's torso began squirming under him and she started cooing in pleasure. She continued with those reactions until it was time for her pussy to start lubricating, producing the fluids that smelled so delectable and, he knew, tasted even better. Patsy had come with an initial supply of those juices, and Kyle had ordered more and filled the reservoirs on the insides of her thighs. When he smelled them, he kissed and licked and nuzzled his way down her soft belly to her murmurs of encouragement.

By the time he reached his goal, she had already raised her legs, and he ducked under to allow them to rest on his shoulders while he hugged the very lifelike thighs and gazed on the pussy he was about to start licking. Her whole body was freckled, as he had wanted, but those beauty marks were somewhat sparser in her pubic area, in order to better show off her creamy skin. He could have chosen a shaven pussy, but he had preferred a thatch of soft, light red pubic hair, believing this to be even sexier and more enticing. So far, he had no reason to regret this choice.

Kyle had never eaten a real pussy, but he had read enough stories on Literotica to know what to do and what responses of Patsy to expect. Her lips were engorged with the lubricating fluid, as was her clit, and his tongue started by licking one of her outer lips and meandering up to her soft mons, which he kissed. By the time he reached that point, her pussy was squirming and Patsy's cooing had changed to moans of bliss. As her programming dictated, her clit was starting to push its way out from under its protective hood, and she had words of effusive praise for him.

"Oh, Kyle, that feels so good! I love it when you eat my pussy. You're going to make me cum like crazy."

He smiled at hearing that, because Patsy achieving an orgasm was one of the best parts of his sessions

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