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Returning to the world, a vampiress finds hope.

But she couldn't see it of course.

She's nude. He's not. It's his birthday. And she she's just begun to give him his birthday presents.

She grabs the headboard and moves her body back and forth on his face. She can feel his tongue. And she can feel him lift her so that he can get another breath.

This does not last long because like a snake she slithers down his body and takes his penis into her mouth. She looks up and smiles as she works his penis with what can be described as unrestrained impulsive frenzied lust.

His penis had never known something so fierce. He watches wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

And then he had a ballistic orgasm. His body shook. And she never slowed down.

When done she rose and slipped naked out of the room only saying, "Breakfast will be on the table in ten minutes."

He rose, quickly used the bathroom, quickly brushed his teeth, quickly shaved, and quickly headed downstairs.

On the table was breakfast. His favorite bowl of cereal. And a cup of coffee. And her. Naked. On the table. Left foot tied to one leg. Right foot tied to another leg.

Between her legs was his cereal and coffee. He right arm was tied to another leg. And her left arm was untied. It was untied because she had two fingers deep into her vagina. She wanted to give him a nice view for his birthday breakfast.

He tried to watch her as he ate, but it was too much. He rose and kissed her fingers as she drew them in and out of her body. He licked them. And then she withdrew them so that he could suck them into his mouth.

But that didn't last long.

He climbed onto the table. He climbed onto her. And for several furious moments they made love. Something they'd never done on their kitchen table. Happy Birthday to him.

Time was factor. The birthday boy and his gift giving wife still had to go to work. But she had another gift for him before they had to rush and get ready.

She took a kitchen chair and she took it into the living room. She placed it in front of the plate glass window and she stood behind it.

She bent over it. All the way over it. Her face was about on the seat. Her hands gripped the bottom of the legs.

She's the modest type. She's not one to be nude for anyone but her husband.

He's not the modest type. He's game for rampant nudity at all hours at all places.

She's okay with that, but with very large doses on privacy and seclusion.

On this morning. In the living room. In direct view of anyone walking or driving by. She invites him to enter her from behind and have his way with her.

And he does. Slowly. For anyone to see.

But she doesn't let him finish.

Because she pushes him back and sits on the chair.

And she gives him generous oral sex in the living room. In front of the plate glass window. She goes slow. Pulling her head back slowly. Pushing her head back to him slowly. She does it for him. In front of the window. For anyone to see. Happy Birthday.

Then they rush to get ready. They're running late.

She leaves first after a prolonged kiss and promises of more gifts.

He leaves shortly after her and is surprised to see her car in the driveway. And she's not in it. He glances and sees her in his car. But just the silhouette of her head through his tinted windows.

He walks over and she rolls down the window a few inches. She's nude.

"I thought you might like a nice view on your way to work."

He climbs into her car and takes a good, long look at her.

He's never seen her nude in his car. He's never seen how much and how little of her crotch is exposed, and how her breast fit between her arms in his deep bucket seats.

He shakes his head, says thank you, and starts up his car. There are no sex acts on the way to work. She's safety conscience. But part of his birthday is the pleasure of her bare body relaxing in the passenger seat.

Of course he is aroused. Of course he has an erection. Of course he is distracted. Of course he wants to touch her. Of course he wants to pull over and ravish her and have her ravish him.

But he is self-constrained.

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